Best Gym Attackers based on Type (Generation 1 and 2)


USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurris on March 16 2017Below we’ll be going over the top Pokémon based on their Type. The charts break down the best basic attack and charge attack combos for the top three Pokémon and percent rank of each type.

Although the chart is sortable, due to sorting issues, maybe you should not sort it if you really don’t have to.

Pokémon Type Quick Move Charge Move Percentile
Bug Type
Pinsir bug Bug Bite X-Scissor 100.00%
Pinsir bug Fury Cutter X-Scissor 94%
Scizor bug Fury Cutter X-Scissor 93%
Dark Type
Tyranitar dark Bite Crunch 100.00%
Houndoom dark Snarl Foul Play 92%
Houndoom dark Snarl Crunch 86%
Dragon Type
Dragonite dragon Dragon Tail Outrage 100.00%
Dragonite dragon Dragon Breath Dragon Claw 91%
Dragonite dragon Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse 90%
Kingdra dragon Dragon Breath Outrage 76%
Electric Type
Jolteon electric Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 100.00%
Jolteon electric Thunder Shock Thunder 96%
Jolteon electric Thunder Shock Discharge 95%
Magneton electric Spark Zap Cannon 93%
Fighting Type
Machamp fighting Counter Dynamic Punch 100.00%
Heracross fighting Counter Close Combat 94%
Machamp fighting Counter Close Combat 94%
Fire Type
Flareon fire Fire Spin Overheat 100.00%
Flareon fire Ember Overheat 94%
Flareon fire Fire Spin Fire Blast 92%
Charizard fire Fire Spin Overheat 91%
Flying Type
Scyther flying Air Slash Aerial Ace 100.00%
Fearow flying Peck Sky Attack 95%
Xatu flying Air Slash Aerial Ace 89%
Ghost Type
Gengar ghost Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 100.00%
Gengar ghost Hex Shadow Ball 90%
Haunter ghost Lick Shadow Ball 82%
Haunter ghost Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 81%
Grass Type
Exeggutor grass Bullet Seed Solar Beam 100.00%
Victreebel grass Razor Leaf Solar Beam 95%
Vileplume grass Razor Leaf Solar Beam 94%
Ground Type
Rhydon ground Mud Slap Earthquake 100.00%
Golem ground Mud Shot Earthquake 94%
Golem ground Mud Slap Earthquake 93%
Ice Type
Jynx ice Frost Breath Avalanche 100.00%
Jynx ice Frost Breath Ice Punch 88%
Cloyster ice Frost Breath Avalanche 85%
Normal Type
Porygon2 normal Hidden Power Hyper Beam 100.00%
Stantler normal Tackle Stomp 91%
Raticate normal Quick Attack Hyper Beam 90%
Poison Type
Victreebel poison Acid Sludge Bomb 100.00%
Nidoking poison Poison Jab Sludge Wave 96%
Muk poison Poison Jab Gunk Shot 93%
Psychic Type
Alakazam psychic Confusion Futuresight 100.00%
Espeon psychic Confusion Futuresight 98%
Alakazam psychic Psycho Cut Futuresight 95%
Rock Type
Golem rock Rock Throw Stone Edge 100.00%
Omastar rock Rock Throw Rock Slide 99%
Golem rock Rock Throw Rock Blast 94%
Steel Type
Scizor steel Bullet Punch Iron Head 100.00%
Machamp steel Bullet Punch Heavy Slam 81%
Aerodactyl steel Steel Wing Iron Head 78%
Water Type
Starmie water Water Gun Hydro Pump 100.00%
Omastar water Water Gun Hydro Pump 99%
Vaporeon water Water Gun Hydro Pump 98.86%

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