Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon

Sun and Moon Battle Tree Pokémon

A complete overview of all Battle Tree Pokémon encounters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This table was created using the data mining results by @SciresM, a famous Pokémon researcher and data miner.

# Pokémon Item Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 EV Spread Form
0 Barbaracle Bright Powder Adamant Stone Edge Razor Shell Shell Smash Double Team ATK, Speed
1 Hawlucha Salac Berry Jolly Acrobatics High Jump Kick Feather Dance Taunt ATK, Speed
2 Carbink Light Clay Calm Reflect Light Screen Safeguard Dazzling Gleam DEF, SpD
3 Pyroar King’s Rock Timid Flamethrower Hyper Voice Snarl Noble Roar Speed, SpA
4 Avalugg Leftovers Relaxed Avalanche Confide Protect Toxic HP, DEF
5 Tyrantrum Lax Incense Relaxed Stealth Rock Dragon Tail Double Team Earthquake DEF, SpD
6 Aurorus Sitrus Berry Calm Substitute Thunder Wave Round Thunderbolt HP, SpD
7 Talonflame Charti Berry Timid Round Me First Will-O-Wisp Flamethrower Speed, SpA
8 Sylveon Misty Seed Calm Misty Terrain Tail Whip Helping Hand Dazzling Gleam HP, SpD
9 Chesnaught Leftovers Adamant Taunt Spiky Shield Feint Wood Hammer ATK, DEF
10 Delphox Petaya Berry Timid Confide Psychic Flamethrower Round Speed, SpA
11 Greninja Leftovers Calm Mat Block Spikes Scald Toxic DEF, SpD
12 Gogoat Yache Berry Impish Substitute Horn Leech Bulk Up Payback DEF, SpD
13 Noivern Yache Berry Timid Super Fang Boomburst Round Torment Speed, SpA
14 Florges Babiri Berry Sassy Flower Shield Dazzling Gleam Energy Ball Wish DEF, SpD
15 Goodra Lax Incense Modest Substitute Muddy Water Dragon Pulse Sludge Wave SpA, SpD
16 Trevenant Wise Glasses Modest Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball Round SpA, SpD
17 Gourgeist Sitrus Berry Impish Will-O-Wisp Trick-or-Treat Pain Split Phantom Force HP, DEF
18 Clawitzer Bright Powder Calm Heal Pulse Muddy Water Double Team Confide DEF, SpD
19 Beedrill Expert Belt Adamant Poison Jab Pursuit Fell Stinger Toxic ATK, Speed
20 Aromatisse Lax Incense Calm Charm Sweet Kiss Attract Draining Kiss HP, SpD
21 Minior Light Clay Sassy U-turn Rock Tomb Light Screen Reflect HP, SpD
22 Oricorio Weakness Policy Calm Revelation Dance Pluck Calm Mind Baton Pass HP, SpD Sensu
23 Lycanroc Rockium Z Naughty Stealth Rock Accelerock Rock Polish Rock Climb HP, ATK, DEF Midday
24 Comfey Petaya Berry Modest Energy Ball Flower Shield Dazzling Gleam Endure HP, SpA
25 Toxapex Poisonium Z Sassy Toxic Spikes Venom Drench Venoshock Scald HP, DEF, SpD
26 Golisopod Eject Button Modest First Impression Struggle Bug Scald Ice Beam HP, SpA
27 Lurantis Smooth Rock Modest Solar Beam Weather Ball Sunny Day Synthesis SpA, SpD
28 Ribombee Big Root Naive Substitute Leech Life Draining Kiss Stun Spore HP, Speed
29 Vikavolt Focus Band Quiet Charge Beam Energy Ball Mud-Slap Charge DEF, SpA
30 Mudsdale Sitrus Berry Sassy Counter Rest Sleep Talk Payback HP, SpD
31 Decidueye Flyinium Z Naive Brave Bird Feather Dance Ominous Wind Defog HP, ATK, Speed
32 Incineroar Razor Fang Naughty Brutal Swing Fire Fang Bulk Up Lick ATK, Speed
33 Primarina Mystic Water Lax Bubble Beam Shadow Ball Energy Ball Aqua Ring HP, SpD
34 Araquanid Bright Powder Relaxed Double Team Toxic Stockpile Aqua Ring HP, DEF
35 Bewear Persim Berry Sassy Thrash Brutal Swing Low Sweep Wide Guard ATK, SpD
36 Turtonator Rocky Helmet Sassy Shell Trap Dragon Tail Fire Spin Taunt HP, SpD
37 Bruxish Wacan Berry Modest Psychic Scald Blizzard Disable HP, SpA
38 Drampa Shell Bell Lax Thunderbolt Flamethrower Surf Dragon Pulse HP, DEF
