Team Mystic wins Adventure Week with 473 million catches

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The results of Adventure Week captures were shared by Niantic in a new promotional e-mail. Again, Team Mystic has caught the most rock Pokémon during the event.

Here are the numbers for all three teams:

  • Team Mystic: 473 million
  • Team Valor: 413 million
  • Team Instinct: 287 million

Trainers trekked near and far during Adventure Week. Altogether, Trainers caught more than one billion Rock-type Pokémon in the wild. Bravo! That’s 5 times more Rock-type Pokémon caught than in the past 1 month. Team Mystic caught the most Rock-type Pokémon at 473 million, Team Valor placed second at 413 million, and Team Instinct placed third at 287 million caught. Well done!

Nothing else was shared about the upcoming features.

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