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Pokemon GO Gen 2 – Best Gen 1 Pokemon Candy to farm

Pokemon GO Gen 2 – Best Gen 1 Pokemon Candy to farm
Pokemon GO Gen 2 - Best Gen 1 Pokemon Candy to farm

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is coming and we’ve prepared a list of the best Pokemon you can farm for Candy now and evolve once Gen 2 lands. Most of these Pokemon are fairly easily obtainable today as they’re either commonly spawned or commonly hatched from eggs, but some are more tricky than other.

Thanks to the amazing research community on /r/TheSilphRoad for the discussion and analysis of the best Gen 1 Pokemon to farm.

Eevee -> Espeon and Umbreon

Let’s face it – Eevee is a monster in Pokemon GO. Starting with Vaporeon, Eevee proved to be one of the best Pokemon in Gen 1. Eevee costs only 25 Candy to evolve, which makes it a viable option for farming and future planning. A wild Eevee currently maxes out around 950 CP, so save those and keep farming the lower CP ones.

We predict that Eevee evolution will still cost 25 Candy when Pokemon GO Gen 2 launches.

We also believe that the same naming trick will be applicable for obtaining Espeon and Umbreon. Notable Espeon and Umbreon trainers from the anime:

Onyx -> Steelix

Ah Onyx, Onyx… the biggest disappointment of current Pokemon GO generation. Well, there is still hope for the rocky snake we all love. Steelix is Steel/Ground evolution introduced in Gen 2 with great defensive stats and good, but not great, attack. Given the mediocre Onyx Max CP and the amount of CP per power up it gets, we’re expecting Steelix to step it up.

We predict that Onyx to Steelix evolution will cost 50 Onyx Candy, as the average Candy cost for Pokemon that evolve only once is 50 Candy.

Horsea -> Seadra -> Kingdra

It currently costs 50 Horsea Candy to evolve a Seadra, and given that Seadra is not quite as bulky as other Water types, it deems her unfavorable for most players. But Seadra’s current downsides could prove to be great for Kingdra, Horsea’s third evolution introduced in Gen 2. Kingdra is a Water/Dragon type Pokemon, with good all around stats, making her fast, powerful and dangerous.

We predict that Seadra to Kingdra evolution will cost 100 Horsea Candy, following the current evolution costs for three stages of evolution.

Scyther -> Scizor

Scyther, much like Onyx, was another disappointment of the current generation. Scizor, Scyther’s second evolution is a Bug/Steel Pokemon with amazing Attack and good Defense stats, immune to Poison damage. Scizor is usually easily countered with Fire type Pokemon, but we have big hopes for it when Pokemon GO Gen 2 launches.

We predict that Scyther to Scizor evolution will costs 50 Scyther Candy, following the same cost pattern as other Pokemon with only one evolution.

Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat

Yes, we know, everyone hates Zubats. But considering the amount of Zubat Candy you’re able to obtain on a daily basis, stacking up should be rather easy. We are a bit suspicious when it comes to Crobat, as we don’t expect it to be strong or really usefull. Combined Flying/Poison type leaves much to be desired.

We predict that Golbat to Crobat evolution will cost 100 Zubat Candy, as the current Zubat to Golbat evolution costs 50 Candy.

Porygon2 and Blissey in Pokemon GO Gen 2

There are two special entries for this list that we’ve left for the very end. Both will be very difficult to obtain and given the fact they’re not really powerful, we expect them only to be obtained for filling the Pokedex.

Porygon2 is a Normal type Pokemon with mediocre stats, but given the difficulty of obtaining Porygon candy, he could be a popular trading item.

Blissey is also a Normal type Pokemon, but with amazing defensive stats. Given that Chansey Candy is hard to come by, it will be interesting to see how much will Blissey influence the upcoming trade market and gym meta game.