The Global Community Day Photo Atlas – March

GO Hub Image Atlas
GO Hub Image Atlas

The dust kicked up from the swarms of Bulbasaur that appeared on March 25th is starting to settle. Trainers around the world set out with high hopes of capturing and taming the shiny elusive ‘mon and teaching it the fiercest attack it could possibly learn. The event started with much excitement as communities around the globe added the shiny Gen I starter to their collections.

The day before the frenzy started, the Hub sent out an SOS asking for all to capture some pictures and share your experiences with us using the #community-day-march and #forthehub tags; the response was far more than anyone could have expected. With the assistance of Zeroghan, Boonslevin, Pacadermic, ProHitman002, and thebestantman (members of the Hub mod and writer team), we were able to collect all of your amazing responses to bring you this month’s updated Global Community Day Photo Atlas for your enjoyment. A huge thanks to all of them!

The Global Community Day Photo Atlas

Click the Shiny Bulbasaur icons to display the submitted pictures / testimonies from the March 25th Community Day. Click the Shiny Dratini icons to display the submissions from the February Community Day. Explore the experiences shared around the world and remember, we are all one global community!

Featured Community Day Photos

There were so many amazing pictures shared by our user community this month. The following are some of Hub team’s overall favorites from around the world.


We are thankful to all of you, our readers, for taking the time to share you communities with us. You have once again shown us the beauty of the Pokémon GO Community and we look forward to seeing your adventures from the next Community Day on April 15th! #ForTheHub

PS. Your picture(s) do(does) not appear on the map? Feel free to contact a Moderator on the Hub’s Discord server here. Next month, an improved submission process will be in place to ensure that it never happens again.

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