as of June 24 2017, you are required to be Level 25 to participate in Raid Battles. This is the first wave of players given the opportunity to raid during the Raid Beta period.

Niantic hasn’t given any confirmation whether or not lower level players will be able to raid in the future, however, it’s highly unlikely that they won’t.

Our GAME_MASTER research and data mining has shown the following to be true:

We expect the raids to fully roll out until early July 2017, with lower level players being gradually introduced to Raid Battles

  • griffey9988

    I have taken 6 gyms and have gotten 6 pokecoins. Why even bother giving coins?

    • pbcomm

      Im in ten and no coins

      • griffey9988


        • pbcomm

          How did u get them?

          • hkmaly

            Did any of your pokemons already returned? If they are still in gyms, THEY have the coins.

          • pbcomm

            For the life of me, i do not get how to collect

          • griffey9988

            You don’t collect. It gives them to you automatically when your pokemon are knocked out of gyms. You should see something pop up at the top of the screen saying your pokemon was knocked out and how many coins it earned.

          • pbcomm

            Oh, i had only one kicked out and there was no msg

    • Zachary Zvonek

      Good thing you’ve read the articles and understand everything before posting!

  • driftw00d

    I have two on-going RAID battles on gyms near me and I cant join cause I’m still at level 31. Chances are, spoofers are enjoying the raid battles now miles away from these gyms.

    • SaintDrusyc

      Where are the raids? I’m not sure I live in a “select area” because even though I am a high enough level it still says I’m not on the raid tab.

      • driftw00d

        We already have them here in Japan.

        • SaintDrusyc

          Thanks. My raid tab just updated to tell me that there aren’t any near me. So I guess I should go find some!

          • driftw00d

            Goodluck to you. Im only at level 31, but currently only level 35 can participate. All I can do is check the raid boss, I saw Quilava(5085 CP) and Bayleep(4375 CP). Im hoping Niantic will give chance to lower level players to join on RAID battles soon.

      • squall

        same here bud

    • Ed Hillman

      friend participated in one just south of Seattle and the boss was a Machamp with over 19000cp trust me, all you people under level 35 crying about not being in one want nothing to do with that….

  • Darren Lo

    Like the higher leveled people didnt have enough of an advantage. What about the gyms being conquered by perfect IVs and the rest of us stare… Such BS

    • Zachary Zvonek

      Look the other way <3

      • Darren Lo


        • Darren Lo

          oh got it, but one thing confuses me. If the raid items have different level requirements, then y does the raids only happen for lvl 35s rn

          • Zachary Zvonek

            Cause it’s just the Beta period. They’re testing it to ensure it runs smooth and properly. It’ll be available to many people if not all come early July.

          • Darren Lo

            -_- still disappointed… and if it runs smoothly, they get the upper hand;-;

          • Darren Lo

            cries, PGo too much stress

          • Zachary Zvonek

            One Pokemon won’t make or break the game! I’m a 35 and I just looked for Raids in Chicago and couldn’t find one.

          • Ed Hillman

            They have done more work in the game, they should have the upperhand… any lvl 27 that thinks they deserve the same thing as a lvl 37 is just begging for a free handout.

          • Erik

            I have to disagree with you somewhat Ed, I am only level 32(halfway) and I have collected 10-30 coins EVERY SINGLE DAY(yes, really) since November 25 until all my pokemon were removed by the tests. This is in Boston, a very active city where the gyms turn over faster than suburbs. Just because I dont grind by catching trash doesnt mean I dont put in work at the gyms. Oh and my top 6 combined cp is over 18,000, with only 2 maxed out on cp, so I think I could easily contribute in a raid

  • Ocean West

    I’m not sure if we lv 34 and under will be able to participate in raid but if we can’t I’m going to be alittle disappointed in this update because it was quite hard for me to get lv 30 “current level ” and the half way level in this game is lv 35 so gen 4 is probably going to be out before I get lv 35

    • Mihai Inceu

      This is a beta version. Everyone will have raids soon, they just need to test them. Everyone keep calm 😉

  • John Jorgensen

    So disappointed in this announcement. I’ve been stuck at 34 for what feels like forever. 1,250,000 is ridiculously hard for a legit player…

    • Zachary Zvonek

      Lucky egg during events are the new grind

      • John Jorgensen

        You ain’t kiddin man.

