Hatching Eggs Efficiently

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Hatching Eggs Efficiently

USER GUIDE | Submitted by TeddybearXDHatching eggs in Pokemon Go is a great way to collect stardust, get candy, and get good IV Pokemon all at the same time. Using the unlimited incubator on 2k eggs only will maximize its usage, while only using blue incubators for 5k and 10k eggs will allow you to get the most out of those. The reason for this is that blue incubators do not break after a certain number of kilometers, they break after 3 uses. This means that you can maximize the efficiency of the blue incubators by getting as much distance as you can out of the 3 uses (Max 30 kilometers).

Another quick tip is to use your 1-use blue incubators for 10k eggs. This will allow you to keep using more incubators at the same time because you can incubate 2 5k eggs with a two-use incubator at the same time. Technically this isn’t a huge deal, but will save you a few coins overall.


You can find an always up to date Egg chart (includes Baby Pokémon and updated egg groups) on this page.

Remember that walking in a straight line will get you the most distance on your eggs because distance is tracked every 15 seconds from your current location to wherever you are 15 seconds later. If you are going to make a turn, wait a few seconds before turning to allow your game to register your distance before moving. This seems odd, but will give you credit for walking the full distance. The speed limit for getting egg distance is around 7 mph so make sure to take it a bit slower if you are running or biking. If you don’t care much about maximizing experience, incubate your eggs immediately.

Eggs are only updated on the egg screen every 4 or so minutes, which can be a little annoying when walking by Poké Stops. Try to pick a path that goes by Poké Stops often so you can pick up eggs after hatching some.

Make sure to always check the IVs by tapping appraise because Pokemon hatched from eggs will always be pretty strong. One thing I do is to favorite any Pokemon i hatch from an egg that is above 84% Iv’s (the top tier overall). This will help me identify which Pokemon to keep and not transfer, as well as which Pokemon to potentially evolve.


You can check your Team Appraisal table using our Appraisal guide.

Even if it’s not in the top tier, any Pokemon from an egg will be in the top 80%, so it’s not bad to keep any Pokemon you hatch from eggs. I will be posting a guide on which Pokemon to power up/evolve soon, so be looking for it!

Happy hatching!

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