Pokémon Sun and Moon Advanced S.O.S. Chaining Guide

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Advanced S.O.S. Chaining Guide

A list of advanced SOS Chaining guides that help you obtain Perfect IV and Shiny versions of various Pokémon species. Note: not all guides are simple to follow and understand, hence they’re advanced.

Important to know:

  • Skipping Turns with Adrenaline Orb – if the Pokemon did not use Call for Help, using Adrenaline Orb after you already used one, will skip the turn and not consume the new Adrenaline Orb. This is extremely important, as you can use the additional Adrenaline Orb continuously in the encounter to skip turns.
  • Chaining Increases the chain of Perfect IV / Shiny Pokémon – it turns out that reinforcements will have an increased chance of having better IVs, having a Hidden Ability, being Shiny, and will even give more EVs. The more reinforcements are called, the better they are.

SOS Chaining Chances

Perfect IVs

  • Chain length 0 to 4: No guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 5 to 9: 1 guaranteed perfect IV
  • Chain length of 10 to 19: 2 guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 20 to 29: 3 guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Chain length of 30 to 255*: 4 guaranteed perfect IVs

Hidden Abilities

  • Chain length of 0 to 9: 0% chance of Hidden Ability
  • Chain length of 10 to 19: 5% chance of Hidden Ability
  • Chain length of 20 to 29: 10% chance of Hidden Ability
  • Chain length of 30 to 255*: 15% chance of Hidden Ability

Shiny Chance

  • Chain length of 0 to 69: ???
  • Chain length of 70 to 25: Three extra rolls for a shiny spawn.

How does this work?

The game uses an 8-bit counter to count chain length, which means the maximum chain length is 255. What this means is that it is possible to chain up to 280, for example, and only catch a Pokemon with 3 perfect IVs.

What WILL break a chain:

  • Knocking out all pokemon on the field, thus ending the battle.
  • Knocking out the original caller, ONLY IF there are no other evolutionary relatives on its side. For example, KO’ing a Pichu, if the enemy side consists of a Pichu and a Happiny.

What will NOT break a chain:

  • Switching out your pokemon mid-fight
  • Knocking out the original caller, as long as the ally called is of the same evolutionary family.

Advanced S.O.S. Chaining Guides

In addition to general Chaining tips, some Pokémon have better chaining methods. Do note that not all of these methods are easy to follow and understand, they are intended for advanced players.

Chaining with a Smeargle

Requirements for this method:

  • none, we’re building our Chaining Monster Smeargle Machine.


  1. Get into a wild battle with a Smeargle, outspeed it and use False Swipe. The wild Smeargle will sketch False Swipe. Catch the Smeargle.
  2. Catch two Trubbish at Malie City – Outer Cape and breed them to get a Level 1 Trubbish. Level up this Trubbish to at least level 3, when it learns Recycle.
  3. Get into a battle with a Smeargle, leading with Trubbish. Make sure you outspeed him and use Recycle, the Smeargle will sketch it. Switch to your own Smeargle and sketch the Recycle on that wild Smeargle.
    1. Note: you have to level Smeargle up to level 11 to learn another Sketch.
  4. Get into an encounter with a Corsola above Level 8. You can find him by fishing at Melemele see. Sketch his Recover move.
    1. Note: you have to level Smeargle up to level 21 to learn another Sketch.
  5. Find a Shellder at Kala’e Bay via fishing. They can range from level 10-15, so you want to find one that is level 13 or above. Sketch it’s Icicle Spear move. You now have the move Icicle Spear.
    1. Note: you have to level Smeargle up to level 31 to learn another Sketch.
  6. Give your Smeargle a Leppa Berry.

Using your Smeargle as Chain Master

Smeargle uses False Swipe to lower down the target Pokemon’s HP. When you use the Adrenaline Orb, the target Pokemon calls for help. When it does come, use Icicle spear against it to kill it if it’s not a Shiny.

If one of your move’s PP runs low, Smeargle will use the Leppa berry. Use the move Recycle to get the Leppa Berry back. Keep on repeating the process of killing, False Swiping and Recycling until you get a shiny.

Chaining for Shiny / Perfect IV Ditto

Requirements for this chaining method:

  • Garbodor, holding a Leppa Berry, with Recycle, Substitute, Rock Polish and any Poison type attacking move
  • Hypno, holding a Leppa Berry, with Switcheroo and Thunder Wave (induces Paralyze)
  • Klefki (Level 1) that only knows Recycle and
  • any Pokémon that knows False Swipe

Strategy Steps

1. Neutralize Ditto

As soon as you encounter a Ditto, send out the level one Klefki and let Ditto transform, then switch to Hypno and use Switcheroo to give it the Leppa berry. Afterwards switch to your False Swipe Pokémon and bring the Ditto to 1HP.

Now you have a Ditto that is a Klefki with the stats of a LVL1 Pokémon, only knows Recycle and it has a Leppa berry. This is perfect as it can never kill itself and or hurt you.

2. Chaining for Shiny Ditto in Sun and Moon

Switch to Garbodor and use Substitute – this will prevent new Dittos from transforming even if they have Imposter. Use an Adrenaline Orb and max out your speed by using Rock Polish 3 times. You should outspeed all of the new Dittos and now you are free to chain for as long as you want since you have a Leppa berry and Recycle. And you’re only attacking move is Poison type so there is no chance to accidentally kill the original Ditto since it is a Klefki and Klefki is immune to Poison type moves

You can chain infinitely with this setup with no risk at all.

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