39 Dhelmise Float Stone Brave Heavy Slam Shadow Claw Switcheroo Energy Ball HP, ATK, SpA
40 Togedemaru Rocky Helmet Impish Spiky Shield Wish Nuzzle Reflect HP, DEF
41 Azelf Weakness Policy Adamant Explosion Payback Acrobatics Rest HP, ATK
42 Kommo-o Focus Sash Sassy Counter Reversal Dragon Tail Taunt HP, SpD
43 Uxie Chesto Berry Bold Calm Mind Rest Extrasensory Thunder Wave HP, DEF, SpD
44 Mesprit Flame Orb Adamant Acrobatics U-turn Facade Fling HP, ATK
45 Rotom Sitrus Berry Mild Thunder Wave Electro Ball Double Team Ominous Wind HP, SpA Heat
46 Rotom Leftovers Quiet Charge Beam Confuse Ray Double Team Substitute HP, SpA Wash
47 Rotom Light Clay Lax Reflect Light Screen Volt Switch Leaf Storm HP, DEF Mow
48 Rotom Bright Powder Calm Double Team Charge Beam Charge Ominous Wind HP, SpD Frost
49 Rotom Damp Rock Sassy Rain Dance Thunder Air Slash Shadow Ball HP, SpD Fan
50 Electivire Bright Powder Naive Thunder Wave Focus Punch Rock Slide Fire Punch ATK, Speed
51 Magmortar Quick Claw Lonely Will-O-Wisp Confuse Ray Thunder Punch Fire Punch HP, ATK
52 Barbaracle Wise Glasses Modest Ancient Power Blizzard Surf Focus Blast DEF, SpA
53 Hawlucha Leftovers Careful Toxic Bounce Roost Protect DEF, SpD
54 Carbink Smooth Rock Bold Toxic Protect Sandstorm Power Gem DEF, SpD
55 Pyroar Heat Rock Timid Sunny Day Hyper Voice Fire Blast Solar Beam Speed, SpA
56 Avalugg Apicot Berry Careful Rest Curse Frost Breath Skull Bash DEF, SpD
57 Tyrantrum Leftovers Impish Crunch Charm Sandstorm Dragon Claw DEF, SpD
58 Aurorus Leftovers Calm Ancient Power Hail Sandstorm Freeze-Dry HP, SpD
59 Talonflame Heat Rock Timid Round Fire Blast Sunny Day Solar Beam Speed, SpA
60 Sylveon Ganlon Berry Calm Baton Pass Calm Mind Psych Up Moonblast DEF, SpD
61 Chesnaught Expert Belt Adamant Dragon Claw Seed Bomb Earthquake Brick Break ATK, DEF
62 Delphox Flame Orb Modest Role Play Switcheroo Mystical Fire Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
63 Greninja Damp Rock Timid Rain Dance Surf Round Ice Beam Speed, SpA
64 Gogoat Occa Berry Quiet Surf Energy Ball Rock Slide Grass Knot ATK, SpA
65 Noivern Roseli Berry Adamant Dragon Claw Wild Charge X-Scissor Acrobatics ATK, Speed
66 Florges Kebia Berry Quiet Misty Terrain Grassy Terrain Nature Power Round SpA, SpD
67 Goodra Lum Berry Careful Aqua Tail Body Slam Earthquake Outrage ATK, SpD
68 Trevenant Leftovers Careful Toxic Ingrain Protect Phantom Force DEF, SpD
69 Gourgeist Iron Ball Impish Trick Room Gyro Ball Seed Bomb Explosion HP, DEF, SpD
70 Clawitzer Petaya Berry Modest Flash Cannon Scald Sludge Wave Round SpA, SpD
71 Beedrill Occa Berry Calm Infestation Protect Attract Toxic HP, SpD
72 Aromatisse Assault Vest Calm Round Psychic Energy Ball Dazzling Gleam SpA, SpD
73 Probopass Chesto Berry Impish Thunder Wave Double Team Rest Magnet Bomb HP, DEF
74 Lickilicky Expert Belt Modest Blizzard Muddy Water Fire Blast Thunder HP, SpA
75 Minior Absorb Bulb Bold Confuse Ray Cosmic Power Ancient Power Charge Beam HP, DEF, SpD
76 Oricorio Charti Berry Hasty Revelation Dance Teeter Dance Feather Dance Acrobatics HP, Speed Pa’u
77 Lycanroc Focus Sash Calm Counter Reversal Sucker Punch Rock Slide HP, SpD Midnight
78 Comfey Muscle Band Adamant U-turn Play Rough Petal Dance Acrobatics ATK, Speed
79 Toxapex Wacan Berry Quiet Sludge Wave Surf Blizzard Wide Guard HP, SpA, SpD
80 Golisopod Sitrus Berry Lonely Swords Dance Leech Life Razor Shell Sucker Punch HP, ATK
81 Lurantis Grassium Z Sassy Solar Blade Ingrain Synthesis Giga Drain HP, SpD
