Festival Plaza Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza

A two part guide on Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza: a simple guide and tips and tricks walkthrough on how to optimize your experience and EV training in the Plaza.

Getting Started with Festival Plaza

Festival Plaza is accessible in the bottom right of your menu after you reach the Pokémon Center in Hau’oli City, around the time you hit the Trainer’s School.

Online battles, Wonder Trades, and the Global Trade System are all accessed through Festival Plaza. In addition, facilities can be bought and developed to dye clothes, train EVs, increase happiness, increase levels and more.

Enter Festival Plaza for the first time, and Sophocles will give you a short tutorial. Follow the tutorial, and you’ll reach Rank 4, where you can begin to participate in missions, and develop your Plaza into a useful resource.

Earning Festival Coins (FC): Guest Interactions

You can interact with visitors in your Festival Plaza to buy their clothes, or stores, or earn FC. Visitors with interactions that may earn FC will have a red speech bubble above their head, not the default blue. They may ask you to listen, tell, or direct them to a shop. For listening, and telling them about yourself, as far as I can tell, you do not earn more coins for the “right” answer, so answer truthfully (or not, whatever floats your boat).

When asked to direct visitors to a store, the visitor will give a hint as to the type of store they would like to visit. Unfortunately these are sometimes a little cryptic, so the answer list is as follows:

  • “We’re hungry. Take us to a yummy place” – Restaurant; Rare Kitchen, Battle Table, Friendship Café, Friendship Parlor
  • “I want to be excited. Take me to an exciting place” – Haunted House; Ghosts’ Den, Trick Room, Confuse Ray
  • something good (skilled work?) – Fortune Teller; Kanto Tent, Johto Tent, Hoenn Tent, Sinnoh Tent, Unova Tent, Kalos Tent, Pokémon House
  • “Take me to a place that Pokémon can enjoy” – Bouncy House; Clink-Clunk Land, Stomp-Stomp House, Phew-Phew Gym, Thump-Bump Park
  • “Take me to a place you think I’d like” – Lottery; Big Dreams, Gold Rush, Treasure Hunt
  • “I want to shop. Will you recommend me a good place to shop?” – Store; Ball Shop, General Store, Battle Store, Soft Drink Parlor, Pharmacy, Effort Shop

Earning Festival Coins (FC) – Missions

By far the most profitable way of earning FC however, is to participate in missions. After level 4 (21 FC) you can speak to a lady in front of the castle and obtain three Festival tickets a day.

These tickets can be used to initiate missions, or if there is a red banner scrolling along the bottom screen, you can join an existing mission through local wireless or the internet. You earn FC based on your performance in the mission, as well as group performance.

The most profitable mission early on is Type Matchup Tests. At most you can gain 50FC in one mission, if the group gets 5 stars (a group score of 350+) and you get 5 stars (an individual score of 15/16).

In Type Matchup Tests, you aim to find the super effective move for any given type. Since you only have three minutes to get through as many people as possible, you should be aiming to scroll as little as possible. On the top are fire, water, electric, and grass, and on the bottom are fairy, steel, dark and dragon:

  • Fire: Bug, Ice, Steel or Grass
  • Water: Fire, Ground or Rock
  • Electric: Water, Flying
  • Fairy: Fighting, Dragon, or Dark
  • Steel: Fairy

Other types should only be chosen if the secondary type is resistant to your first choice (e.g. Bug/Water, choose Electric which is more scrolling than Fire, but super effective)

With practice, an individual score of over 20 is fairly easy with Type Matchup. However, be sure to pick a time of day to play when more players are on, so as to maximise the group score as well.

Once you unlock Show off Muscles play that instead.

Earning Festival Coins (FC) – Wonder Trade

Wonder trading inside the castle also spawns the visitor with whom you traded. The amount of coins per trade seems to be vary between players and ranges from 1FC to 8FC.

Spending Festival Coins – Developing your Festival Plaza

Every level up, enter the castle and speak to Sophocles. He will give you the option of replacing an existing building with a new one.

Generally one of each type is good, so as to have the correct store to send each visitor to.A lot of Facilities in Festival Plaza need high ranks to become really viable, especially Rare Kitchen. Keep in mind you should become the Champion and reach Level 30 in the Plaza to gain the maximum potential of the Plaza.

Best Festival Plaza Facilities

Rank Building Plaza Rank
1 Rare Kitchen ★★★★★
Enables fast leveling to Level 100 and efficient usage of EV training, which is very important for competitive play and getting maximum usage of Shinnies, Legendaries and personal favorites. Check our guide to Power leveling with Rare Kitchen
2 Rare Kitchen ★★★★
Same as higher tier, but costs less money. Less effective but does not require other players to obtain.
3 Dye Shop ★★★★★
A unique option to customize your trainer. As this is the only place you can do it, we gave it a high rank in this chart. Not a game changer, but very unique.
4 Treasure Hunt  ★★★★★
Lotteries are random, but this building opens up the option to get a Gold Bottlecap. Although not super efficient in getting normal Bottlecaps, it’s a very interesting building.
5 Treasure Hunt or ★★
Every time you get a new Lottery Shop in your festival plaza, you are guaranteed to get a normal Bottlecap as your first prize. New shops reset the daily timer, too. ★ and ★★ Treasure Hunt are cheap to buy, so you can keep buying this off a friend or other player and replacing your previous Treasure Hunt to get a new bottlecap each time.
6 General Store ★★★★★
You can buy a PP-up for 200 FC every day. Nothing else noteworthy.
7 Fortune Teller Tent ★★★★★
They provide buffs that increase your FC gain, making Festival Plaza grinding easier. Nothing exceptional.

