Pokemon Let’s Go: Lure Mechanics

Pokemon Let’s Go lures are a new item introduced in the Let’s Go series of games.  A lure, when activated, will “attract” wild Pokemon to your location. Lures can be bought in any PokeMart location in the game. Lures work similarly to Pokemon GO’s lure, and completely opposite from another core series staple item: Repel.

Lures last a set number of steps and there are three types of lures. They only differ in the lasting duration (Max Lure lasts around 250 steps):

  • Lure
  • Super Lure
  • Max Lure

Lure mechanics

Lures have a hidden effect of increasing shiny chances by providing 1 lucky re-roll per spawn. Lure shiny chance in Pokemon Let’s Go:

Normal chance With Lure activated
1 / 4096 1 / 2048
0.024% 0.049%

In addition, when using a Lure in Pokemon Let’s Go, there’s a chance that certain rare Pokemon that have a 1% chance to spawn will appear. Each zone has it’s own rare Pokemon and these are different than “global rare spawns” which include Legendary Pokemon.

Some of the rare Pokemon examples are (datamined and confirmed):

  • Rock Tunnel – Kangaskhan
  • Mt.Moon – Clefable, Onix
  • Viridian Forest – Butterfree
  • Water – Cloyster
  • Route 7 – Kadabra, Arcanine
  • Route 14 – Scyther
  • Route 23 – Nidoking, Nidoqueen

Lures an excellent tool to use when shiny hunting in Pokemon Let’s Go, as they stack on top of Lucky Charm and on top of your existing Catch Combo bonuses, making it essential for most shiny grinders.

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