82 Ribombee Light Clay Timid Pollen Puff Reflect Light Screen U-turn HP, Speed
83 Vikavolt Magnet Impish Wild Charge Bug Bite Sky Drop Electroweb HP, DEF, SpD
84 Mudsdale Rindo Berry Naughty Earthquake Superpower Rock Tomb Roar HP, ATK
85 Decidueye Sitrus Berry Calm Curse Confuse Ray Roost Energy Ball HP, SpD
86 Incineroar Firium Z Modest Fake Out Heat Wave Snarl Will-O-Wisp HP, SpA
87 Primarina Normalium Z Mild Hyper Voice Disarming Voice Growl Sing HP, DEF, SpD
88 Araquanid Sitrus Berry Relaxed Mirror Coat Leech Life Blizzard Scald HP, DEF
89 Bewear Chesto Berry Careful Bulk Up Rest Force Palm Payback HP, SpD
90 Turtonator Smooth Rock Calm Shell Trap Solar Beam Flamethrower Sunny Day HP, SpD
91 Bruxish Normalium Z Brave Aqua Jet Screech Confide Facade HP, ATK
92 Drampa Sitrus Berry Bold Roost Snarl Play Nice Dragon Breath HP, DEF
93 Dhelmise Steelium Z Modest Metal Sound Flash Cannon Energy Ball Shadow Ball HP, SpA
94 Togedemaru Terrain Extender Hasty Electric Terrain Wild Charge Fake Out U-turn HP, Speed
95 Azelf Electrium Z Naive Charge Beam Extrasensory Thunder Wave Grass Knot Speed, SpA
96 Kommo-o Cheri Berry Jolly Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Brick Break Rock Slide ATK, Speed
97 Uxie Psychium Z Calm Future Sight Memento U-turn Reflect HP, SpD
98 Mesprit Bright Powder Calm Future Sight Healing Wish Copycat Thunder Wave HP, SpD
99 Rotom Bright Powder Calm Will-O-Wisp Hex Confuse Ray Charge Beam HP, SpD Heat
100 Rotom Choice Scarf Timid Trick Thunder Wave Discharge Hydro Pump HP, Speed Wash
101 Rotom Sitrus Berry Sassy Will-O-Wisp Hex Charge Charge Beam HP, SpD Mow
102 Rotom Light Clay Relaxed Blizzard Discharge Reflect Light Screen HP, DEF, SpD Frost
103 Rotom Sitrus Berry Timid Will-O-Wisp Hex Volt Switch Confuse Ray Speed, SpA Fan
104 Barbaracle Expert Belt Adamant Dragon Claw Earthquake X-Scissor Night Slash ATK, DEF
105 Hawlucha Liechi Berry Adamant Swords Dance Flying Press Acrobatics Steel Wing ATK, Speed
106 Carbink Iron Ball Quiet Trick Room Gyro Ball Dazzling Gleam Power Gem SpA, SpD
107 Pyroar Lum Berry Adamant Return Fire Fang Wild Charge Crunch ATK, Speed
108 Avalugg Icy Rock Bold Hail Blizzard Recover Flash Cannon DEF, SpD
109 Tyrantrum Wide Lens Impish Horn Drill Stone Edge Rest Sleep Talk HP, DEF
110 Aurorus Expert Belt Adamant Giga Impact Earthquake Stone Edge Frost Breath ATK, SpD
111 Talonflame Focus Sash Jolly Swords Dance Quick Attack Flail Acrobatics DEF, Speed
112 Sylveon Razor Claw Modest Moonblast Shadow Ball Round Psyshock SpA, SpD
113 Chesnaught Life Orb Modest Focus Blast Energy Ball Sludge Bomb Round DEF, SpA
114 Delphox Heat Rock Timid Sunny Day Solar Beam Fire Blast Psychic Speed, SpA
115 Greninja King’s Rock Jolly Water Shuriken Rock Slide Grass Knot U-turn ATK, Speed
116 Gogoat Big Root Sassy Horn Leech Leech Seed Protect Payback HP, ATK
117 Noivern Razor Fang Modest Air Slash Dragon Pulse Flamethrower Psychic Speed, SpA
118 Florges Kebia Berry Modest Calm Mind Grass Knot Psychic Moonblast SpA, SpD
119 Goodra Damp Rock Modest Dragon Pulse Rain Dance Thunder Muddy Water SpA, SpD
120 Trevenant Choice Band Adamant Horn Leech Shadow Claw Earthquake X-Scissor HP, ATK
121 Gourgeist Wise Glasses Modest Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Energy Ball Flamethrower DEF, SpA
122 Clawitzer Focus Sash Jolly Crabhammer Return U-turn Flail ATK, Speed
123 Beedrill Beedrillite Jolly Poison Jab U-turn Brick Break X-Scissor ATK, Speed
124 Aromatisse Expert Belt Modest Flash Cannon Thunder Psyshock Moonblast SpA, SpD
125 Electivire Electric Seed Impish Electric Terrain Hammer Arm Thunder Punch Bulldoze HP, DEF
