the GO Hub’s data mine of the latest 0.81.1 APK is complete! Code wise, a lot has changed, making this one of the bigger updates in the game’s lifetime.

The official release notes highlight only a few of the changes:

  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
  • Resolved a bug that caused Trainers’ contributions to reset when rejoining a Raid Battle.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Although there were no “minor text fixes” in this release, we still managed to dig up some interesting info.

Seven new moves added

Hidden deep in the APK and not yet usable, visual effects for seven new moves were added in 0.81.1:

  • Doom Desire
  • Draco Meteor
  • Psycho Boost
  • Surf
  • Take Down (fast)
  • Waterfall (fast)
  • Yawn (fast)

This makes the first appearance of Generation III relevant moves in the APK, as these moves are signature moves for a number of Gen III Pokemon. Consider the following:

  • Doom Desire – Jirachi’s signature move
  • Draco Meteor – Rayquaza, Salamence
  • Psycho Boost – Deoxys signature move

These moves are not yet usable nor visible in the APK metadata file, but they do confirm that Gen III development is chugging along nicely.

Buddy distance is now a core Pokemon property

As the game evolves further, so do the Pokemon evolution requirements and conditions. A new property has been added on the Pokemon code definitions, dubbed KmBuddyDistanceRequirement

This was already in effect for Espeon and Umbreon evolution lines, but it’s support has been extended to all Pokemon species. We speculate that Gen III will have a few new species that require Buddy distance in order to evolve.


Unity update and background audio fix

Pokemon GO now uses Unity 2017.1. Although this does not guarantee performance improvements, it does guarantee several Unity related bug fixes.

One of those fixes is the background audio fix, which is now active and working. Finally, we can listen to music without interruptions and volume drops while playing.

We expect to see improved performance and less resource hogging in future APKs.

App blacklist tweaks

Niantic has released and tested a new security feature earlier this month, popularly titled “app blacklist”. In short, the game now loads a list of installed apps on your phone and refuses to work if it detects one of the blacklisted apps.

The following code was added/modified in this release, hinting at a more robust blacklist management:


Smaller changes

  • Vinni Erb

    But you can only do one power up to level 39.5 so you still can’t max out to 40

    • Rick Lee

      The update says they’ve fixed that bug. So when you get the new official update going off their comment you will be able to put them up to level 40

      • Vinni Erb

        I have the new update and it only lets you do one additional power up which only takes your pokemon from level 39 to 39.5

        • Michal Husak

          What is your level ? Higher than 38 ?
          Does it mean that to reach level 39 still does not make powering up Pokémon possible ?

          • Vinni Erb

            I’m level 40. Before this update when you reached level 38 you could power up one more time, now you get two. At level 39 and 40 no more power ups.

          • Michal Husak

            This is what I was afraid. So there is no motivation to reach 39 or 40 level :-(. Does Niantic do any testing of their code before release ?

          • Marco De Freitas

            Motivation to get 39/40 is …. being 39/40 -_-

  • P-necio

    Only Surf?, were is Fly, Strength, Cut and Flash???

    • Robdebobrob

      Flash doesnt work in pokemon go since its not a move that deals damage. Fly is a 2 part move, so currently i dont see that working either. Strenght and Cut should work tough.

      • Neopiru Games

        ok so there is definitely no gym rework in progress, this is sad

        • Robdebobrob

          Did you expect one so soon after the last? For a gym rework to have flash and fly included you would have to change the entire battle system. I dont see it happening… ever.

          • Neopiru Games

            that’s what I mean. It hurts to see that they are just adding new pokemons based on the old system rather than changing mechanics first

          • Carayen

            There is a battle system rework scheduled for next year. That’s why battling hasn’t been released yet.

      • MeiMei

        What about Yawn? It doesn’t do any dmg, so your statement is invalid

        • Higher_Ground

          yeah unless they just assign damage to it, could that inclusion portend potential status effects in a future update?

        • Robdebobrob

          Cant comment on moves not yet in the game now. Yawn would mean a pokemon cant attack cause its asleep. I think thats easier to implement than flash that will lower accuracy, since accuracy just isnt in the game. Stopping a pokemone from attacking at all should be easier. Ofcourse i could be wrong and we are welcomed with a new battle system at the start of december.

