Datamining Report: GO Fest Finale Special research texts hint at Solgaleo and Lunala

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Hello Trainers! Pokémon some goodies have been pushed to the game by Niantic, including a bunch of stuff for the GO Fest Finale event, strong hints that Solagelo and Lunana are coming, some updates for Campfire, and more

Please read through all of this with a grain of salt – we often post data mining reports which end up taking months to release, and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed. Be smart, read this like speculation and be happy once it goes live.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentaries.

Campfire Catch Card

RESOURCE ID: settings_show_campfire_buttons
TEXT: Show Campfire

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_action_menu
TEXT: Catch Card

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_caught_date_location
TEXT: Caught on {0}, around {1}.

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_retake_photo_button

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_retake_snapshot

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_select_photo_button

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_select_photo_header
TEXT: Select a photo for Catch Card

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_share_to_campfire

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_take_snapshot

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_title
TEXT: Catch Card

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_toast
TEXT: Show off this Pokémon with a Catch Card

RESOURCE ID: catch_card_total_species_caught
TEXT: Total {0} Caught: {1}

As the Miners found in their Campfire APK breakdown trainers will have the ability to take pictures of Pokémon where they caught them and then share them to campfire. It sounds like a fun way to post Pokémon Nests to Campfire.

GBL Updates… maybe?

RESOURCE ID: combat_blog_url
TEXT: For more in-depth information, visit the blog.

RESOURCE ID: next_season_starts_on
TEXT: Next season starts on {0}!

RESOURCE ID: next_set_coming_on
TEXT: Next coming on {0}!

RESOURCE ID: see_less
TEXT: See less

RESOURCE ID: see_more
TEXT: See more

RESOURCE ID: see_schedule
TEXT: See schedule

This looks like updates to GBL, and it looks like you’ll be able to see a schedule of seasons in the game.

GO Fest Finale Event

New Quests

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_buzzwole
TEXT: Catch a Pokémon that shares a type with Buzzwole

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_buzzwole_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Pokémon that share a type with Buzzwole

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_nihilego
TEXT: Catch a Pokémon that shares a type with Nihilego

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_nihilego_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Pokémon that share a type with Nihilego

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_pheromosa
TEXT: Catch a Pokémon that shares a type with Pheromosa

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_pheromosa_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Pokémon that share a type with Pheromosa

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_shaymin
TEXT: Catch a Pokémon that shares a type with Shaymin

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_shaymin_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Pokémon that share a type with Shaymin

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_xurkitree
TEXT: Catch a Pokémon that shares a type with Xurkitree

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_xurkitree_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Pokémon that share a type with Xurkitree

RESOURCE ID: quest_power_up_plural_bug
TEXT: Power up {0} Bug-type Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: quest_power_up_plural_poison
TEXT: Power up {0} Poison-type Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: quest_power_up_plural_rock
TEXT: Power up {0} Rock-type Pokémon

New quests for GO Fest Finale, including catching multiple Ultra Beats quests. 

Ultra Incursions

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_buzzwole
TEXT: Ultra Incursion: Buzzwole

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_buzzwole_description
TEXT: Catch these Pokémon during Ultra Incursion: Buzzwole!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_nihilego
TEXT: Ultra Incursion: Nihilego

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_nihilego_description
TEXT: Catch these Pokémon during Ultra Incursion: Nihilego!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_pheromosa
TEXT: Ultra Incursion: Pheromosa

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_pheromosa_description
TEXT: Catch these Pokémon during Ultra Incursion: Pheromosa!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_xurkitree
TEXT: Ultra Incursion: Xurkitree

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_xurkitree_description
TEXT: Catch these Pokémon during Ultra Incursion: Xurkitree!

Speaking of Ultra Beasts, texts for the rotating Ultra Beast raids.

Rhi & Professor Willow Texts

The research is set up a bit weird, it looks like the overall research is called A Radiant Reunion, with a smaller two-part Willow’s Return at the beginning? I could be wrong there, but that’s my guess.  Take that for what it’s worth.

