Pokémon GO Unova Collection Challenge has gone live a couple of hours – or even a day – earlier than it was initially expected. According to Niantic’s January 2021 Events schedule, Unova Celebration event starts tomorrow, at 10:00 a.m. local time, and we didn’t expect to see anything Collection Challenge related before that time.

Unova Collection Challenge

According to Today View, you have 7 days to catch the following Pokémon in order to complete the Unova Collection Challenge:

Tepig Oshawott Snivy
Lillipup Herdier Zebstrika
Roggenrola Solosis Ferroseed

The rarity of featured challenge Pokémon seems a bit too high for the Unova Challenge, but we’re need to see how Unova Celebration Event’s spawn table looks like before making the final judgment.


You can see the challenge on your Today View screen:

If you’re looking to get a head start at completing this challenge, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Lillipup is in Pokémon Spotlight tomorrow, on January 5th
  • Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig are sometimes found in the wild, not common, but I got a few using Incense recently. They’re also available in 2km eggs
  • Solosis, Blitzle and Roggenrola are currently available in 5km eggs and in wild encounters
  • Ferroseed is currently available in 10km eggs, not sure if I’ve seen a wild one… ever? In a while?

What are Collection Challenges?

Haven’t heard about Collection Challenges? No worries, you’re fine – they are not yet live.

Collection Challenges are an upcoming feature announced to become available in early January. Collection Challenges are timed challenges that task you with catching a Niantic-provided set of Pokémon (aka collection) during an event. Completing the challenge seems to improve your Elite Collector medal, which is a mystery at the moment.

Just as we expected, Collection Challenges seem like a cute way of promoting select Pokémon during events. We have no idea how the new Elite Collector medal is going to work, but there will be a time based component for sure.

Everything we know about Collection Challenges has been datamined earlier last year.