With trading now in Pokemon GO, there are several Pokemon in the main series games that ONLY evolve through trading. Perhaps Niantic will implement this feature in the future as another means to evolve these certain Pokemon! So let’s look over all the Pokemon that can evolve from trading and give an idea on how it could work.

P.S. this is a speculation / fantasy article – Pokemon in Pokemon GO evolve without trading requirements, at least as of the time of writing this article. Do note that this speculation goes hand in hand with another Pokemon GO fantasy – held items – but more about that on a different day.

Pokemon Who Can Evolve From Trading

Pokemon Evolution item Evolves to
PoliwhirlPoliwhirl King’s Rock PolitoedPolitoed
KadabraKadabra None AlakazamAlakazam
MachokeMachoke None MachampMachamp
GravelerGraveler None, does include Alolan form GolemGolem
SlowpokeSlowpoke King’s Rock SlowkingSlowking
HaunterHaunter None GengarGengar
OnixOnix Metal Coat SteelixSteelix
RhydonRhydon Protector RhyperiorRhyperior
SeadraSeadra Dragon Scale KingdraKingdra
ScytherScyther Metal Coat ScizorScizor
ElectabuzzElectabuzz Electrizer ElectivireElectivire
MagmarMagmar Magmarizer MagmortarMagmortar
PorygonPorygon Up-Grade Porygon2Porygon2
Porygon2Porygon2 Dubious Disc Porygon-ZPorygon-Z
FeebasFeebas Prism Scale MiloticMilotic
DusclopsDusclops Reaper Cloth DusknoirDusknoir
ClamperlClamperl Deepseatooth HuntailHuntail
ClamperlClamperl Deepseascale GorebyssGorebyss
BoldoreBoldore None GigalithGigalith
GurdurrGurdurr None ConkeldurrConkeldurr
KarrablastKarrablast Trade with Shelmet EscavalierEscavalier
ShelmetShelmet Trade with Karrablast AccelgorAccelgor
SpritzeeSpritzee Trade holding Sachet AromatisseAromatisse
SwirlixSwirlix Trade holding Whipped Dream SlurpuffSlurpuff
PhantumpPhantump None TrevenantTrevenant
PumpkabooPumpkaboo None GourgeistGourgeist

How it Could Work

When you’ve selected the Pokemon you want to trade, there will be a dedicated item button. It could be placed in a similar location as the appraisal button (right above it). Once you’ve hit the item button, you’ll have the full list of items you can give to a fellow trainer at your disposal. This includes Pokeballs, all healing items, Rare Candy, TMs, Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces, Raid Passes and evolution items.

The kicker here is you can only trade one item at a time. Just as if you were trading in the main series games. Once you trade a Pokemon along with an evolutionary item attached to it, the receiving trainer’s Pokemon will evolve.

Simple right? With the new Lucky Pokemon system now incorporated into the game, this will make trading that much more of a suspenseful gamble!

Final Thoughts

Indeed that is a large list of Pokemon showed above! Of course, some of them already evolve through candies and items in Pokemon GO. But giving another option to evolve through trading would make for a nice added bonus. Especially if you are out of candies for that Pokemon anyways. Having two different ways to evolve these Pokemon: either by yourself with the right resources or through trading would be a fantastic implementation into the game!

Plus having even more incentives to trade Pokemon and enhance that social aspect of the game never hurts either. the only downside would be the fact of holding more extra items clogging up our bag space. Let us know what you guys think about this idea.

Maybe, just maybe, it will become a reality one day!