Meta Speculation of Kleavor and Ursaluna in Pokémon Go


Trainers! We have recently been hinted at the arrival of new Hisuian Pokémon: Kleavor and Ursaluna. While Kleavor is the Hisuian evolution of Scyther, Ursaluna is the evolution of Ursaring. 

Both of these Pokémon are known to be powerful bruisers in Legends Arceus (PLA) and needless to say, they’re also two of the most sought-after mons in any PLA playthrough. This naturally makes us wonder: How would they possibly fare in Pokémon Go? 

This article will showcase the stats of these two Pokémon and speculate how they would fit into the meta based on their movepool from Legends Arceus. This will be done by highlighting the best-case scenarios for each Pokémon in terms of the moveset in Go. So let’s begin!


Source: Legends Arceus

Kleavor is an amazingly designed Pokémon that is totally badass. Its Bug and Rock typing give it weaknesses to Rock, Steel, and Water types; the two latter types being predominant in the PvP meta.


Typing Bug/Rock
ATK 253
DEF 174
HP 172
Max CP @ lvl 40 3146
Max CP @ lvl 50 3557


Kleavor has a very good ATK stat at a staggering 253. To put it into perspective, it is higher than even Tyranitar’s ATK. However, Kleavor’s bulk is significantly lower than not only Tyranitar’s but also in general. Let’s find out if Kleavor can possibly salvage its high ATK through the range of moves it can potentially learn:

Fast Moves Charged Moves
  • Psycho Cut Psychic
  • Air Slash Flying
  • Quick Attack Normal
  • Rock Smash Fighting
  • X-Scissor Bug
  • Close Combat Fighting
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Stone Edge Rock
  • Aerial Ace Flying
  • Ominous Wind Ghost
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • Giga Impact Normal
  • Silver Wind Bug


Judging by the above moves, it is quite obvious that Kleavor won’t be shredding anything in the PvE meta as it lacks a Bug or Rock fast move. 

From a PvP perspective, Psycho Cut seems to be its only viable fast move owing to its extremely fast energy gains. Psycho Cut is a Mud Shot clone and as such, it has a [DPT/EPT] set of [1.50/4.50]. Despite the fact that it lacks STAB, Psycho Cut is indeed its best-case scenario. 

Coming to the charged moves, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, and Close Combat are all extremely viable PvP moves. However, Kleavor’s low bulk makes low-energy charged moves more feasible. As such, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, and Close Combat are all the best-case scenarios. Moreover, Close Combat DEF’s debuffs don’t help either.

Ultimately, Kleavor’s best moveset would be Psycho Cut paired with Rock Slide and X-Scissor.

The Verdict


Without a Bug or Rock fast move, Kleavor won’t be competing with the likes of Scizor, Volcarona, Tyranitar, Rhyperior, or Rampardos. 


With its stats being oriented towards ATK and low bulk, Kleavor can possibly be a spice pick in the UL meta with the right moveset. Weaknesses to common types don’t help its cause either. But at the end of the day, it can be a good spice pick that can put in some work.



Ursaluna is the big teddy bear from PLA that evolves from the underrated Ursaring. This ride Pokémon gains the Ground/Normal typing. Let’s check out its profile in Pokémon Go:


Typing Ground/Normal
ATK 243
DEF 182
HP 277
Max CP @ lvl 40 3854
Max CP @ lvl 50 4358


Ursaluna has EXCELLENT stats. High ATK? Check. Good bulk? Super check! The DEF and HP stats make it a super bulky mon that can take hits like a pro. And it hits back quite hard as well! 

Fast Moves Charged Moves
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
  • Tackle Normal
  • Rock Smash Fighting
  • Earth Power Ground
  • Bulldoze Ground
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Stone Edge Rock
  • Play Rough Fairy
  • Ice Punch Ice
  • Fire Punch Fire
  • Thunder Punch Electric
  • Giga Impact Normal
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • Aerial Ace Flying


While it won’t be earth-shattering by any means due to the absence of a Ground fast move, it can be a bulky, high DPS Normal type monster in Partly Cloudy weather. But then again, the Normal type hardly matters and so it would be better if it gets good moves to let it shine in PvP at least.

This brings us to the deal breaker… the only thing that would give Ursaluna some room for viability: Shadow Claw

Indeed! Before anything else, Ursaluna NEEDS Shadow Claw to be a formidable contender in PvP. With a [DPT/EPT] set of [3.00/4.00] and good coverage, Shadow Claw is its saving grace.

Now, coming to the charged moves…

Earth Power is more or less a given. Ursaluna can potentially make waves in all three PvP leagues to some degree or the other, and we surprisingly have only a few viable Earth Power users in PvP. Ursaluna would be a great addition to the likes of Garchomp, Nidoqueen, and Flygon in using Earth Power to its benefit. With Shadow Claw’s good energy gains and Earth Power’s relatively low 55 energy requirement, the two moves can work very well in tandem. Therefore, Earth Power is the best charged move to have. 

For the second charged move, we have a host of coverage options. Rock Slide is an excellent coverage option, letting Ursaluna arrest the various Flying types running rampant across all PvP leagues. 

It also gains access to all three elemental punches and the inclusion of any of those would be amazing to not just bait shields but also hit meta relevant mons for some neat damage (At just 40 energy, these Punches deal a respectable 55 DMG). Fire Punch is great for the Steel and Ice types, Ice Punch can take Dragon and Flying types off-guard, while Thunder Punch will take the fight to the Flying and Water types.

The rich diversity in moves gives a nice flavor to Ursaluna and if Niantic treats its well, it can be a formidable addition to the PvP format!

Ultimately, Ursaluna’s best moveset would be Shadow Claw paired with Rock Slide and Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch.

The Verdict


Without a Ground fast move, Ursaluna won’t be a top-notch Ground attacker. It can be good as a Normal type but that’s rather underwhelming.


Huge potential! It can be amazing, particularly in the UL and ML formats, being a threat to a wide range of Pokémon. Do this right, Niantic!! 


Pokémon Legends Arceus introduced us to some really wonderful regional variants, new forms, and evolutions. Kleavor and Ursaluna are undoubtedly two of the most coveted Pokémon in this regard and are a welcome addition to Pokémon Go, as long as they don’t end up being dex fillers due to a poor movepool.

Not to mention, the Shadows would make things all the more interesting.

Let’s hope that these two stellar mons don’t become bad and lost in the crowd of irrelevant mons. I’ll certainly analyze Ursaluna in detail if it ends up with a good moveset. Till then, have fun, and let’s go for more excitement in the game!

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My name is Niladri Sarkar. A Team Valor Trainer, I'm a Pokémon Battle Mechanics Specialist & a Dragon Master on Smogon's Pokémon Showdown where I particularly excel with Dragon types and Weather teams in Ubers / OU. I love to apply my vast knowledge and experience to the ever changing meta of Pokémon Go, specialising in DPS/TDO math, movesets, the Master League and Dragon types. Garchomp is my best Pokémon pal through and through.

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