It’s research time: join GO Hub’s research efforts and let’s unveil the secrets of Lucky Pokemon together!

Pokémon GO Quests featuring Prof. Willow

Trainers, Lucky Pokemon are now live in Pokemon GO! And with them, GO Hub’s research division goes live – and you’re all invited to join! We welcome every player willing to contribute data to our research to use this Google Form and submit accurate, trustworthy and frequent data about Trading and Lucky trades:

GO Hub’s Lucky Trade research form

As outlined in the form, we urge everyone who wants to be a part of this effort to submit accurate data and to do it as often as possible. Best researchers will be featured on the Hub! 🙂

We’re sure that the Lucky mechanic is going to change the way we look at trading and there is a handful of questions that need to be answered in order for it to be well understood.

Some of the questions we want to answer with this research project are:

  • What is the chance to get a Lucky Pokemon?
  • How is that chance influenced by the time that Pokemon spent in Storage?
  • Is the Lucky chance influenced by
    • medals,
    • levels,
    • distance,
    • friendship status?
  • Are there any limits on the amount of Lucky Pokemon you can get each day?
  • Are there any limits on the amount of Lucky Pokemon you can get from a particular partner?
  • What are the IVs Lucky Pokemon can have? Are there any breakpoints in the distribution?
  • How are IVs distributed between various Friendship levels and between Lucky and normal Pokemon?
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