it is evident that the distribution of the new Pokemon GO 0.81.1 update has been stopped both on Android and iOS app stores. The update is available for a subset of targeted devices in some areas, however, the global release is yet to happen.

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Niantic has acknowledged a number of bugs that were introduced with the new update, presumably related to the recent Unity Engine upgrade, the underlying rendering engine and framework of Pokemon GO.

Although this upgrade is a welcome change, bringing a plethora of Unity related bug fixes (background sound for instance), it does come at a cost, which we’re paying at the moment. We expect another, smaller update, possibly dubbed 0.81.3 to be released this week in the regular Tuesday/Thursday patch cycle.

Android players can still get their hands on the 0.81.1 APK via APKMirror, a popular APK sharing website. The Hub team is using it on a daily basis, with some team members reporting less and some more bugs than before.

Why was it withdrawn?

Although there is a lot of new bugs and crashes that are happening with the new version, one redditor had a different comment on the matter:

It must be withdrawn because of the security risk of PTC login which does not mask the password anymore and because it does not allow Chinese and Japanese character input anymore. Both are reason enough on their own to not roll out. I myself am also experiencing a lot of crashes, especially during gym battles. It makes gyms almost unplayable. Samsung S8.

While we cannot comment on the “unmasking” of PTC passwords in the network traffic, we can confirm that Gym battles are a lot buggier than they were before, especially on newer devices.

While we all wait for the update, maybe you should take a look at some game guides on our sister site Not a bad place to start a new AR adventure, is it?