126 Magmortar Sitrus Berry Naughty Belly Drum Mach Punch Belch Flare Blitz HP, DEF
127 Probopass Leftovers Relaxed Thunder Wave Bulldoze Rock Slide Stealth Rock HP, DEF
128 Lickilicky Normalium Z Careful Defense Curl Rollout Me First Power Whip HP, SpD
129 Minior Red Card Jolly Earthquake Acrobatics Stone Edge Autotomize ATK, Speed
130 Oricorio Flyinium Z Modest Revelation Dance Air Slash Roost Tailwind HP, SpA Pom-Pom
131 Lycanroc Life Orb Jolly Quick Attack Thunder Fang Accelerock Rock Slide ATK, Speed Midday
132 Comfey Grassium Z Timid Dazzling Gleam Petal Blizzard Grassy Terrain Floral Healing Speed, SpA
133 Toxapex Red Card Modest Baneful Bunker Venoshock Surf Ice Beam HP, SpA
134 Golisopod Quick Claw Adamant First Impression Liquidation Leech Life Brick Break HP, ATK
135 Lurantis Power Herb Adamant Solar Blade Leech Life Poison Jab Payback HP, ATK
136 Ribombee Sitrus Berry Bold Quiver Dance Baton Pass Silver Wind Draining Kiss HP, DEF, SpD
137 Vikavolt Electrium Z Modest Thunderbolt Air Slash Flash Cannon Thunder Wave HP, SpA
138 Mudsdale Passho Berry Adamant Earthquake Rock Slide Mud-Slap Payback HP, ATK
139 Decidueye Life Orb Adamant Spirit Shackle Leaf Blade Sucker Punch Smack Down ATK, Speed
140 Incineroar Firium Z Adamant Darkest Lariat Throat Chop Earthquake Outrage ATK, Speed
141 Primarina Kebia Berry Modest Hydro Pump Moonblast Psychic Baby-Doll Eyes HP, SpA
142 Araquanid Leftovers Impish Lunge Liquidation Crunch Stockpile HP, DEF
143 Bewear Quick Claw Brave Hammer Arm Ice Punch Thunder Punch Swords Dance HP, ATK
144 Turtonator Normalium Z Lonely Head Smash Explosion Overheat Dragon Claw HP, ATK
145 Bruxish Waterium Z Jolly Psychic Fangs Aqua Jet Ice Fang Rain Dance ATK, Speed
146 Drampa Quick Claw Modest Hyper Voice Dragon Pulse Fire Blast Roost HP, SpA
147 Dhelmise Expert Belt Adamant Gyro Ball Phantom Force Rock Slide Brick Break HP, ATK
148 Togedemaru Air Balloon Adamant Wild Charge Spiky Shield Fell Stinger Poison Jab HP, ATK
149 Azelf Focus Sash Timid Nasty Plot Psyshock Energy Ball Thunderbolt Speed, SpA
150 Kommo-o Sitrus Berry Modest Clanging Scales Focus Blast Autotomize Flash Cannon HP, SpA
151 Uxie Quick Claw Modest Psyshock Energy Ball Thunder Shadow Ball HP, SpA
152 Mesprit Kasib Berry Modest Psyshock Grass Knot Shadow Ball Charm HP, SpA
153 Rotom Passho Berry Modest Thunder Wave Dark Pulse Thunderbolt Overheat HP, SpA Heat
154 Rotom Rindo Berry Modest Hydro Pump Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Dark Pulse HP, SpA Wash
155 Rotom Grassium Z Modest Leaf Storm Volt Switch Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball HP, SpA Mow
156 Barbaracle Razor Claw Adamant Stone Edge Razor Shell Cross Chop Shadow Claw ATK, DEF
157 Hawlucha Power Herb Jolly Sky Attack Flying Press U-turn Stone Edge ATK, Speed
158 Carbink Scope Lens Quiet Explosion Psychic Moonblast Power Gem ATK, SpA
159 Pyroar White Herb Modest Overheat Hyper Voice Dark Pulse Round Speed, SpA
160 Avalugg Iron Ball Brave Stone Edge Avalanche Gyro Ball Earthquake ATK, DEF
161 Tyrantrum Choice Band Adamant Crunch Dragon Claw Earthquake Head Smash ATK, Speed
162 Aurorus Life Orb Modest Hyper Beam Flash Cannon Thunder Psychic SpA, SpD
163 Talonflame Sitrus Berry Adamant Brave Bird Flare Blitz Quick Attack Swords Dance ATK, Speed
164 Sylveon Big Root Modest Draining Kiss Baby-Doll Eyes Psyshock Misty Terrain SpA, SpD
165 Chesnaught White Herb Adamant Wood Hammer Hammer Arm Earthquake Stone Edge ATK, DEF
166 Delphox White Herb Modest Overheat Psychic Shadow Ball Psyshock Speed, SpA
