Ursaluna’s rumoured moves discovered by data miners, leave a lot to be desired

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Ursaluna is coming to Pokémon GO, as a part of the November Community Day: Teddiursa, which takes place on Saturday, November 12, 2022, from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. local time.

Ursaluna is expected to be a massive addition to the ever growing range of high Combat Power Pokémon, with 4358 CP as its Max Combat Power value. Ursaluna is a very popular Pokémon, so many have hoped to see some usage out of it in GO.

Unfortunately, if data mining is to be trusted, that will not be the case. A recent post from Poké Miners revealed that Ursaluna is set to receive a disappointing set of quick and charge moves.

Note: Of course, data mining is not, and never will be, endorsed by Niantic, and is always subject to change. But this is what we know at the moment. Please read this with a grain of salt.

Ursaluna’s rumored moves

Ursaluna’s data mined moves include the following moves: 

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Tackle Normal
  • Rock Smash Fighting
  • Fire Punch Fire
  • Thunder Punch Electric
  • Aerial Ace Flying
  • High Horsepower * Ground

High Horsepower is Ursaluna’s upcoming Ground-typed exclusive Charged Move, and it deals 100 damage in Trainer Battles, and 110 damage in Gyms and raids. 

Taking a quick look at the Ursaluna’s move pool can leave you quite puzzled, as it is not clear how, or why, is Ursaluna being positioned in this way. Not only do we get lacklustre quick moves, but the Charge moves pool is straight up unusable outside of High Horsepower.

Ursaluna's data mined moves

High Horsepower is not a terribly exciting move on its own, but at least it benefits from STAB, which is also the case for Return, which will be available only on purified Ursaluna.

For those wondering if it is possible to get both Return and High Horsepower, it is not. Both the CD move and Return only take the first charged move slot. So… (quoting Teban54 here):

  • If you evolve a Purified Ursaring during CD, the Purified Ursaluna will learn High Horsepower, regardless of whether Ursaring learned Return.
  • If you evolve a Purified Ursaring after the CD evolution window, the Purified Ursaluna will learn Return.
  • If you purify an Ursaluna, the Purified Ursaluna will learn Return, regardless of whether it learned High Horsepower prior to purification.

The second charged move will always be a random one between Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Aerial Ace in all scenarios. The only way to get both Return and High Horsepower is to ETM the second charged move to High Horsepower.

Comparison with other similar Pokémon

To put these moves into perspective, here’s how Ursaluna with Tackle Normal and High Horsepower Ground stacks up to other similar attackers:

Garchomp 14181.4 24.939 914.3
Landorus (Therian) 13249.1 25.864 766
Groudon 12710.5 24.193 897.6
Mamoswine Shadow   12586.3 26.931 644.4
Rhyperior 11915.1 23.688 896.4
Ursaluna Shadow 11711 24.389 807.2
Excadrill 10618.9 25.358 651.3
Rhydon 7397.2 21.925 701.9
Krookodile 7111.5 22.503 624.1
Mamoswine 7001.1 22.221 638.1
Golurk 6874.2 22.719 586.2
Ursaluna 6630.5 20.214 802.8

Not great at all.

Saving grace…?

As you may imagine, data mine information may, and often does, change at any moment.

For example, Ursaluna’s original data mined stats were 277 HP, 269 ATK and 201 DEF. Those stats have changed in the meantime. The current stats are 277 HP, 243 ATK and 181 DEF, meaning Ursaluna’s stats were nerfed a touch since the original assets were pushed.

That means, and we really hope this happens, that Ursaluna could receive new moves before November 12th. We would be more than happy to have an outdated article in the case that Ursaluna gets Earth Power Ground, or even Shadow Claw Ghost.

Another saving grace for Ursaluna is that it receives new moves through a move shakeup, or as a PvP balancing measure, or during any other special event featuring Teddiursa. 

As it is now, Ursaluna will (unfortunately) not be viable in PvE or PvP battles. There are better Pokémon out there for both scenarios, and it is likely that Ursaluna will end up on Gym guard duty, akin to Aggron, Blissey and Slaking. 

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