Exclusive Pokémon

Pokemon GO spawn rates region exclusives
Pokemon GO spawn rates region exclusives

There are several different types of exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon GO: region-specific Pokémon, egg-hatched Pokémon, raid-exclusive Pokémon, weather exclusive and event exclusive Pokémon.

Region specific Pokémon

Regional Pokémon are those found in specific countries or geographic areas. Trainers are encouraged to travel to these locations in order to catch these exclusive Pokémon:

Pokémon Region
Pokemon GO TaurosTauros North America
Pokemon GO Mr. MimeMr. Mime Europe
Pokemon GO KangaskhanKangaskhan Australia
Pokemon GO Farfetch’dFarfetch’d East Asia (Japan, South Korea, etc.)
Pokemon GO HeracrossHeracross South America, and southern Texas/Florida
Pokemon GO CorsolaCorsola Spawns between 31N and 26S latitudes
Pokemon GO RelicanthRelicanth New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, etc.
Pokemon GO ZangooseZangoose Europe, Asia, and Australasia
Pokemon GO SeviperSeviper North America, South America, and Africa
Pokemon GO LunatoneLunatone Europe, Asia, and Australasia
Pokemon GO SolrockSolrock North America, South America, and Africa
Pokemon GO IllumiseIllumise North America, South America, and Africa
Pokemon GO VolbeatVolbeat Europe, Asia, and Australasia
Pokemon GO TropiusTropius Africa
Pokemon GO TorkoalTorkoal India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal
Parts of Oman
General Indochina area

Region-specific Pokémon have been known to migrate during special events. For example, Farfetch’d was available worldwide and Kangaskhan was available in East Asia for a 48-hour period during the Global Catch Challenge in November 2017.

Weather exclusive Pokémon

At the moment, only one Pokémon specie has been observed to be weather exclusive in Pokémon GO: Castform. You can find specific Castform forms only in the following weather:

Form Weather
Snow Fog
All other weather

Egg hatch exclusive Pokémon

Unevolved or “baby” forms of certain species of Pokémon can only be hatched from Pokémon Eggs:

Egg Pokémon
Pokemon GO PichuPichu
Pokemon GO CleffaCleffa
Pokemon GO IgglybuffIgglybuff
Pokemon GO TogepiTogepi
Pokemon GO ElekidElekid
Pokemon GO MagbyMagby
Pokemon GO SmoochumSmoochum
Pokemon GO AzurillAzurill
Pokemon GO WynautWynaut
Pokemon GO TyrogueTyrogue

Raid exclusive Pokémon

The Pokémon GO Raid system features many exclusive Pokémon, including Legendary Pokémon. This list contains all current and former raid exclusive Pokémon:

Raid Egg Pokémon Availability


Pokemon GO MawileMawile Current Level 2 Raid


Pokemon GO AbsolAbsol Current Level 4 Raid


Pokemon GO RayquazaRayquaza Current Legendary Raid
Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo Current EX Raid, invite only
Pokemon GO ArticunoArticuno Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO MoltresMoltres Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO ZapdosZapdos Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO LugiaLugia Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO RaikouRaikou Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO EnteiEntei Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO SuicuneSuicune Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO Ho-OhHo-Oh Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO GroudonGroudon Currently Unavailable
Pokemon GO KyogreKyogre Currently Unavailable

Event exclusive Pokémon

Past and current in-game events offer trainers the opportunity to catch themed Pokémon. Event Pokémon such as Holiday Pikachu and Raichu have been made available during both holiday events. It is unknown whether other event Pokémon will return during similar in-game events.

Holiday Event – December 2016
Holiday Pikachu (Santa Hat) Holiday Raichu (Santa Hat)


Pokémon Day – February 2017 
Festive Pikachu (Party Hat) Festive Raichu (Party Hat)


Anniversary Event – July 2017 
Anniversay Pichu
(Ash’s Hat)
Anniversary Pikachu
(Ash’s Hat)
Anniversay Raichu
(Ash’s Hat)


Halloween Event – October 2017 
Halloween Pichu
(Witch’s Hat)
Halloween Pikachu
(Witch’s Hat)
Halloween Raichu
(Witch’s Hat)


Holiday Event – December 2017 
Holiday Pichu
(Santa Hat)
Holiday Pikachu with Present Fast Move
(Santa Hat)


Community Day – January 2018 Community Day – February 2018
Pikachu with Surf Charge Move Dragonite with Draco Meteor Charge Move (move is only obtainable through evolution during the event)