    • Lance Yablon

      Im a real player and never used any botting and im half way through level 38 and it was tough to get here for sure but not impossible. Also my raid tab says that im not high enough level so whats up with that if the cap is level 35 and up?

      • John Jorgensen

        Just to clarify… I wasn’t saying that it can’t be done, because I know it can be… it’s just ridiculously hard.

    • soniasimone

      I’m a legit level 34. It’s going to be a slog, but it’s doable. Use your Pinaps wisely and get out there and catch all the junky pidgeys and rattatas.

      I make a note every time I get an additional 5% of the way there. Makes it feel slightly less depressing.

    • S-GUTZ

      They said in their twitter in the next couple of days more cities and lvls will be able to raid

  • S-GUTZ

    Ok so I’m confused. For the beta level 35 and up can partake in raids, but this won’t be it for the future right? Sorry the articles wording was confusing. I’m level 27 and I feel like that would be completely unfair that after the betas I still won’t be able to raid.

  • SaintDrusyc

    What does “select gyms around the world” mean? Is it just the random raid mechanic or are raids only live in certain cities?

    • soniasimone

      My guess is it’s cities with more active PG player communities, you need some critical mass to get enough people in the same place at the same time. No point rolling out beta raids if there isn’t a lot of PG activity in that city.

  • LuckyfighterGO


    • AverageGamers

      Not fair to those lower than 30, but since I’m sorta halfway through to 30… (thanks to buying Lucky Eggs *sigh*)

  • Uni Corn

    How do you get the fast tm or the charged tm or the golden razzberry at level 25 or less if you have to get them from raid battles where you have to be level 35? Also if it’s for the first wave of players to test it out i just wanna say I was in the first wave but still at level 27.

    • Lorddacc

      This is probably just for the Beta stage of the Raid system. Instead of locking the feature or giving away codes to specific people, they just chose to lock it above level 35 temporarly. Probably easier to do like this.

    • Ignacio Castañeira

      The current level cap is only due to raids being still in Beta testing. Just check the article, you’ll see the level required for specific items, and you’ll see there are items rewarded for as low as Lv10

  • David Twitchell

    That’s a nice way to reward only cheaters. Seriously though, what percentage of players at 35 or above owe their position to spoofing and poke radar? 90%? 95%?

    • Mihai Inceu

      That is a little bit unfair to people who are dedicated players. Most players I know are 35+ without spoofing because we started playing from the beginning and put time in.

      • Sinjon Sturgill

        I have been playing the game nearly every day since release and i’m only level 21, just because i’m dedicated does not mean i’m a high enough level to participate in raids.

      • David Twitchell

        That’s why I didn’t say 100%. I’ve been playing every day since early July 2016 and I’m level 33. I don’t spend money on the game and I’m a suburban dweller in a cold-weather climate with a small child, so I can easily see how others could get to 35+, but I’d still bet that the large majority of players at that level are cheaters. The overwhelming numbers of Dragonites, Blisseys, Snorlaxes and Tyranitars tells me so. I’ve caught 2,000 Pidgeys and nearly as many Rattatas…and all 3 Chansey I’ve ever seen, but every gym in my area had 5 Blisseys under the old system. If I doubled my playing, I still wouldn’t have a Blissey or Tyranitar, no less enough Blisseys to keep one at 5 different gyms. I’m calling shenanigans on that one. That’s not hustle, that’s tracker apps at a minimum, probably tracker + spoofer.

    • vegetano1

      I am lvl39 legit,… XD

    • Spetsen

      There are A LOT of legitimate 35+ players, including me and all the people I play with (I’m 38 and I’m one of the lower ones).

      Raids are not even available in most cities yet so chances are that even if you were 35+ you wouldn’t be able to participate. They will soon be available in more places and then they will also be available for lower levels.

