0.53.1 Further meta data analysis

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0.53.1 Further meta data analysis

USER GUIDE | Submitted by CarrotKing37 on January 18th 2017Pokemon GO has evolved in many ways since its release in July 2016, and with each new update, it gets more and more new features and possibilities. The hype in the days before these updates is tremendous, and this is a new, in-depth guide of datamined info of the new code in 0.53.1.

Many new features could be coming in this new update, and Pokemon GO has never gone so long without an update from the last one to now. New things that could be coming include the following.


While there have been snippets of code referring to trading in previous updates, these have only increased. You can now get a trade_id and there will be _PollForTradeResponse, increases on previous elaborations. Should you feel any qualms after the trade, it could also now be possible to Return_Pokemon.

Street View Option

This option has either never been mentioned or never been found in previous Pokemon GO updates. In several lines of code, 0.53.1 mentions a _StreetViewPano (panorama?). This could mean a different game perspective entirely, even a continuation on the Augmented Reality theme. On the other hand, the fairly limited lines on this one make it appear to be a minor, if cool, addition.


It is unlikely that 0.53.1 will bring legendaries, but the code does tease out another little hint at it by referring to a Pokemon_Class_Legendary and, even more mysteriously, a Pokemon_Class_Mythic alongside a Pokemon_Class_Normal, which could be what we have so far. It also is a possibility to Catch_Legend_Pokemon.


While Pokecoins are currently the only available currency mechanism in Pokemon GO, this could be set to change. There is repeated reference to _GemsAwarded, after actions such as Egg_Hatch. However, this could also be referring to crystals or jewels or stones used in previous Pokemon games for evolutions and other actions.


These have been referred to in previous updates, and seem to be a geographical location with a Fort_Lng (longitude) and a Fort_Lat (latitude). There is no evidence to what they will do or be, however, and it seems as though they will host battles in a way similar to gyms, perhaps held by NPCs.


Listed among the items such as Revives, Potions, and XP Boosts (Lucky Eggs) is _Food. Food could be used to upgrade Pokemon, heal them, or give your trainer a boost. It is very unclear what this item would do in the game.


Another possibility listed in the code released is ranks. Whether they would be among friends only, local, national or global, ranks for all different sorts of activities would certainly rekindle interest and competitive spirit into the game. Everyone (or perhaps everyone over a certain level) would have a Rank_Num that could be viewed by anyone, a step forward for the game in terms of online user interaction.

Many of us would be happy with any of these features, and hope that Niantic bring them out soon. John Hanke, if you’re reading, it’s on you!

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