Pokémon GO Announces New Sponsored Locations With McDonalds

In exciting news for sponsored stops and gyms, Pokémon GO has just announced a new partnership with McDonalds in Latin America and the Caribbean! Spread...

LEAK: Gym rework TRAILER is filmed, features real world actors and multiplayer action!

Trainers, we have some breaking news to share now. One of the GO Hub reader that works in the California film industry approached us with a leak...

Understanding your Pokemon Go Trainer Type

Understanding your Pokemon Go Trainer Type USER GUIDE | Submitted by BroTaiTom I guess when it comes to Pokemon go, I'm by no means an expert but I...

Niantic announces Pokémon GO Christmas Event Guide (2016)

Niantic just announced the details of the Pokémon GO Xmas event, meaning it's time to start preparing with this handy guide! Phase 1: Beginning Dec...
Play Lock

PokeLock – Lock the screen while playing Pokemon GO

First of all, let's set this straight: this review is not endorsed or affiliated by PokeLock in any way. PokeLock is an amazing app...

Quick PSA About Pokemon GO Server Issues from Former Game Developer

We came across an amazing write up on the server issues from a former game developer on reddit, and decided to relay it here...