According to the official Pokemon GO account on Twitter, Team Mystic is the team that caught the most grass Pokemon during the Weekend Bloom event!

The total number of caught Grass Pokemon is 290 Million, distributed between the three teams. As reported, the three teams caught the following amounts:

  • Team Instinct – 72 Million
  • Team Valor – 102 Million
  • Team Mystic – 116 Million

A number of Trainers expressed their disgruntlement with this metric, but we’d like to highlight just one comment posted on reddit:

“oh my god its sorted exactly by team population! great scott this is a breakthrough!

Although this metric and the overall contest may not be the fairest or the most accurate display of team (dis)balance in the game, it does show how skewed the popularity of teams is.

We’re not sure why Niantic is presenting these numbers in a “break down by team” fashion, as their post garnered a lot of controversy on social networks.

Some players tried to push the discussion in the typical “omg cheaters” territory, quoting how a majority of bot accounts belong to Team Mystic, but no further information or statistics was provided by the accusers.

In other news…

0.63.1 for Android and 1.33.1 for iOS should be available worldwide soon

According to @NianticHelp, the latest update should be soon available worldwide in your platform’s app store.

We’ve received a lot of player questions on Twitter asking us when the update will be available in their country.

We’re answering that question again:

When will a Pokemon GO update be available in my country?

There is no set date or time for when a rolling update will become available in your country.

It’s an automated mechanism that uses load balancing to distribute the update and it’s not deterministic enough to know who gets the update when.

Our anecdotal experience suggests that North America often gets the update first, followed by Europe and then by Central America.

However, the 0.63.1 update landed in Europe first (Reversal, thank you for the tip!), contradicting our previous experience.