        • raichu DL

          as i said in another comment, it seems that they’re preparing it in order to nerf slaking, which if it doesn’t get a stat nerf to cut its CP down to under the 4000s like what was done with mewtwo and ho-oh, it’ll have a CP maximum of 5363, the highest calculated of any non-mega evolution pokemon.
          only mega mewtwo X/Y, primal groudon/kyogre, and mega rayquaza would go higher.

      • Mike Zilla

        They already have dig tho. That’s a 2 part move

        • Higher_Ground

          and solar beam, and hyper beam, and sky attack

          • Robdebobrob

            I stand corrected. Didnt think about those at all.

    • MeiMei

      Waterfall have been added too bud.+

      • P-necio

        Gen 2 move 🙁

        • raichu DL

          gen I technically, it was formerly the seaking family’s sig move. gen II opened it up to far more species.
          i’ll admit that i didn’t know of its existence in gen I until i battled a seaking that used it in stadium 1 back then.

    • Daniel

      Spoofing is part of THE game deal whit iT or stop playing

      • Paul

        Spoofing is a cancer on PokemonGo’s body, that provides only boooooriiing playing

        • Chanderule

          Then dont spoof yourself, I fail to see how do spoofers make the game worse for you

      • Valentin Pena


      • P-necio


    • raichu DL

      cut is in the game but very few can learn it; only sunkern and legacy farfetch’d are able to have it. either way, it’s functionally a clone of tackle.
      the rest simply remain unimplemented, though i would welcome fly as a flying type dig clone.

  • Maurice Vuijk

    of course still no go plus fix 🙁

    • Robdebobrob

      whats wrong with it?

      • Zenamez

        Connection lag requiring multiple attempts before the Plus will pair to your device, button lag where it doesn’t register a press until the 3rd or even 4th press and encounter lag where the plus will vibrate far too late to catch the Mon or spin the stop.

        This has been the case on Android for ages now but has only recently affected iOS in the same way.

    • Scott C

      I was hoping the unity fix would bring this with it but 2017.1 version sounds really early in the year and maybe before iOS11. We’ll see.

  • Michael

    What about Guillotine? One-hit KO moves are very effective when battling tough Pokémon, I think.

    • Chanderule

      1. this cant be put in Go at all
      2. They are definetly not effective

  • Neopiru Games

    i think the unity upgrade made the game very choppy 🙁 the previous version was very smooth

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Hmmm…Yawn? That would imply that status effects may be coming….

    • raichu DL

      – as much as i still want status conditions in GO, i reckon they’ll be putting yawn on slaking as a way to nerf it, effectively robbing it of a functional fast move slot that purely does energy gain.
      – draco meteor is a sign of outrage possibly becoming legacy on dragonite; better hurry and get it!
      – waterfall is also great to see as that’s a possible STAB fast move that gyarados and suicune could get, a possible second fast move slot for vaporeon, and can be another fast water move to appear on a very wide variety of water types. it’s inclusion might as well lead to some moves becoming legacy on some popular pokemon.
      – take down is also learned widely, which in the main games is a fairly strong recoil move (though one should never use it over double-edge when available), i imagine will be a notch above the pre-existing normal fast moves damage-wise, but will probably have a slightly longer cooldown. normal moves can never be super-effective, so i feel all normal moves should be given a buff overall.
      – surf also is learned widely and might be an effective multi-bar alternative to hydro pump. but it also might have implications on a future event pikachu…they’d have to tweak the system so surf is always kept upon evolution, but i’d be down for a surfing pikachu event.

  • Jlassi Achref

    hey niantic This thing you have done will cause many players to lose

  • I used Surf it didn’t work and my phone died when I fell into the water :/

  • Austin Tang

    If we can’t evolve without them being our buddy then that means no more pidgy farming..

    • Chad Dodson

      I don’t think it is saying that every pokemon has to be walked in order to evolve. Lots of upcoming pokemon evolve based on happiness though. Espeon and Umbreon are examples of these and the baby pokemon are other examples. I would think that, if it needs happiness in the main games, then it will need buddy distance in PoGo once this is implemented.