Written by Kristy W

Getting used to the new weather feature and figuring out all the ways it buffs different Pokémon has come with many new and interesting aspects to the game. One thing a few people have found particularly interesting is how Hidden Power is affected by weather.

As most of us know, Hidden Power is a fast move with a base power of 15 that a few Pokémon get that can be any type. The type it can be is chosen randomly, and it cannot be normal or fairy type. In the main series games Hidden Power is chosen by IVs but there is no known correlation between IVs and Hidden Power in Pokémon Go yet. Currently, the Pokémon that get this move are:

  • Starmie,
  • Porygon2,
  • Porygon,
  • Togetic,
  • Togepi,
  • Unown,
  • Suicune

Each different type of Hidden Power is not boosted in their respective weather, however, they are all boosted in partly cloudy weather, which boosts Normal and Rock type moves.

In the main series games, Hidden Power always shows as a Normal type move on the battle screen, although it’s effects reflect that of whatever Hidden Power type the Pokémon has.

It seems that in Pokémon Go the same effects apply, as all of the Hidden Power moves of all the Pokémon in a single game were boosted 20% during partly cloudy weather, despite all having different types. Proof:

This might not be particularly game changing in any way, though a boost to any move is nice when fighting a gym or a raid boss, though it is an interesting face.

Similarly, it is worth noting that a Hidden Power of a single Pokémon’s type cannot be changed. Hidden Power is useful because it can provide a Pokémon with a move of a type it would not usually have, and provide for more type coverage options.

So happy hunting for Hidden Powers, and good luck!

  • Leo Luo

    Hidden power isn’t really good…….

    • Brady Newton

      yeah and this is completly useless article

      • Houston Whitehead

        It can be informative w/o being gamebreaking. Nothing useless about it.

    • peponzio

      It is very limited in PoGo. Hidden Power is actually one of the most accessible moves in the original games, taught by TM and learned by practically all pokemon (only a handful can’t learn it).

      Here in PoGo it could have some use if it were available to all Pokemon. But being restricted to Unown (no combat use), Togepi family (little to no use in the meta), Porygon family and Starmie (little use in the meta) and Suicune (can only attack, no defense); this attack is basically nicheless.

      In Power this attack ties in with many other attacks and falls one point short to Waterfall and 5 points short to Volt Switch and Confusion. Admitedly its cooldown is long, which decreases its DPS by quite some, making it worse than other weaker but faster attacks.

      We should consider STAB but I’m not sure if it works as Normal type attack or the type it deals (as in the original games). If same type as it deals then there are other better DPS options for the user.

      BUT, and this is the huge but, a 20% increase in power brings its DPS closer to most competitive and desirable fast attacks. With the additional value of being almost any type (if lucky) bringing super effective, unexpected, fast attacks.

      To me though, this is only useful in weather with a type strength under weather. So still not very useful.

      This needs to be available to all Pokemon.