167 Greninja Wide Lens Modest Hydro Pump Dark Pulse Blizzard Extrasensory Speed, SpA
168 Gogoat Choice Band Adamant Earthquake Leaf Blade Wild Charge Brick Break ATK, Speed
169 Noivern Wide Lens Modest Dragon Pulse Hurricane Flamethrower Focus Blast Speed, SpA
170 Florges Lum Berry Modest Round Petal Dance Psychic Moonblast SpA, SpD
171 Goodra White Herb Modest Draco Meteor Thunder Blizzard Fire Blast SpA, SpD
172 Trevenant Iron Ball Quiet Trick Room Focus Blast Energy Ball Shadow Ball DEF, SpA
173 Gourgeist Life Orb Adamant Trick-or-Treat Phantom Force Seed Bomb Rock Slide HP, ATK
174 Clawitzer Choice Specs Modest Water Pulse Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere Speed, SpA
175 Beedrill Beedrillite Adamant Poison Jab Pin Missile Brick Break Protect ATK, Speed
176 Aromatisse Leftovers Sassy Aromatic Mist Dazzling Gleam Heal Pulse Trick Room HP, SpD
177 Rotom Electrium Z Modest Blizzard Thunder Wave Dark Pulse Thunderbolt HP, SpA Frost
178 Rotom Weakness Policy Modest Air Slash Thunder Wave Thunderbolt Dark Pulse HP, SpA Fan
179 Electivire Expert Belt Modest Thunder Focus Blast Flamethrower Psychic HP, SpA
180 Magmortar Air Balloon Adamant Flare Blitz Cross Chop Flame Charge Rock Slide HP, ATK
181 Probopass Quick Claw Jolly Explosion Rock Blast Volt Switch Sandstorm ATK, SpD
182 Lickilicky Quick Claw Adamant Body Slam Knock Off Hammer Arm Zen Headbutt HP, ATK
183 Minior Sitrus Berry Adamant Rock Slide Shell Smash Explosion Acrobatics HP, ATK
184 Oricorio Choice Specs Timid Revelation Dance Hurricane U-turn Air Slash Speed, SpA Baile
185 Lycanroc Expert Belt Adamant Sucker Punch Stone Edge Thunder Fang Fire Fang HP, ATK Midnight
186 Comfey Big Root Calm Draining Kiss Calm Mind Sweet Kiss Leech Seed HP, SpD
187 Toxapex Black Sludge Careful Baneful Bunker Liquidation Payback Stockpile HP, SpD
188 Golisopod Life Orb Adamant First Impression Aqua Jet Sucker Punch Rock Slide HP, ATK
189 Lurantis Quick Claw Adamant Sunny Day Solar Blade X-Scissor Brick Break HP, ATK
190 Ribombee Expert Belt Modest Quiver Dance Dazzling Gleam Bug Buzz Energy Ball HP, SpA
191 Vikavolt Groundium Z Modest Mud Shot Thunder Bug Buzz Guillotine HP, SpA
192 Mudsdale Yache Berry Brave Earthquake Heavy Slam Close Combat Sandstorm HP, ATK
193 Decidueye Bright Powder Modest Nasty Plot Shadow Ball Grass Knot Baton Pass HP, SpA
194 Incineroar Quick Claw Adamant Flare Blitz Cross Chop Crunch U-turn HP, ATK
195 Primarina Waterium Z Modest Sparkling Aria Dazzling Gleam Blizzard Aqua Jet HP, SpA
196 Araquanid Leftovers Careful Lunge Liquidation Poison Jab Protect HP, SpD
197 Bewear Normalium Z Adamant Giga Impact Hammer Arm Payback Earthquake HP, ATK
198 Turtonator Sitrus Berry Timid Shell Smash Fire Blast Dragon Pulse Flash Cannon Speed, SpA
199 Bruxish Expert Belt Adamant Psychic Fangs Ice Fang Aqua Jet Crunch HP, ATK
200 Drampa Dragonium Z Timid Draco Meteor Focus Blast Hurricane Glare Speed, SpA
201 Dhelmise Leftovers Relaxed Anchor Shot Phantom Force Protect Giga Drain HP, DEF
202 Togedemaru Electrium Z Jolly Reversal Nuzzle U-turn Spiky Shield ATK, Speed
203 Azelf Expert Belt Timid Psychic Fire Blast Thunder Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
204 Kommo-o White Herb Adamant Draco Meteor Outrage Sky Uppercut Poison Jab HP, ATK
205 Uxie Leftovers Modest Yawn Psychic Charge Beam Dazzling Gleam HP, SpA
206 Mesprit Wide Lens Modest Psychic Thunder Blizzard Protect HP, SpA
207 Rotom Firium Z Modest Overheat Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball Volt Switch HP, SpA Heat
