Trainers, In amongst the plethora of recent event announcements that have been happening over the last few days, Pokemon Go’s official Twitter page tweeted the following seemingly (no so) cryptic tweet:

Now, we’re certainly not experts on the subject but going on Niantic’s previous track record, they only really post little hints and teasers about certain things like this when a new feature or update is imminent.


This could (and we use that term very loosely) mean that we are about to see the level cap raise any moment!

Ever since the game’s inception back in 2016, the maximum level to reach has been 40 and this cap (or more specifically: how to increase the cap fairly) has been one of the bigger debates and sources of controversy among players.

There was an interview earlier this year with John Hanke that stated that he wanted to make additional levels more about a player’s ability rather than just gaining XP. This would certainly be one way to prevent players with the highest XP count from reaching the new max level instantly.

What are your thoughts, Trainers?