First, we need to touch on what are Mega Evolutions in the main Pokémon series.

Mega Evolutions are Pokémon transformations, they are not permanent like other evolutions. A Pokémon Mega Evolves in order to perform a special move or to gain a special ability. Mega evolution lasts only for the duration of the fight.

There are 46 species of Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolution, and there are 48 different Mega Evolutions.

Mega evolutions in Pokémon GO

In the main series games, in order to perform a Mega Evolution you need a Mega Stone. These Stones are similar to other consumable items in Pokémon GO, like Berries.

In our opinion Mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO will be fairly simple:

  • Enter a combat encounter (Gym, Trainer Battle, etc…)
  • Click on a Mega Stone item in order to consume a Mega Stone
  • Your Pokémon Mega evolves and gains new moves for the duration of the fight
    • Similar to main series, if you switch out the Pokémon it remains mega evolved
    • Mega Evolution takes precedence over any queued moves / dodge actions

It’s hard to imagine that Niantic will go any further than this, as it’s an easy way to implement Mega Evolutions. There are still unanswered questions about Mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO, so let’s try to answer some:

  • Will each Pokémon require a different Mega Stone (Venusaurite, Charizardite X/Y, Scizorite, etc…)?
    • We doubt it, although it’s not impossible. Inventory management in GO is already hell and having so many new items seems completely bonkers. If Niantic implements family-specific Mega Stones, they will probably not count against the Bag limit, in same fashion as Candies don’t count as bag items.
  • When will Mega Evolutions come to Pokémon GO?
    • Hmmm, that’s a tough one. In the original Pokémon games, Mega Evolutions were released with Generation VI. It’s unlikely that Niantic will follow a different route. With that in mind, if we get a new Generation every year, it’s likely that Mega Evolutions could become a thing in four years (2021).


Asked by thelightning360 on Twitter

  • Rillan

    I would like not to enter mega evolutions in game cause it will ruin weak balance. Game will end up with top 10 pokemons that will be so powerful that others compared to those 10 will be no mach.

  • Ashish Bhattacharjee

    I think Pokemon consume candies to mega evolve that way lower level players can also mega evolve Pokemon to take down gyms

  • raichu DL

    – i doubt mega evolution will give a moveset change, even if temporary, as this isn’t how it works in the main games. some of the mega-evolving pokemon like charizard (dragon claw) and gyarados (bite/crunch) already can get moves that’ll get STAB in their mega evolutions.
    this could be an opportunity to give value to those movesets. currently dragon claw is mostly unwanted on charizard.
    i’m personally keeping any pokemon that may gain competitive value in the future should things like mega evolution and Z-moves happen (and Z-moves might be even more of a stretch given their cinematic animations).
    – mega evolution has given previously underused pokemon in the competitive scene an edge in the main games.
    kangaskhan, mawile, sableye, etc…they used to be seldom seen in serious battles pre-gen VI.
    – most non-legendary mega evos have stats on par with legendaries (BST 600+), which usually translates to high CP ceilings in GO. not everyone will have access to a legendary or be able to attend the future events that’ll earn one. mega evolution at least could gives players something comparable in strength.
    – this depends on if held items become a thing in the future, and i doubt it given the limited inventory space (they’ll have to come up with something though if they want to properly add item dependent pokemon/forms like origin giratina, arceus, silvally, etc), but mega stones don’t even have to be an inventory item if wanted, they could be earned as a reward for walking a mega evolving pokemon a considerable distance as a buddy, since mega evolution involves a strong bond.
    willow/your team leader could reward the corresponding mega stone (you’ll have a choice if its charizard or mewtwo) to the pokemon. the mega stone can be considered permanently equipped on the pokemon, and will be displayed on its profile screen.
    – the same could probably apply with groudon and kyogre, giving them their orbs to access their primal forms.
    — rayquaza ideally would be allowed to be tutored dragon ascent, as that is basically its “mega stone” in the main games.
    – gym defenders should be able to mega evolve, but only if they’re at the top spot of a gym, and in that case, the CP of the mega evolution could be applied rather than that of the base form. however i expect the gym battle system to be radically different by the time mega evolution finds its way into GO, if ever.

  • Oliver Neukum

    Type specific mega items would solve the storage problem.

    It would be a way to give the defense a boost.

  • GonzoI

    First off, you don’t get special moves by Mega Evolution, only ability change (sometimes to an ability it already had), type changes on some, and stat changes (sometimes a decrease in some stats but always generally an improvement).

    The simplest way to implement it in GO is to make Mega-Evolution a one-use gym-affecting item you can use when you put a pokemon in. That has the advantage of making your defender harder to knock out, but also discourages using them carelessly. The way they use items argues for one-use item drops as the easiest fit.

    That said, they have promo codes and could add new items and new item categories. They could make the items permanent but limited. They have already said there will be limits on legendaries in gyms, so the 1 megaevolution per team rule from the main series could be implemented so that there’s only 1 mega on a gym and only 1 mega in the attacking team.