Research 1 – Part 1 (Willow’s Return 1 of 2? A Radiant Reunion 1 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: sr_gofest2022_f1
TEXT: Willow’s Return

RESOURCE ID: sr_gofest2022_f1_1
TEXT: Willow’s Return (1/2)

RESOURCE ID: sr_gofest2022_f2
TEXT: A Radiant Reunion (Part 1)
RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_1
TEXT: Pokémon Trainer! I have a positive update to share.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_2
TEXT: After analyzing the data we collected from the Ultra Wormholes, I have located—and retrieved—Professor Willow from Ultra Space.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_3
TEXT: His return would not have been possible without your exhaustive efforts.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_4
TEXT: I do not doubt you are eager to speak with him, but he requires rest before your reunion.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_5
TEXT: Following that, I would appreciate your assistance with another matter.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_6
TEXT: UB-01 Symbiont and UB-02 Beauty—that is, Nihilego and Pheromosa—have once again returned to this world.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_7
TEXT: I need not emphasize what dangers they pose.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_8
TEXT: Additionally, new signals indicate that other Ultra Beasts may soon follow.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_1_9
TEXT: But first, your professor. You and I can reconvene after you two have spoken.

Rhi was able to bring Willow back!

Professor Willow
RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_2_1
TEXT: ... ... ...
%PLAYERNAME%? Is...that you?
How long has it been? It’s good to see you. I’ve had the most amazing adventure!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_2_2
TEXT: There I was, pondering the mysteries of the island guardians—and moping a little at my misfortune, I must admit—when a glowing portal appeared out of thin air!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_2_3
TEXT: I couldn’t help wondering what was on the other side. My curiosity ignited, I weighed the risks, grabbed my gear, and jumped right in!

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_2_4
TEXT: The portal led to a completely different dimension—one traversed by unimaginably strange creatures...

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_1_2_5
TEXT: I must tell you all about it! *yawn* But before I do, I could use a little nap. I promise I’ll spare no detail after I’ve slept...a few...

Apparently, an ultra wormhole appeared near Professor Willow, and his experience of missing the Island Guardians prompted a YOLO moment and he grabbed his stuff and leapt in.  Can’t say I blame him to be honest. Also, he needs a nap. Again, can’t say I blame him on that one either.

Research 1 – Part 2 (Willow’s Return 1 of 2? A Radiant Reunion 2 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_1
TEXT: Welcome back, Pokémon Trainer. I hope you had a pleasant reunion with your professor. Has he fallen asleep? Understandable.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_2
TEXT: You and I can turn our attention to the Ultra Beasts while he recuperates.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_3
TEXT: I have confirmed the reappearance of UB-02 Absorption, Buzzwole.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_4
TEXT: Buzzwole’s propensity for displaying its robust musculature remains a mystery—is it mere self-satisfaction or some kind of threat?

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_5
TEXT: Its sturdy physique stands in contrast to Pheromosa’s lithe frame.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_6
TEXT: Though neither should be underestimated.

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_7
TEXT: Since we cannot predict their behavior, I propose further observation. Have you all your necessary supplies?

RESOURCE ID: gofest2022_finale_2_1_8
TEXT: If you and your Pokémon are ready, then we can begin.

Buzzwole is here!

Research 2  (A Radiant Reunion 3 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_2_2_1
TEXT: A brilliant display, Pokémon Trainer. Before we continue, I have something for you.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_2_2_2
TEXT: Here—a small supply of Beast Balls.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_2_2_3
TEXT: Excuse me if I am repeating myself, but allow me a brief explanation.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_2_2_4
TEXT: Beast Balls were developed specifically to capture Ultra Beasts. Your assistance enabled me to fabricate them—I wish to help you as you have helped me.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_2_2_5
TEXT: I trust you will know the right time to use them. Now, let us continue our work.

