Pokémon Sun and Moon Perfect 6IV Ditto Guide

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Perfect 6IV Ditto Guide

A full guide on how to get a Perfect 6IV Ditto in Pokémon Sun and Moon, without using any external game resources, but the ones provided in the game.

Step 0: Prerequisites

Do these first: save yourself time later.

You hatched 20 eggs right? Congrats.
  • Breed and hatch at least 20 eggs from the Nursery. If you don’t have access to the nursery or don’t know what it is you may save this post for later and go back to playing until you do.
  • Beat the Pokemon League and become champion. If you are not yet champion please consult the Rotom Dex.
  • Reach the Battle Tree on Poni Island and talk to the IV Judge.

Step 1: Item Procurement

Useful Stuff to Farm that are needed to do this.

  • You need Leppa Berries. They may be found on Melemele Island’s Route 2

    to the right of the Pokemon Center and Route 3

    overlooking Kala’e Bay. They may also be found on Ula’ula Island’s Route 17

    and the Secluded Shore

    It’s good to plant a few in Poke Pelago’s Isle Aplenny so you can build up a comfortable stock. You can’t have too many. Get all 18 plots and keep farming. Get a ridiculous amount. If you find yourself asking yourself if you have too many first, call a doctor because that’s crazy and second keep farming.

  • Buy as many Adrenaline Orbs as you can. 1 Adrenaline Orb = 1 chain = 1 Ditto = 1 chance! Follow the link and explore Locations and Shopping Details to find out how to get yours. Buy today! Go. Do it now.
  • Buy as many Pokeballs as you can. Ditto can be tricky and you may encounter a shiny. You’ve got to be prepared. Follow your own practical, or aesthetic reasons. If you’re frugal you can follow this:

Step 2: Utility Pokemon 1

The Munchies

  • Now that you have the items you’ll need to acquire the right Pokemon. The aim is to have a Ditto at 1 HP that’s transformed into a Pokemon that only knows Recycle; is holding a Leppa Berry and an Adrenaline orb has been used on it to maximize the chance that it calls for another Ditto. To do this you’ll need a Pokemon with access to Recycle.
  • Catch a Munchlax 5%, Trubbish Sticky Hold 30%, or Klefki 15%.
  • Check the level up moveset of your respective Recycle user. If your Pokemon is below the level where it learns Recycle then raise it to the appropriate level and let it learn Recycle. If your Pokemon has passed the stage where Recycle can be learned then go to the Move Reminder at Mount Lanakila’s Pokémon Center on Ula’ula Island and re-teach Recycle to your Pokemon at the cost of a Heart Scale. Then go to the Move Deleter

    in Hau’oli City on Melemele Island Pokemon Center to delete all other moves. Keep Recycle.

Step 3: Utility Pokemon 2


  • Now you’ll need a way to get a Leppa Berry onto the Wild Ditto you’ll be encountering. There are two moves that can do this best: Trick and Switcheroo. Bestow isn’t used because Ditto could be holding one of its two Powder Items.
  • If you want to Trick the Leppa Berry on, you’ll have to use either Kadabra/Alakazam or a Sableye that was bred with a Kadabra and acquired the egg move Trick. To get a Kadabra you’ll have to evolve an Abra; raise it to lv 16 and let it evolve into Kadabra; then raise it to lv 46 where it learns Trick. Hope you raised one in your playthrough. If you have a Kadabra/Alakazam that has passed lv 46 then you can allow it to relearn Trick at the Move Reminder.
  • For those of you that didn’t or don’t want to raise a Kadabra, you have the option of Switcheroo. It has a much wider selection in-game with a lot of Pokemon getting it as an egg move. If you happen to have it on a bred Pokemon then you can skip this part.
  • Hypno 20% is the easiest option but Alolan Persian is another if you caught and raised an Alolan Meowth but it’s a friendship evolution: Catch in a Friend or Luxury Ball and Tauros ride, feed berries pamper etc. When you have either Pokemon go to the Move Reminder and let it re-learn Switcheroo then give it a Leppa Berry to hold.

Step 4: Utility Pokemon 3

The Beatdown

  • Beating down your initial Ditto encounter to low health increases the chance that it will call for backup (E for Everyone). You’ll need it to stay alive and remain free of any status effects so that it can keep calling it’s family and watch as they all get wrecked. You’ll need a Pokemon with a good physical attack stat and is able to use False Swipe. Take your pick, teach it False Swipe. Raise its level so it can fight. Then Beat It.

Step 6: Preparation Heal.

  • Fly to Mount Hokulani on Ula’ula Island. Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center.
  • Give your Recycle user the Smoke Ball and put it first in your party.
  • Ensure that your Trick/Switcheroo user is holding a Leppa Berry.
  • Give your False Swiper a leftovers to hold.
  • Check that your inventory is stocked as per step 1. Adjust as necessary.
  • Save your game.

Step 7: I’m ready!

  • Exit the Pokemon center and go down route 10 and enter the first patch of grass. If you don’t encounter a Ditto then run, rinse and repeat until you do. 10% Encounter
  • When you see a Ditto immediately use an an Adrenaline Orb. It will most likely be a Limber Ditto so it will need at least 1 turn to transform into your recycle user.
  • After Ditto transforms switch to your Tricker/Switcheroo user. On the next turn use Trick/Switcheroo to give the Ditto the Leppa Berry.
  • Then switch to your False Swipe user. On the next turn use False Swipe until you get Ditto down to 1 HP.
  • Ditto should call for help. When it does, knock out the incoming Ditto. Keep track of how many you KO.
  • On turns where there is no Ditto present you may attack Ditto with False Swipe, switch Pokemon or use consumable items to pass the turn.
  • Once you’ve reached a chain of 30, you may catch any of the incoming Ditto 31+. You must KO the initial Ditto encounter before catching the Ditto that was called.
  • After catching the Ditto, check it’s stats by selecting “Judge” in the Pokemon’s PC summary. If your party is already full, you can check its summary before sending it to the box or you may choose to set it in your party.
  • Repeat ad infinitum until you’re satisfied. You may find it useful to use the markings to indicate which stats are perfect on your Ditto and the rest of your Pokemon general in order from left to right HP=Circle; ATK=Triangle; DEF=Square; SPA=Heart; SPD=Star; SPE=Diamond.

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