208 Venusaur Big Root Calm Leech Seed Toxic Synthesis Ingrain HP, SpD
209 Charizard Salac Berry Careful Dragon Claw Fire Fang Belly Drum Shadow Claw HP, Speed, SpD
210 Blastoise Zoom Lens Quiet Aqua Ring Rock Slide Aqua Tail Iron Defense HP, DEF, SpD
211 Meganium Sitrus Berry Gentle Light Screen Aromatherapy Swagger Solar Beam HP, SpD
212 Typhlosion Passho Berry Rash Flame Burst Flamethrower Solar Beam Sunny Day Speed, SpA
213 Feraligatr Lax Incense Careful Screech Aqua Jet Earthquake Block HP, SpD
214 Sceptile Focus Sash Timid Quick Attack Endeavor Detect Leaf Storm Speed, SpA
215 Blaziken Salac Berry Naughty High Jump Kick Counter Flamethrower Will-O-Wisp HP, DEF, Speed
216 Swampert Jaboca Berry Sassy Mirror Coat Counter Earthquake Roar DEF, SpD
217 Torterra Binding Band Adamant Sand Tomb Seed Bomb Curse Synthesis HP, ATK
218 Infernape King’s Rock Jolly Fake Out Encore Fling Acrobatics ATK, Speed
219 Empoleon Sitrus Berry Lax Yawn Swords Dance Aqua Jet Metal Claw HP, DEF
220 Serperior Lum Berry Jolly Attract Leaf Tornado Dragon Tail Gastro Acid DEF, Speed, SpD
221 Emboar Chesto Berry Careful Gyro Ball Curse Rest Sleep Talk HP, SpD
222 Samurott Normalium Z Mild Retaliate Razor Shell Assurance Encore HP, ATK
223 Dugtrio Expert Belt Hasty Dig Rock Slide Iron Head Sandstorm ATK, Speed Alolan
224 Marowak Red Card Sassy Bone Rush Double Kick Endeavor Smack Down HP, SpD
225 Medicham Fightinium Z Impish Fake Out High Jump Kick Bulk Up Feint HP, Speed
226 Pidgeot Charti Berry Jolly Aerial Ace Steel Wing Thief Roost ATK, Speed
227 Mawile Quick Claw Adamant Crunch Sucker Punch Iron Head Taunt HP, ATK
228 Banette Muscle Band Adamant Knock Off Shadow Claw Curse Pursuit HP, ATK
229 Sableye Lax Incense Bold Knock Off Shadow Ball Confuse Ray Recover HP, DEF
230 Lanturn Salac Berry Naughty Thunder Wave Volt Switch Waterfall Agility ATK, Speed
231 Breloom Fightinium Z Brave Fake Tears Helping Hand Mach Punch Stun Spore HP, ATK
232 Audino Leftovers Bold Heal Pulse Toxic Thunder Wave Draining Kiss HP, DEF
233 Skarmory Lax Incense Naive Spikes Stealth Rock Sky Drop Whirlwind HP, Speed
234 Absol Sitrus Berry Careful Payback Mean Look Double Team Baton Pass HP, DEF, SpD
235 Sharpedo Muscle Band Adamant Aqua Jet Ice Fang Crunch Bulldoze ATK, Speed
236 Hariyama King’s Rock Brave Feint Fake Out Smack Down Vital Throw ATK, DEF, SpD
237 Vespiquen Quick Claw Sassy Defend Order Toxic Protect Heal Order HP, DEF, SpD
238 Raichu Twisted Spoon Modest Volt Switch Safeguard Psyshock Disarming Voice Speed, SpA Alolan
239 Glalie Icy Rock Bold Hail Blizzard Shadow Ball Weather Ball HP, DEF
240 Manectric Life Orb Adamant Crunch Odor Sleuth Quick Attack Wild Charge ATK, Speed
241 Staraptor Focus Sash Hasty U-turn Feather Dance Quick Attack Endeavor ATK, Speed
242 Gastrodon Damp Rock Gentle Rain Dance Sludge Bomb Muddy Water Counter SpA, SpD
243 Camerupt Passho Berry Lonely Yawn Flamethrower Earthquake Stone Edge HP, ATK
244 Sawk Black Belt Naughty Low Sweep Quick Guard Retaliate Taunt ATK, Speed
245 Throh Payapa Berry Impish Protect Toxic Circle Throw Wide Guard ATK, DEF
246 Unfezant Enigma Berry Jolly Aerial Ace U-turn Razor Wind Tailwind HP, ATK, DEF
247 Pelipper Sea Incense Modest Surf Tailwind Blizzard Hurricane HP, Speed, SpA
248 Amoonguss Petaya Berry Calm Energy Ball Venoshock Toxic Confide SpA, SpD
249 Electrode Shuca Berry Calm Swagger Light Screen Charge Beam Thunder Wave HP, SpD
250 Ludicolo Leftovers Lax Leech Seed Toxic Giga Drain Rain Dance HP, DEF, SpA
251 Shiftry Iron Ball Brave Fling Razor Leaf Brick Break Swords Dance HP, ATK, SpD
