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Minority Team Gym Survival Guide

USER GUIDE | Submitted by SeanTr0nThis guide is intended to help those living in an area that another team dominates.

Obviously, there is no easy way to overcome being massively outnumbered in your area in the current gym meta game, but the strategies I have developed have helped me keep a few pokemon in gyms in an area that was full of level 10 gyms of the dominant team just a week ago.

1. Work Together With the Other Minority team

In many cases, when one team dominates an area, only a few gyms (if any) see much action. When this happens, the two minority teams end up fighting each other more than the dominant team in an effort to take the weakest gym in the area. To fix this, I, as a member of Team Instinct, befriended a couple of guys on Team Valor to fight the swarm of Team Mystic players.


We called ourselves “Team Orange” (yeah, a little cheesy), but we all pledged to never attack any gyms that were controlled by the other minority team. We also changed the names of the Pokémon that we left in gyms to “Team Orange” to try to communicate this idea to other player.

We would also sometimes work together to take down gyms, and would take turns on who could claim it.


Be careful when talking to strangers playing Pokemon Go

2. Camping Out

To carry out this strategy, you may need to concentrate all of your rage and frustration from being oppressed for all this time into one weekend and hopefully live not too far from a gym. In this strategy, I spent a few weeks stalking up on potions and revives and single-handedly took down a Level 10 gym. Then I placed one of my strongest pokemon in the gym, and trained it up to Level 9.


For this part, I recommend using a Pokemon that has a double-weakness so you can train it easily. Rhydon and Golem are a great fit for this if you have a lot of water/grass types. Omastar is good if you have a lot of grass types. Gyarados is good if you have a lot of electric types. And Exeggutor is good if you happen to have a lot of bugs. Dragonite could work if you have a lot of ice types, but it would be tough.)

This gym is intended to work as a beacon for anyone on your team that is still somewhat active, so that they might be encouraged to come by and drop their Pokemon in the gym.

After training this gym, I waited by the gym and fought off anyone that tried to take down the gym (this was the most resource-consuming part of this strategy, because I focused on training fast, and not on preserving the HP of my training pokemon).

After there were 7 pokemon in my gym. I went to the nearest gym of the dominant team and lowered it to level 5 or 6. I did this so that if there was anyone from the other minority team looking to take down a gym in the area, mine wouldn’t be the lowest gym in the area.

This took an entire day, and most of the next day I spent watching it, protecting it, and weakening other gyms in the area. After those days though, there were 10 Pokemon in my gym, and my pokemon was near the top. To maintain this for several days, I still had to continue to weaken other gyms in the area to distract enemy trainers.


While camping out by the gym you want to claim, you could try to make contact with some of your teammates and work together on other gyms, but again, be careful.