Niantic urges players to Vote in tomorrow’s US Presidential Elections

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It seems like the eyes of the world are upon the USA today. Niantic published a blog post titled “It’s Time to… Vote!”, urging Pokemon GO and Ingress players to vote in the tomorrow’s elections.

It’s not a surprising message, given that Niantic and John Hanke (Niantic CEO) have expressed their love and admiration to diversity and the world in general on multiple occasions.

It is a bit unorthodox to see a game development company go all the way out to invite their players to vote, but here we are: it has happened.

Niantic wants you to get up and vote

We are not 100% sure, but given their ideas and beliefs, we are quite certain Niantic and Hanke are voting for Team Blue. Sorry, Trump fans, Hanke has always expressed nothing but love towards the entire world. As we learned a few weeks ago, Hanke envisioned games that help players see the world “with new eyes.”

Pokemon GO is a cultural phenomena, and even though it may be an American creation, it has become a part of the world’s digital heritage. Earlier this month, Yi Henry Han, an ex product manager at Niantic published a piece on VentureBeat celebrating Hanke’s approach to diversity:

“Hanke made nurturing diversity a conscious goal in the assembly of the team, and Niantic consisted of team members who had lived in over a dozen countries and spoke over a dozen languages.” – source

And where do we stand on the upcoming election…? Well, let’s just say we’ll be watching closely if traveling and catching Tauros will still be an option after tomorrow. It is an historic election, but we must not forget a few very important things:

  • There is a mini event going on in the game currently. Use it, election or no election, and get those free PokeBalls!
  • Remember that most election places are public areas with a lot of PokeStops. Just saying.
  • If you see someone else playing at the polling area, throw a Lure, no matter what team they voted for.

See you tomorrow Trainers!

P.S. Yeah, Ditto is in the new APK also.

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