What’s New in Pokemon GO’s Friendship System (July 2018)

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Trainers, Niantic has updated Pokémon Go with some much desired enhancements to the Friends System. But did they nail it on the first update? For the most part, yes! Let’s take a deeper look at how they did.

The Friends List

The latest update introduced sorting options for the friends list that everyone has been asking for since the release of the Friend System. Trainers can now sort their friends using the following options:

  • Name A-Z
  • Nickname A-Z
  • Friendship Level
  • Gift

Name A-Z

This option allows you to arrange all trainers by alphanumeric order based on their Trainer Name.

Nickname A-Z

You can now create custom Nicknames for your friends and sort them alphanumerically. This will also be very helpful in finding trainers you are prioritizing; adding a “1” or “!” before your friend’s nickname will ensure that they always appear at the top of this list.

Friendship Level

You can now sort your friends by the level of friendship you have established with them! The higher the friendship level, the closer to the top they will appear.


Finally, you can sort your friends by who has sent you a gift and who hasn’t. This is the type of sorting that we have already grown accustomed to.

Some Parting Thoughts

There’s still room for improvement, though. The following are a couple things we would like to see added to the Friends Options:

  • Sort by oldest gift received
  • Sort by who you can currently send gifts to
  • Sort by who you haven’t yet levelled up your friendship with today
  • A search function

As part of the latest update to the gift system, you can now see the exact location a gift was sent to you from. Be mindful of who you are adding as your friends, and try not to send gifts from locations that could potentially put yourself at risk. As always, remember to pay attention to your surroundings and enjoy these new features!

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