  • Mark Recasens

    So, i never use cheats and i’m level 33 and i can’t test raids. In my city (Tarragona, Spain), i see a lot of people using cheats controlling all gyms at same time (obviusly lvl 35+) and they can test raids… Definetly level isn’t the best filter. Prize for 15% legit players (i’m happy for it) and 85% cheaters.

    Same with new gyms mechanic, all gyms controlled by cheaters…

    I’m like new mechanics, losing all motivation day after day, new update, old cheaters and same broke game.

    • AverageGamers

      IMHO, those who have had a marked hacked-Pokemon should be banned from Raids. Perhaps, when the actual system is applied? After all, this IS just Beta test.

      • Mark Recasens

        I think similar, but maybe more “radical”, people with more than 5/10 pokemon marked, instaban, not just raid ban.

        But well, we will see. I agree that beta will be only for 35+, but fist of all, ban all cheaters

  • Alrich Rooy

    Does anyone have a list of cities where raids are available yet? Im a level 36 player and its really frustrating not knowing if there are going to be raids in your city or not. I wont be upset if there isnt, I understand how a Beta works, you can include everyone in a test run. Its the not knowing and living in hope is driving me insane.

  • Pascal F

    Well that’s no fun. I’m the only level 35+ player in my small town, guess I have to do it all alone again 🙁

  • Marko Koplan

    are raids limited to certain town or area? because i’m 35 and i haven’t seen a single raid in town for whole day…

    • Maurice Ludes

      Only sponsored arena will be able to get a raid 🙂 at least for now it will change after the beta tests

  • sojki

    Maybe the cap is lower. Im lvl 34 and I see “There are no raids nearby”

  • qdeezy8

    Are specific gyms, like Starbucks and sprint stores, the only gyms that have raids? And how big of a distance will the raid tracker track so we can see if a raid is happening?

  • Saundra Mueller

    Another example of how money rules. Only “sponsored” gyms getting raids, so once again those of us not in major metropolitan areas get hosed!! We have Starbucks & Boost pokestops, but because they didn’t pony up money to convert to gyms, we get to watch YouTube raids. Thanks Niantic, so much for the best players get to try it first, I’m a level 38

  • NicolasKingh

    I am level 33, but I have received a raid pass. I can also buy premium passes. No raids nearby tho, so doesn’t help me much.

  • Nikhil Bhat

    I’m a level 29 and I just got a raid pass. I haven’t seen any announcement for more people being added confirmed but who knows

  • Bryce Blue

    I’m level 25 and I was able to join a rain nearby at a gym with a magikarp

  • ほたる 土萠

    I did a raid with my boyfriend and one random Valor player and we took down a Magmar that is a level 2 difficulty. Not hard, I’m level 33, my boyfriend is level 25 and the random person was level 28. No TM but we got the special candy and Golden Razzberry (x2) for both items. I think because we’re the same team color, we got the extra XP. My boyfriend was given 15 extra balls to catch the Magmar, myself 13 because I contributed less candies to heal in that gym.

    Long story short, that lv35+ requirement for raids is bunked myth.

  • Lorddacc

    I’m level 27, and for me Premium Raid Passes became available and the nearby raid tab now says “There are no raids nearby”. Must mean that the raid system is hitting now lower level players too.

  • Mokuro

    cant join the raid..seems like a bug..whenever i enter the will just consume my raid pass and will give me a message that times up and i haven’t even started the raid…

  • Richard Franek

    I stopped playing alot. It’s not worth it anymore. Took me 6 months just to get enough eggs to get chamander and that’s when I was playing alot. Now how long do I have to wait to evolve to charazard. It’s a shame that all I catch is rats, birds and atus. There are never any full grown poke around and I travel a lots to different areas. Play dragon city, at least that changes daily

  • Max Oliver Solvang

    Omg! I just broke to lvl 35 2 days before The raid update!

  • Daan Smid

    did the Raid acces trainerlevel has been dropped confirmed ?? i am level 24… it was set at 25 but now i can participate (still level 24)

  • Danny Tree

    Level 25 is good