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Written by Fitz City, edited and adapted for web by Hub admins. Related reading: Metagross, Metang and Beldum family overviewMetagross is one of the biggest disappointments in recent Pokemon GO history. With a max CP of a whopping 3644, amazing typing of Steel Psychic and a really poor choice of moves, Metagross could have been one of the top tier Pokémon in terms of Gym offense or defense. Unfortunately, it isn’t’.

Metagross’ high ATK stat of 257, DEF of 258 and an interestingly low HP stat of 160 is nothing to mess with and it won’t go down without a fight – provided it finally gets a solid charged move!

Metagross evolves from Beldum in Pokémon GO, keeping it’s Steel Psychic typing throughout the family evolutions. No evolution item requirements.

In the main series games (Pokémon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald) you were given a Beldum by Steven. It was obtainable in the wild until later generations. Finding one in the wild is ultra-rare.

Metagross in the Meta-Game

With Metagross’s high stats, it can give or take a beating. Definitely keeping its reputation from the main series games! The following types are the only ones that can counter it.

  • SE damage from Ground
  • SE damage from Ghost
  • SE damage from Fire
  • SE damage from Dark

Pokémon like Tyranitar with Dark moves or Entei with Fire moves will shred Metagross to pieces. But don’t be fooled, any other Pokémon types will find it very hard to go up against this Steel Psychic beast!

A pure Steel type move set makes Metagross the most powerful Steel attacker in the meta. Scizor does have a better Steel charge move with Iron Head dealing 120 damage total with its 2 charge bars. Yet, with both its Def and HP stats significantly lower than Metagross’s, therefore its overall DPS is lower. Also a 4x weakness to Fire doesn’t help either. It’s the same story with Aggron. Aggron lacks the ATK and HP stats to outperform Metagross. It is also 4x weak to Fighting and Ground as well. Hence, no other Steel type stands up to the almighty Metagross!

As for a Psychic move set, Metagross falls short in the meta in terms of attacking power. Both Lugia and Mewtwo out power it with their Psychic move sets and stats. This does make Metagross arguably the third best Psychic attacker with Alakazam, so keep that in mind!

Metagross Move Pool

The BEST move set is Zen Headbutt/Flash Cannon in terms of overall DPS.

We finally know the moves this monster can bring to the table and it is exciting! No matter which you choose, you’ll devastate your opponent with ease.

Quick Moves

  • Zen Headbutt Psychic 13.1 DPS with STAB
  • Bullet Punch Steel 12 DPS with STAB

Charge Moves

  • Flash Cannon Steel 1 charge bar – 44.4 DPS with STAB
  • Psychic Psychic 1 charge bar – 42.9 DPS with STAB
  • Earthquake Ground 1 charge bar – 33.3 DPS with STAB

The ability to make Metagross have a Steel or Psychic move set makes it a powerhouse and an amazing addition to the meta-game. Even earthquake is a nice charge move in order to counter Fire types or Rock types that have access to Ground moves. This move pool just further justifies that it can be a good attacker OR defender!

Shiny Metagross

A normal Beldum in Pokémon GO has blue body and one red eye, with gray extremities. Normal Pokémon GO Metang and Metagross continue this color tradition, with blue body, steel gray decoration and the characteristic X mark on Metagross.

Shiny Metagross Pokémon GO family is completely gray, with gold-yellow details. Imagine that beautiful Shiny Metagross in the wild.

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