in our second pass of the APK mine we found concrete items that are rewarded by “redeemable codes”, an upcoming feature that was also datamined.

We are sorry to report that there was a mistake on our end – redeemable code rewards are not confirmed to include Pokemon and Poke eggs, only the following:

  • Avatar items,
  • Candy,
  • Coins and
  • Stardust.

Whether they include Eggs and Pokemon is yet to be determined, although the code in question does mention the term “eggPokemon”. We are inclined to think that at one point, redeemable codes will include Pokemon and Poke Eggs, but at this point we can’t confirm that.

Thus, the article (Redeemable code rewards discovered: items, Pokémon, eggs, avatar swag, stardust and Coins!) we published yesterday is not 100% correct. We’ll be updating it with correct info as soon as traffic slows down to prevent server interruptions and hiccups.

How it happened

The confusion started with the following code fragment (in bold):


The mistake was also attributed by the new formatting method we use for metadata processing.

On the other hand, that same method and the automated tools we developed today did help to find this mistake fast, so mistakes like this should happen less frequently in the future.

We do not take mistakes like this lightly at the Hub, especially after the (relatively) recent change of management, so a public apology is in order.

I’m just hoping our new and shiny tools will help prevent future mistakes like this. Thank you for reading through this and continuously supporting us here and on Twitter.

We had more than one sleepless night since 0.59.1 APK was released, especially after Shiny Pokémon were released, and your support and continued reading was the only thing that got us through it.

We again apologise for the confusion, hopefully this clarifies things a bit.

Admin @ Pokemon GO Hub