Umbreon and Espeon don’t need to be walked 10 KM to evolve during Eevee Community Day 2021

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Niantic has shared that Trainers will be able to evolve Umbreon and Espeon without walking the typical 10 kilometers during Eevee Community Day 2021.

According to the official support Twitter account, an in-game bug allows Eevee to evolve into Espeon (by day) and Umbreon (by night) simply by keeping them as your active Buddy Pokémon.

Niantic has shared that the issue will be fixed on Monday, August 16th, after the Eevee Community Day has concluded.

Players have welcomed this bug, joyfully naming it a “feature”, as it allows us to easily obtain a new version of Umbreon for Trainer Battle scenarios.

According to JRE47’s Eevee CD PvP analysis, Umbreon with Psychic is shaping up to be an exciting entry, allowing for a new type of risk-and-reward play in battles. You can either roll with Psychic Psychic or stick with Last Resort, tricking your opponent into thinking that you have the new move.

On the other hand, having easy access to Espeon doesn’t excite us too much. Espeon’s exclusive Community Day move is Shadow Ball Ghost, which doesn’t do much for its Great League or Ultra League performance.

Be as it may, this bug (ahem… bonus) will be fixed after August 16th, 10 am PDT. Given the handy nature of this bug, one has to wonder if it was intended.

See JRE47’s Eevee CDay guide for more details on Espeon and Umbreon’s CDay moves.

Stay safe, Trainers!

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