we have some breaking news to share now. One of the GO Hub reader that works in the California film industry approached us with a leak about the upcoming Gym Rework.

Before we continue, be aware that, in order to protect our source’s employment and career, we are not allowed to share the name of our source, or the name of the company he works for.

With that said, GO Hub is happy to announce that the gym rework will be featured in a  live action trailer , featuring real world actors and multiplayer interaction. No mention of CGI, but we do expect that the trailer will feature it.

Here’s the full leak:

Hello! Yes I know someone who worked on a trailer for Pokémon Go a few weeks ago, he described to me, without being someone who knows or plays the game, that the concept revolved around the new gym rework.


No details like that, only that it was for the gym rework, he told me this a few weeks ago before it was confirmed to be coming soon. He did make it sound like it would have multiplayer of some sort

He has broken English so he didn’t go into too much detail, he saw me playing on set and told me he worked a “commercial for Pokémon go” and it was filmed live action, as their other trailers have been.

This comes as no surprise as all previous trailers were filmed as live action shorts, intertwined with CGI effects and 3D models.

Here’s the full screenshot of our conversation, with names redacted:

  • Brian P

    So that was disappointing

  • fpsantangeloswingman

    Cue sad trombone. How is this exciting?

    Congrats. You got my page view and engagement. Don’t spend all the money you just made all in one place.

  • Alessandra DiSalvo

    This is a 3rd party source, a “friend of a friend” with broken English…is that really considered a leak? Or even good journalism? Plus so many people work on set like PA’s that just do grunt work, they don’t see what goes on in post…I don’t think this is even remotely enough to go on to be published.

    • VulpinePromises

      I agree with Alessandra. “I heard she/he/they said” isn’t really a stable ground to try and step onto. Why not update us when there’s more certainty?

      • Joel Jensen


  • Joel Jensen

    Tomorrow is an awesome day for me at least! As a Pokemon fanatic, and as a Grand Theft Auto Online lover, things are gonna be awesome tomorrow. The Gun Running DLC comes out tomorrow for Grand Theft Auto Online, and the Solstice Event starts on Pokemon GO! YAYY

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Well i said there would be a gym rework trailer

  • the2000guy

    Where is the trailer? I didnt find it…. ?

    • This Guy’s Gaming & More

      not out yet

  • Paulo Cruz

    Click bait! Total garbage… I know someone who is friends with someone who knows aliens living in California let me pull up that conversation you understand I have i have remove the names FOFF a donkey could have come up with a better article to get me to click!