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Zangoose is a pure Normal type 3-tier Raid boss. You should bring strong Fighting types to make quick work of this challenging battle. Shiny Zangoose is available in Pokémon GO. You can capture Zangoose in the following CP ranges:

  • 1310 CP – 1381 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 1638 CP 1727 CP at Level 25 with Partly Cloudy weather boost

Zangoose shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge with the right Pokémon. We suggest a minimum group size of 1 – 3 Trainers to defeat Zangoose in a 3-tier Raid.

Zangoose Raid Counters Raid icon

The best Zangoose raid counters according to our GO Hub battle simulator for Zangoose are:

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move TTW Faints
1. Heracross (Mega) CounterFighting Close CombatFighting 75s 1
2. Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon TailDragon Dragon AscentFlying 80s 1
3. Blaziken (Mega) CounterFighting Focus BlastFighting 73s 3
4. Terrakion Double KickFighting Sacred Sword*Fighting 75s 3
5. Machamp (Shadow) CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 77s 3
6. Keldeo (Ordinary) Low KickFighting Sacred SwordFighting  81s 2
7. Keldeo Low KickFighting Sacred SwordFighting 81s 2
8. Hariyama (Shadow) CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 81s 3
9. Alakazam (Mega) Counter*Fighting Focus BlastFighting 81s 4
10. Conkeldurr CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 88s 3
11. Lucario CounterFighting Aura SphereFighting 80s 5
12. Zapdos (Galarian) CounterFighting Close CombatFighting 97s 2
13. Toxicroak (Shadow) CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 84s 4
14. Blaziken (Shadow) CounterFighting Focus BlastFighting 83s 5
15. Pheromosa Low KickFighting Focus BlastFighting  85s 4
16. Sirfetch'd (Shadow) CounterFighting Close CombatFighting 85s 4
17. Lopunny (Mega) Double KickFighting Focus BlastFighting 89s 3
18. Buzzwole CounterFighting SuperpowerFighting 100s 2
19. Machamp CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 92s 3
20. Hawlucha Low KickFighting Flying PressFighting 97s 2
21. Mewtwo (Shadow) Psycho CutPsychic Focus BlastFighting 91s 4
22. Virizion Double KickFighting Sacred Sword*Fighting 102s 2
23. Sneasler (Shadow) Rock SmashFighting Close CombatFighting 91s 4
24. Pinsir (Mega) Rock SmashFighting SuperpowerFighting 105s 2
25. Breloom CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 92s 4
26. Dragonite (Shadow) Dragon TailDragon SuperpowerFighting 101s 2
27. Hariyama CounterFighting Dynamic PunchFighting 98s 3
28. Decidueye (Hisuian) Psycho CutPsychic Aura SphereFighting 100s 3
29. Kyogre (Primal) WaterfallWater Origin Pulse*Water 104s 2
30. Poliwrath (Shadow) Counter*Fighting Dynamic PunchFighting 97s 3

* marks a legacy move

Zangoose Stats and Match-ups Raid icon

Zangoose Normal
Max CP at Level 40 2418 | Max CP at Level 50 2733
ATK 222 DEF 124 HP 177
Weak to Strong Against
Fighting  Ghost

Zangoose Moveset Raid icon

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Dig Ground
  • Night Slash Dark
  • Close Combat Fighting

Zangoose Sprites Raid icon

Regular Sprite Shiny Sprite


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