Shadow VS Purified Pokemon: Pros and Cons

With the release of Team Rocket came a couple new Pokémon forms, Shadow and Purified. What do these variations do? Does it change the...
Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund 2019

GO Fest Dortmund 2019 Review

Three years later and the magic is still there. Dortmund, a relatively slow and (arguably) boring German town was once again awakened by the...
Wizards Unite Logo

Features in Wizards Unite That Need to be in Pokémon Go

Wizards Unite is Niantic's shiny new game and the center of attention for players as it continues its worldwide release. Whether you play Pokémon...

App Review: PokéKeys (iOS)

PokéKeys is a relatively new App on the scene and has been gaining traction over the last few weeks as a serious alternative to...
Box Sale

Box Analysis May 2019: Raid Passes Galore!

It appears that in light of Extraordinary Raid Week, Niantic has given us a great selection of boxes, including an Ultra Box featuring a...

April 2019 Timeline: April Showers

Hey, nice to see everyone again! Hope you all stayed dry this month, because of all the rain! (That happened everywhere, right? Only here?...

March 2019 Timeline: March Madness!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you all have been having another wonderful month! Once again, we have had an exciting month of events and small collaborations...

Legendary Lunch Hour – Initial Thoughts

Trainers, ShinyhunterLiam reporting in after being present in the UK for the first of the initial tests of the "Legendary Lunch Hour" raid event. In...

February 2019 Timeline: Love was in the Air!

Hello all! February was an interesting month for Pokémon GO filled with many events and surprises! From returning events and new ones, to new...

A Look at the Past: Pokemon GO Timeline in 2017

Hello fellow time travelers! (I know we're not really time traveling, but let's roll with it!!) Let's take a minute and look back at...

Pokemon GO in 2018: Timeline of events, feature and shiny Pokemon releases

Trainers, now that 2019 is underway, we at Go Hub would like to take a minute to appreciate the year that was 2018 in...

Poké Ball Plus Review: How Does It Fare Against the GO Plus?

With the release of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee, the Poké Ball Plus accesory will also be available, and while...

Ranking All Pokémon GO Halloween events: 2016 – 2018

With events coming out every single week in Pokémon GO, we thought that it was about time to take a look at one of...
GO Ranger app

GO Ranger: app review and interview with the developer

GO Ranger is mobile field guide for Pokémon Go. It's a useful hub of information that covers real-time countdowns on events going on in...
Box Sale

Special Trade Event Box Sale analysis: Yeah… it’s not good.

The title says it all. This is one of the worst boxes Niantic has ever given. I'm not even sure myself why Incubators are...
Pokémon GO Hub

May Community Day Boxes Analysis

Trainers, it's not often that we are graced with more than one box sale for Community Day! Of course, it could be that we...
Pokémon GO Hub

Analysis of the Kanto Celebration Box Sale: Killer Discount Alert

Niantic, you've done it again. This box sale is just ridiculous. If you loved the boxes Niantic introduced before February's Community Day, you'll love these...
Draconius GO Review

Draconius GO review: clone or not, this is a great game

Draconius GO has been out for a few days now, growing from just 5,000 to more than 100,000 players in little over a week....
Pokémon GO Backpack

Introducing the Pokémon GO Backpack: one hell of a backpack!

Trainers, we've recently came across a great Kickstarter campaign ran by Louis Tsai. Louis managed to create, in our humble opinion, the perfect backpack for...

Storimõd review: real time Pokemon GO PvP!

Hi everyone, today we'll be reviewing Storimõd, an app that enables you to do realtime PvP using your Pokemon GO collection. It does a...

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