Raid Passes

A Pokemon GO raid pass allows a trainer to participate in any Normal, Rare, or Legendary Raid Battle. There are 2 types of Raid Passes: a daily free pass (orange) and a premium pass (green).

Raid Pass Premium Raid Pass
Item_1401.png Item_1402.png
In-game text: Pass to join a Raid Battle. You can get a free pass at Gyms once per day if you don’t already have one. In-game text: Premium Raid Pass to join a Raid Battle. You can use this pass anytime.

Each Raid Battle a trainer participates in requires 1 pass. The raid pass is consumed upon the trainer entering the raid queue and.

Trainers receive 1 Raid Pass each day by spinning the Photo Disc at any Gym. Premium Passes can be purchased from the in-game Shop for 100 Pokécoins.

A trainer can’t hold more than 1 free Raid Pass at any given time, but can have as many Premium Raid Passes as they can fit in their Item Bag.

Please keep in mind that once a pass is consumed, it cannot be returned to your Item Bag even if you attempt to leave the lobby.

Check out our Raid Pass guide for more information.

EX Raid Pass

Trainers can receive an Exclusive (EX) Raid Pass (black) for completing any Normal, Rare, or Legendary Raid Battle at an EX Raid eligible gym.

EX Raid Pass
In-game text: EX Raid pass to join a special Raid Battle. You can use this pass only at the specified limited-time event.

This special Raid Pass allows the recipient to participate in an EX Raid Battle at a specific time and place. This coveted pass offers trainers a chance to battle and catch an exclusive EX Raid Pokémon, such as Mewtwo.

For more information on how to obtain an EX Raid Pass, check out our Exclusive Raid Battles guide.