Analysis of the Kanto Celebration Box Sale: Killer Discount Alert


Niantic, you’ve done it again. This box sale is just ridiculous. If you loved the boxes Niantic introduced before February’s Community Day, you’ll love these boxes even more.

Special Great Ultra
Premium Raid Pass 6 12 24
Lure Module 4 10
Lucky Egg 6 12
Star Piece 14
Incense 6
Pinap Berry 10 16
Price 480 780 1480
Box value analysis
Raid Pass Price per Box 80 65 61.67
Overall Discount in coins
(Raid Pass only)
120 420 920
Overall Discount in coins
(All purchasable items)
520 1380 2880
Percent Discount (Raid Pass) 20% 35% 38.33%
Percent Discount
(All purchasable items)
52% 63.89% 66.06%

Our Verdict

These boxes have better deals than the Boxes last February, and you’ll have higher discounts on more expensive boxes. However, there is a bigger gap between Special and Great Box compared to the gap between Great and Ultra Box when it comes to discount.

Special Box

Like the other box sales, this box is clearly aimed for players who don’t want to spend much on the game. There isn’t really an improvement on this box compare to February’s box sale, but if you really can’t afford the more expensive boxes but still want Raid Passes, you’ll want to buy this box. Otherwise, save your money and buy Ultra Box.

Great Box

If you plan on just getting Raid Passes, the Great Box is FAR better than Special Box with its discount near Ultra Box’s level. If you really can’t afford the Ultra Box and only interested in the Raid Passes, you’re not missing much on Great Box. It may be a draw for some people that Great Boxes get Incense over Lure Modules, but if you are the type of person who prefer Incense anyway, there is only a 3.33% difference in discount which is negligible if you really love Incense over Lure Modules.

Ultra Box

Much like the February sale, this box is a godsend for intense raiders. If you consider that month’s Box sale a steal, your jaw will drop on this event’s Ultra Box. Other than the already ridiculous 24 Raid Passes, 10 Lure Modules pair well with the 12 Lucky Eggs and 14 Star pieces you get. This is the must buy among boxes, and personally the best Ultra Box Niantic has released thus far.

Overall thoughts

I told you guys last February that those boxes are the best Niantic has released when it comes to Raid Passes. Well, not anymore. 20 Raid Passes were already great but 24 Raid Passes for the Ultra Box is just awesome. Even if you can’t afford the Ultra Box, the Great Box is a good enough discount to warrant buying one if you’re on a budget. It’s a shame there’s not much difference on the Special Boxes.

If you can afford it, go for Ultra Box. If you really prefer Incense over Lures and don’t mind losing a little Raid Pass discount, Great Box is great (no pun intended). Even if it’s disappointing, if you really can’t afford Great Box, Special Box is still a knock out deal.

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