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How to beat Pokemon GO Snorlax

How to beat Pokemon GO Snorlax
How to beat Pokemon GO Snorlax

Snorlax is a beast in Pokemon GO, with no hard counters (*), which makes him a hard challenge for any gym defender. Let’s see how we can still beat the big bad wolf – the Pokemon GO Snorlax.

* The fact that Snorlax has no hard counter does not mean you can’t beat him, just that there is no single Pokemon that excels at beating him – not even Machamp.

Pokemon GO Snorlax counter and strategy

As we already noted, Snorlax has no hard counters. Pokemon like Machamp should be great against Snorlax, in theory. However due to bad move sets and weak stats, they are not.

Even using Machamp, the best Fighting type in game, will result in a lower overall performance than using a equally strong Vaporeon.

Your best chance at beating a Snorlax is using your strongest Pokemon (with Vaporeon being the easiest one to pick).

Check the following times required to beat Snorlax (if using moves optimally, no dodging), as seen on Trainer Tips:

  • Arcanine – 45.06 seconds
    • Fire Fang / Fire Blast
  • Machamp – 49.6 seconds
    • Karate Chop / Cross Chop
  • Vaporeon – 50.2 seconds
    • Water Gun / Hydro Pump

Overall, if you account for Pokemon availability, overall performance against Snorlax and battle outcome, we suggest you stick to a team of Vaporeons. Vaporeon is tanky enough to deal with Snorlax, has no type disadvantages against Snorlax’s moves and is easily obtainable with decent IV values.

Pokemon GO Snorlax

Snorlax is a Normal type Pokemon and it’s consistently strong defender vs any attacker in the current meta. He is also the best overall gym defender due to great stats and Normal typing.

Normal type Pokemon like Snorlax are weak to only fighting moves. As you are probably aware, there is a lack of good Fighting moves in the current meta. Combining that with the incredibly bad move sets for Pokemon like Machop and you got yourself a big fat Snorlax problem.

Snorlax can have the following moves:

  • Quick Attacks:
    • Lick (Ghost, 10 DPS)
    • Zen Headbutt (Psychic, 10.48 DPS)
  • Charge Moves:
    • Body Slam (Normal, 29.49 DPS)
    • Hyper Beam (Normal, 27.20 DPS)
    • Earthquake (Ground, 21.67 DPS)

Trainer Tips video on beating Snorlax

Trainer Tips goes in more details on the bigger problem behind Snorlax and the current state of Super Effective moves in Pokemon GO. If you’re interested into diving in more details, watch this video.