How to get FC fast

Remember that Inverse Type Match-up is the best mission to farm points on, provides the most points per time and is easy when you get used to it. Remember to join in on other missions and only use your own tickets when necessary. Make sure also to talk to people who’s names are Red when you walk past them, sometimes they can give you some points for little effort.

To really increase your FC gain, stack Fortune Tents.

For a tl;dr, it’s quite simple – get Fortune Teller tents. Their “fortune” is often simply a buff placed on your Festival Plaza, which will increase FC gains on Missions, the people you talk to, and also points earned after GTS and Wonder Trades. The more you have, and the higher level you have, the better chance of getting good buffs.

Fill your festival plaza, and hope for the best buffs. Your most desired situation is to get a “Very Good” buff for Festival Plaza activities, and a “Very Good” buff for Wonder Trades. The buffs stack, meaning you can potentially get 32 points every time you do a wonder trade. Once you have this buff, you can basically just keep WTing over and over again and getting 32 points every minute, which is easily the quickest way to level up and amass points.

If you have get the GTS buff with the Festival Plaza buff you can get 64 points for a GTS trade, which if you have a friend to trade with means an even faster method of farming FC. If you’re alone you can often trade exclusives for exclusives, or more reliably trade an evolved pokemon with a hold item for its pre-volution (i.e. Trade your Magmortar for their Magmar with Magmariser)

You can also get other things like buffs which increase Mission points by 1.5x, and remember that Festival Plaza buffs yield lots of points from the people you can talk to (up to 120 points just by telling someone to go to a shop)Festival Plaza is the new hub for any activities you’re going to do with other players. Battles and trading are also here, but this page is going to focus on some tips for the other features.

If you haven’t checked out Serebii’s page for some generic info, we recommend doing that first as they have a lot of great data. We don’t want to take any credit from them so check out their Festival Plaza page here.

Getting Started With Festival Plaza

The first thing you’re going to want to do in Festival Plaza is get Rank 4 to unlock missions. By far, the easiest way to level up fast is finding people in your Plaza that have red speech bubbles when you walk up to them. These people will ask for you to do something in turn for Festival Coins and they refresh periodically.

The total amount of Festival Coins you’ve earned is essentially your total Experience. You need a certain amount of Festival Coins to level up. You can view your progress by tapping the 2nd icon on the bottom screen.

General Festival Plaza Tips
  • The Festival Plaza icon can show one of two things:
    • A green ! means someone in your Plaza currently has the red text bubble and will potentially give you some Festival Coins.
    • A text bubble with a number means someone on local wireless is using Festival Plaza.
  • Festival Coins can be earned via missions, red bubble people and inside the castle by talking to people that show up. These people show up near table on the right side and they’re the ones you’ve interacted with in battles and trading.
  • The old man in the castle trades Bottle Caps for 30 pieces of a shard color.
  • Finishing the main story seems to unlock some additional features. This also seems to unlock the additional item options in relevant facilities.
Festival Plaza Missions
  • It seems you unlock more missions with festival rank.
  • The current highest yield Festival Plaza mission is “Show off muscles”. It gives anywhere from 6 to 60 Festival Coins and takes 2 minutes to do. Most people are doing “Type matchup tests, which only gives 5 to 50 and takes 3 minutes.
  • If you’re going to be doing a lot of “Type Matchup Tests” (and some of the other missions) make sure you take some time in between to stretch out your hands.
  • When you don’t have any “Type Matchup Tests”, talk to the woman in front of the castle to reset all the Festival Plaza NPCs and keep going.
Festival Plaza Facilities
  • Some facilities are version exclusive.
  • Once you hit level 8 you can get facilities from other players. You do this by talking to them and choosing the last option to ask them what facilities they recommend. Requesting facilities has a cost based on the stars of the facility.
  • You’ll want to help other players by moving your version exclusive and high star facilities to the front.
  • If you’re interested primarily in using the Plaza for EV training, you’ll want to target the Bounce Houses for EV training, Friendship Parlors for resetting stats (specifically parlors are best) and maybe battle tables for extra EV training.
  • The best way to quickly get new facilities from people is to go in the castle and talk to a woman on the left. She will let you bring people from your Plaza in to your castle to talk to. Look for people with high (20-30+) festival ranks to start getting those higher star facilities.
  • If you find a facility you can’t afford from another player, request them to be your VIP and find them in your Plaza later.
  • When you level up you can decline a new facility and receive a value item (and sometimes festival tickets).

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