252 Exploud Chople Berry Modest Fire Blast Roar Uproar Hyper Voice DEF, SpA
253 Lopunny Toxic Orb Naive Fake Out Encore Fling Dizzy Punch HP, Speed
254 Froslass Colbur Berry Timid Hail Ice Beam Ominous Wind Thunderbolt Speed, SpA
255 Lilligant Persim Berry Timid Charm Sleep Powder Petal Dance Healing Wish Speed, SpA
256 Darmanitan Firium Z Naive Fire Punch Psychic Protect Will-O-Wisp HP, Speed
257 Ambipom King’s Rock Naive Fake Out Fling Thief U-turn ATK, Speed
258 Cofagrigus Chesto Berry Sassy Night Shade Will-O-Wisp Mean Look Rest HP, SpD
259 Golurk Muscle Band Lonely Shadow Punch Iron Defense Bulldoze Heavy Slam HP, SpD
260 Durant Sitrus Berry Naive Crunch Dig Bug Bite Metal Sound HP, ATK, Speed
261 Golem Quick Claw Impish Wild Charge Smack Down Bulldoze Counter HP, ATK, DEF Alolan
262 Slowbro Sitrus Berry Bold Yawn Psychic Calm Mind Water Pulse HP, DEF
263 Weezing Payapa Berry Impish Pain Split Explosion Haze Will-O-Wisp HP, DEF
264 Kangaskhan Normalium Z Adamant Dizzy Punch Fake Out Chip Away Roar ATK, Speed
265 Tauros Liechi Berry Naughty Earthquake Rock Slide Zen Headbutt Substitute ATK, Speed
266 Spiritomb Sitrus Berry Calm Sucker Punch Pain Split Toxic Grudge HP, SpD
267 Whimsicott Wise Glasses Modest Dazzling Gleam Psychic Cotton Spore Grass Knot HP, SpA
268 Druddigon Roseli Berry Impish Crunch Scary Face Glare Dragon Tail ATK, DEF
269 Musharna Zoom Lens Modest Hypnosis Dream Eater Calm Mind Helping Hand DEF, SpA, SpD
270 Scrafty Liechi Berry Naughty Fake Out Bulk Up Focus Punch Substitute HP, ATK
271 Ferrothorn Leftovers Impish Iron Head Thunder Wave Sandstorm Ingrain HP, DEF
272 Alakazam Twisted Spoon Timid Energy Ball Psychic Telekinesis Guard Split Speed, SpA
273 Slowking Sitrus Berry Calm Psyshock Water Pulse Trick Room Heal Pulse SpA, SpD
274 Jellicent Damp Rock Quiet Rain Dance Hydro Pump Ice Beam Confuse Ray DEF, SpA
275 Altaria Sitrus Berry Calm Flamethrower Cotton Guard Dragon Pulse Roost HP, SpD
276 Toxicroak Payapa Berry Lonely Fake Out Brick Break Sucker Punch Taunt ATK, Speed
277 Gothitelle Chesto Berry Calm Fake Tears Psychic Rest Calm Mind HP, DEF, Speed
278 Reuniclus Kee Berry Bold Psychic Energy Ball Recover Wonder Room HP, DEF, SpA
279 Bisharp Sitrus Berry Lax Night Slash Metal Claw Taunt Metal Burst HP, DEF
280 Abomasnow Leftovers Impish Frost Breath Icy Wind Leech Seed Ingrain HP, DEF, SpD
281 Nidoqueen Payapa Berry Relaxed Chip Away Swagger Helping Hand Flatter HP, DEF, SpD
282 Nidoking King’s Rock Naughty Bulldoze Megahorn Rock Slide Sucker Punch HP, ATK
283 Cradily Tanga Berry Bold Round Gastro Acid Stockpile Swallow DEF, SpD
284 Armaldo Chesto Berry Brave X-Scissor Rock Blast Rest Curse HP, SpD
285 Rampardos Passho Berry Brave Rock Slide Crunch Curse Protect ATK, DEF, SpD
286 Bastiodon Enigma Berry Careful Iron Head Taunt Wide Guard Metal Burst HP, ATK
287 Shiinotic Assault Vest Sassy Moonblast Giga Drain Sludge Bomb Charge Beam HP, SpD
288 Mismagius Colbur Berry Naive Taunt Protect Imprison Shadow Ball HP, Speed
289 Carracosta Sitrus Berry Naughty Aqua Tail Rock Slide Shell Smash Iron Defense HP, ATK
290 Escavalier Liechi Berry Brave Megahorn Quick Guard Swords Dance Reversal HP, ATK
291 Accelgor Focus Sash Hasty Encore Bug Buzz Giga Drain Me First Speed, SpA
292 Salazzle Poisonium Z Timid Venoshock Flamethrower Nasty Plot Toxic Speed, SpA
293 Drifblim Salac Berry Bold Calm Mind Stockpile Ominous Wind Baton Pass DEF, SpD
294 Toucannon Steelium Z Adamant Swords Dance Drill Peck Steel Wing Smack Down HP, ATK, DEF
