Pokemon GO Halloween 2019 Box Sale Analysis

The box sales, as we all know, have been growing progressively worse month by month, but these boxes hold a special place next to the boxes featuring Max Revives and Max Potions. I shall call these boxes… Max Revives and Pinap Berries.

Let’s take a look at the damage done, shall we?

Box Analysis

Here’s a quick overview of Halloween 2019 Box Sale, featuring Special and Ultra Box (Adventure Box is analysed separately below):

Items Special Ultra
Raid Passes 2 16
Egg Incubators
Super Incubators 2 4
Star Pieces 2
Pinap Berries 10 20
Max Revives 10
Total Price 480 1480

So, Max Revives and Pinap berries. I am not so sure there is much else to be said about boxes like these, where half of the box are items that can be gathered from a Pokéstop or Gym anywhere in the Pokéworld. The Pinap berries do skew the % results a bit as they are revered as a ‘bonus’. Max Revives, however, do have a Pokécoin value at 30 coins per Max Revive, derived from the in-shop sale, 6 Max Revives for 180 Pokécoins. The only good thing about these boxes is that the Ultra Box does provide a sufficient amount of Raid Passes to make itself valuable for Players focused on Raid Passes only.

Analysis Special Ultra
Total Worth 700 2700
Coins Saved Per Box 220 1220
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 120 920
% Saved 31.4% 45.2%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 20% 38.33%

Adventure Box

Items Quantity
Super Incubators 10
Incubators 6
Max Revives 10
Pinap Berries 20
Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3200
Coins Saved Per Box 1720
Coins Saved from Incubators 1420
% Saved 53.75%
% Saved from Incubators 49%

The Adventure Box is almost the most disappointing of this entire round, seeing as it is a direct downgrade of the predecessor, from the beginning half of the month. There is not much going for this box, with the less than usual amount of Super Incubators, influx of normal incubators, and addition of non-useful items.

On one hand, the addition of Max Revives and Pinap berries makes sense, because of Darkrai being a difficult raid boss, and because of the Trick-or-Treat style double candy event that Halloween brings. On the other hand, these are easy to obtain items, and do not need to be in boxes that are purchasable with real money, or a month of hard work to gather the coins for a box.

To put it short, the trend that Niantic has been taking adding useless items, as well as less and less quantity of useful items when they are available in boxes, is leading them on a downward slope of players being less interested in purchasing them. Do you agree, or disagree with this notion? Will you be picking up one of these boxes to hold you through the Halloween 2019 event, or will you make a pass on these boxes in hope some better ones grace the shop? Let us know below, and if you do agree with what was said above, what kinds of changes would you like to be made for future boxes?

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