PokeLock – Lock the screen while playing Pokemon GO

Play Lock
Play Lock

First of all, let’s set this straight: this review is not endorsed or affiliated by PokeLock in any way. PokeLock is an amazing app that enables you to lock the screen while playing Pokemon GO without suspending the game. Yeah, the thing we’ve all been asking for? It’s here.

PokeLock is amazing

We usually run when hatching eggs and more often than not, the screen is not something we want turned on. It doesn’t really matter if the phone is in the back/front pocket or in a running strap, it’s never used.

PokeLock enables you to “lock” the screen from use – it’s not a deep system lock, more of an black overlay that disables screen presses. You can unlock the screen by double taping and optionally by entering a Lock Pattern.

The app works honestly amazing. It’s simple, a bit crowded with ads and Rate/Share us, but the core functionality is amazing. The app has some crazy features like “Remove PokeLock on incoming call” which also works great.

Here’s a quick feature list:

  • Double or Triple Tap to unlock
  • Recognize running apps and auto lock the screen
  • Pattern Lock
  • Transparent Lock if you don’t like the black overlay
  • Shake to unlock, Power button to unlock, Remove lock on phone call etc…

We’ve been testing the app for quite some time now. The only thing we can say is stop whatever you’re doing and download this app. It’s that good.

You can download it for Android here. Sorry iPhone players.