Weather Pokemon GO
Weather Pokemon GO

Niantic has confirmed that the new weather system has temporarily gone offline worldwide and that they are investigating the issue. No clear explanation was given on why this has happened, but it seems that it’s happening both on the client and on the server end.

NianticGeorge, a Niantic support representative on reddit, has shared the following (link):

We’re looking into this. Thanks for flagging this issue.

The same problem was later acknowledged on Twitter, via Niantic Support account (link):


We’re currently investigating an issue which is preventing Trainers from experiencing the dynamic weather system in Pokémon GO. Thanks for your patience as we work on a fix.

Interestingly, the problem started all around the world simultaneously, with allegedly only a few regions unaffected. As of the time of this writing, we had problems confirming that any area of the world is unaffected.

As far as weather providers availability goes, it seems that no major weather provider is down:

  • OpenWeatherMap is up
  • AccuWeather is up
  • TheWeatherNetwork is up

Currently, it looks like an issue on Niantic’s backend that occured just now and wasn’t known before. Issues like these are not uncommon in software engineering and they often can be hotfixed quickly, especially if the system was functional in the past.

However, a “hotfix” usually won’t fix the underlying issue completely, so a more thorough patch may be needed in the future.

We’ll update our readers via Twitter and Facebook once the weather system goes back online.