Beast balls!

Research 3  – Part 1 (A Radiant Reunion 4 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_1_1
TEXT: Pokémon Trainer—I feel we are being watched. Could it be Team GO Rocket?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_1_2
TEXT: If they have been observing us, then do you believe they have plans that involve the Ultra Beasts?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_1_3
TEXT: This is a possibility we cannot ignore.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_1_4
TEXT: If only I could battle like you do... Until then, I must ask again for your aid.

It wouldn’t be a Pokémon Go Fest without Team Go Rocket trying to muck things up.

Research 3  – Part 2 (A Radiant Reunion 5 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_1
TEXT: Thank you for dispersing Team GO Rocket, Pokémon Trainer.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_2
TEXT: I am relieved to know that they have been removed from the equation.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_3
TEXT: Your strength is further appreciated given this world’s most recent arrival—UB-03 Lighting. Xurkitree.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_4
TEXT: It has been known to raid power plants, presumably to energize itself with electricity.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_5
TEXT: It would be disastrous if Xurkitree depleted the power in this area.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_3_2_6
TEXT: Let us do what we can to prevent this catastrophe.

Research 4 – (A Radiant Reunion 6 of 6?)

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_1
TEXT: *yawn*
Oh, %PLAYERNAME%. Sorry I dozed off on you there—I hardly slept while I was away. Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_2
TEXT: ... ... ...
Ultra Wormholes?
Ultra Beasts?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_3
TEXT: Incredible! I can always count on you to unearth amazing things. You even helped bring me home!

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_4
TEXT: In that space, there were times when my memories would blur together—but I swear I could feel the light of our world, and everything would rush back.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_5
TEXT: No, it was more than a feeling. It was like I was surrounded by a protective presence—warm like the sun and calm like the moon.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_6
TEXT: Even so, I don’t know how I would have returned if you and your new friend hadn’t intervened.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_7
TEXT: I’m always thankful for you, but this time, you really saved me.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_8
TEXT: Why, I could just hug you, %PLAYERNAME%!

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_9
TEXT: Wait. Is there something in the sky? I’d investigate myself, but... *yawn* I suddenly feel like I lost a staring contest with a Hypno.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_1_10
TEXT: You and your Pokémon should go check it out. I’ll be here. Just give me a...minute...

“It was like I was surrounded by a protective presence—warm like the sun and calm like the moon.” Sounds to me like Lunala and Solgaleo are coming, likely after the GO Fest Finale event sometime.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_1
TEXT: Pokémon Trainer, I saw you were able to speak with the professor. Is he in good health?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_2
TEXT: He felt something akin to light of the sun and moon, did he?

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_3
TEXT: Interesting.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_4
TEXT: The important thing is that you and your Willow have been reunited. Endless musing is my proclivity, not yours.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_5
TEXT: Before we redirect our attention to the Ultra Beasts, I wish to take this opportunity to express what an excellent...erm...

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_6
TEXT: I had intended to call you my “research partner,” but that feels insufficient. You are more than an assistant—you are my confidant.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_7
TEXT: Such a sterile title hardly suits a person as dazzling as you.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_8
TEXT: So thank you, %PLAYERNAME%.
My partner...and my friend.

RESOURCE ID: gofest_2022_finale_4_2_9
TEXT: I look forward to whatever adventures await us next.

Looks like Rhi’s grown fond of you, I’m sure we’ll see them again soon enough.

Sky Forme Shaymin Shirt

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_shirt_shayminskytshirt_00_bundle_icon
TEXT: Sky Forme Shaymin

Sky Forme Shaymin shirt for GO Fest Finale

AR Tutorial

RESOURCE ID: arphoto_tutorial_intro_no_photobomb_description
TEXT: You can take a Pokémon out of its Poké Ball and take photos together!

A super exciting way to end this report, I know but here we are. A tutorial for AR photos.

That’s all for now trainers, stay safe out there!

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