Sun and Moon Island Pokémon Specie Location Guide

Sun and Moon Island Pokémon Specie Location Guide

Full guide on where to find certain Pokémon Species in Sun and Moon. Check all Island Pokémon that are obtainable in the Alola region.

Pokémon Location Exclusive
Alolan Diglett Akala Island
Alolan Raticate Akala Island
Alolan Rattata Akala Island
Barboach Akala Island
Bonsly Akala Island
Butterfree Akala Island
Caterpie Akala Island
Corsola Akala Island
Crabrawler Akala Island
Eevee Akala Island
Espeon Akala Island
Finneon Akala Island
Gastly Akala Island
Grubbin Akala Island
Gumshoos Akala Island
Gyarados Akala Island
Happiny Akala Island
Igglybuff Akala Island
Jigglypuff Akala Island
Lillipup Akala Island
Luvdisc Akala Island
Magikarp Akala Island
Mareanie Akala Island
Metapod Akala Island
Mudbray Akala Island
Pikipek Akala Island
Psyduck Akala Island
Sudowoodo Akala Island
Tauros Akala Island
Tentacool Akala Island
Trumbeak Akala Island
Umbreon Akala Island
Whiscash Akala Island
Wingull Akala Island
Wishiwashi (Solo Form) Akala Island
Yungoos Akala Island
Zubat Akala Island
Surskit Akala Island, Brooklett Hill
Dewpider Akala Island, Brooklett Hill (Daytime)
Paras Akala Island, Brooklett Hill, Lush Jungle (Daytime)
Morelull Akala Island, Brooklett Hill, Lush Jungle (Night)
Miltank Akala Island, Paniola Ranch
Fomantis Akala IslandRoute 5, Lush Jungle
Abra Melemele Island
Alolan Grimer Melemele Island
Alolan Meowth Melemele Island
Alolan Rattata Melemele Island
Bagon Melemele Island
Barboach Melemele Island
Bonsly Melemele Island
Butterfree Melemele Island
Caterpie Melemele Island
Corsola Melemele Island
Crabrawler Melemele Island
Cutiefly Melemele Island
Delibird Melemele Island
Drifloon Melemele Island
Drowzee Melemele Island
Finneon Melemele Island
Gastly Melemele Island
Growlithe Melemele Island
Grubbin Melemele Island
Gyarados Melemele Island
Happiny Melemele Island
Ledyba Melemele Island
Luvdisc Melemele Island
Machop Melemele Island
Magikarp Melemele Island
Magnemite Melemele Island
Makuhita Melemele Island
Mankey Melemele Island
Mareanie Melemele Island
Metapod Melemele Island
Misdreavus Melemele Island
Munchlax Melemele Island
Petilil Melemele Island Moon
Pikachu Melemele Island
Pikipek Melemele Island
Psyduck Melemele Island
Rockruff Melemele Island
Roggenrola Melemele Island
Sableye Melemele Island
Salamence Melemele Island
Shelgon Melemele Island
Shellder Melemele Island
Slowbro Melemele Island
Slowpoke Melemele Island
Smeargle Melemele Island
Snorlax Melemele Island
Spearow Melemele Island
Spinarak Melemele Island
Spinda Melemele Island
Sudowoodo Melemele Island
Tentacool Melemele Island
Vullaby Melemele Island Moon
Whiscash Melemele Island
Wingull Melemele Island
Wishiwashi (Solo Form) Melemele Island
Yungoos Melemele Island
Zubat Melemele Island
Pichu Melemele Island Route 1, Hau’oli City
Alolan Dugtrio Poni Island
Alolan Exeggutor Poni Island
Alolan Raticate Poni Island
Barboach Poni Island
Boldore Poni Island
Carbink Poni Island
Chansey Poni Island
Crabrawler Poni Island
Crobat Poni Island
Dhelmise Poni Island
Dragonair Poni Island
Dragonite Poni Island
Dratini Poni Island
Emolga Poni Island
Exeggcute Poni Island
Fearow Poni Island
Gastrodon Poni Island
Golbat Poni Island
Golduck Poni Island
Granbull Poni Island
Gumshoos Poni Island
Gyarados Poni Island
Hakamo-o Poni Island
Hariyama Poni Island
Hypno Poni Island
Jangmo-o Poni Island
Kommo-o Poni Island
Lapras Poni Island
Lucario Poni Island
Lumineon Poni Island
Lycanroc (Midday Form) Poni Island Sun
Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Poni Island Moon
Machoke Poni Island
Magikarp Poni Island
Mandibuzz Poni Island Moon
Mudsdale Poni Island
Murkrow Poni Island
Pelipper Poni Island
Petilil Poni Island Moon
Primeape Poni Island
Relicanth Poni Island
Ribombee Poni Island
Riolu Poni Island
Sableye Poni Island
Scyther Poni Island
Sharpedo Poni Island
Tauros Poni Island
Tentacruel Poni Island
Trumbeak Poni Island
Wailmer Poni Island
Wailord Poni Island
Whiscash Poni Island
Sliggoo Poni Island, Exeggutor Island
Miltank Poni Island, Poni Wilds
Absol Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Dugtrio Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Geodude Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Graveler Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Grimer Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Meowth Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Raticate Ula’Ula Island
Alolan Sandshrew Ula’Ula Island Moon
Ariados Ula’Ula Island
Bruxish Ula’Ula Island
Chansey Ula’Ula Island
Charjabug Ula’Ula Island
Crabrawler Ula’Ula Island
Drampa Ula’Ula Island Moon
Electabuzz Ula’Ula Island
Elekid Ula’Ula Island
Fearow Ula’Ula Island
Finneon Ula’Ula Island
Gabite Ula’Ula Island Sun
Gengar Ula’Ula Island
Glalie Ula’Ula Island
Golbat Ula’Ula Island
Gumshoos Ula’Ula Island
Gyarados Ula’Ula Island
Haunter Ula’Ula Island
Klefki Ula’Ula Island
Ledian Ula’Ula Island
Magikarp Ula’Ula Island
Magnemite Ula’Ula Island
Mimikyu Ula’Ula Island
Mudbray Ula’Ula Island
Pelipper Ula’Ula Island
Petilil Ula’Ula Island Moon
Psyduck Ula’Ula Island
Ribombee Ula’Ula Island
Sneasel Ula’Ula Island
Snorunt Ula’Ula Island
Tentacool Ula’Ula Island
Togedemaru Ula’Ula Island
Trapinch Ula’Ula Island Sun
Trumbeak Ula’Ula Island
Vanillish Ula’Ula Island
Vanillite Ula’Ula Island
Wishiwashi (Solo Form) Ula’Ula Island
Araquanid Ula’Ula Island Malie Garden (Daytime)
Masquerain Ula’Ula Island Malie Garden (Night)
Torkoal Ula’Ula Island Route 12, Blush Mountain
Pancham Ula’Ula Island, Route 10, Route 11, Route 17
Pangoro Ula’Ula Island, Route 10, Route 11, Route 17
Komala Ula’Ula Island, Route 11
Morelull Ula’Ula Island, Route 11
Paras Ula’Ula IslandRoute 11

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