295 Oranguru Psychium Z Modest Psychic Energy Ball Shadow Ball Nasty Plot HP, SpA
296 Komala Chople Berry Adamant Flail Payback Low Sweep Play Rough ATK, Speed
297 Muk Black Sludge Relaxed Poison Jab Stockpile Swallow Mud-Slap HP, ATK
298 Gengar Focus Sash Timid Shadow Ball Dream Eater Nightmare Hypnosis Speed, SpA
299 Ampharos Shuca Berry Mild Power Gem Thunder Wave Discharge Charge Beam HP, SpA, SpD
300 Politoed Cell Battery Modest Waterfall Encore Swagger Bounce Speed, SpA
301 Pinsir Persim Berry Naughty Bug Bite Brick Break Thrash Swords Dance ATK, Speed
302 Scizor Occa Berry Brave Metal Claw Night Slash Aerial Ace Swords Dance HP, DEF
303 Heracross Black Belt Brave Aerial Ace Pursuit Swords Dance Brick Break HP, ATK, DEF
304 Ursaring Chesto Berry Adamant Thrash Crunch Rest Counter ATK, DEF, SpD
305 Houndoom Charcoal Adamant Fire Fang Flame Charge Will-O-Wisp Sucker Punch ATK, Speed
306 Tsareena Occa Berry Adamant Trop Kick Play Rough Low Sweep Feint ATK, Speed
307 Wailord Chesto Berry Brave Waterfall Heavy Slam Curse Rest ATK, DEF, SpD
308 Passimian Coba Berry Adamant Close Combat Rock Slide Iron Head Feint ATK, Speed
309 Bronzong Sitrus Berry Impish Hypnosis Rain Dance Gyro Ball Trick Room HP, DEF, SpD
310 Drapion Scope Lens Bold Night Slash Taunt Toxic Spikes X-Scissor HP, DEF
311 Crabominable Expert Belt Adamant Superpower Ice Punch Payback Rock Slide ATK, SpD
312 Ninetales Passho Berry Modest Will-O-Wisp Hex Confuse Ray Flame Burst Speed, SpA
313 Machamp Rawst Berry Brave Dynamic Punch Payback Foresight Wide Guard HP, ATK
314 Shuckle Binding Band Careful Power Split Encore Gastro Acid Sand Tomb HP, SpD
315 Mimikyu Bright Powder Jolly Shadow Claw Slash Double Team Thunder Wave ATK, Speed
316 Honchkrow Kee Berry Quiet Psychic Dark Pulse Protect Nasty Plot DEF, SpA, SpD
317 Gigalith Rawst Berry Naughty Bulldoze Rock Blast Gravity Curse HP, ATK, DEF
318 Conkeldurr Black Belt Bold Rock Slide Force Palm Smelling Salts Bulk Up HP, DEF, SpD
319 Excadrill Soft Sand Naughty Hone Claws Rock Slide Drill Run Iron Defense ATK, DEF
320 Wishiwashi Sitrus Berry Brave Waterfall Ice Beam Double-Edge Rain Dance HP, ATK
321 Steelix Chesto Berry Impish Earthquake Rest Curse Stealth Rock HP, SpD
322 Weavile Razor Fang Hasty Fake Out Taunt Night Slash Fling ATK, Speed
323 Gliscor Razor Fang Naughty Acrobatics Fling U-turn Swords Dance ATK, Speed
324 Zoroark Focus Sash Naive Night Slash Shadow Claw Taunt Counter ATK, Speed
325 Mandibuzz Wacan Berry Calm Taunt Flatter Roost Toxic Speed, SpD
326 Braviary King’s Rock Adamant Rock Slide Air Slash Tailwind Sky Drop ATK, DEF, SpD
327 Tentacruel Black Sludge Hasty Ice Beam Sludge Wave Hex Toxic Spikes Speed, SpA
328 Aerodactyl Choice Scarf Jolly Rock Slide ATK, Speed
329 Porygon2 Sitrus Berry Modest Blizzard Magic Coat Lock-On Zap Cannon HP, SpA
330 Palossand Smooth Rock Bold Shore Up Sandstorm Shadow Ball Earth Power HP, DEF
331 Yanmega Cheri Berry Modest Air Slash Bug Buzz Detect U-turn SpA, SpD
332 Gardevoir Psychium Z Timid Hypnosis Dream Eater Imprison Dazzling Gleam HP, Speed
333 Gallade Expert Belt Hasty Shadow Sneak Brick Break Psycho Cut Swords Dance ATK, Speed
334 Exeggutor Petaya Berry Mild Psyshock Grass Knot Light Screen Synthesis Speed, SpA, SpD
335 Starmie Sitrus Berry Timid Psychic Cosmic Power Recover Reflect Type HP, Speed
336 Flygon Weakness Policy Naive Earthquake Dragon Claw Endure Fire Blast ATK, Speed
337 Klinklang Shuca Berry Impish Gear Grind Thunder Wave Screech Volt Switch HP, Speed
338 Chandelure Spell Tag Modest Flamethrower Confuse Ray Will-O-Wisp Hex HP, Speed, SpA
339 Vaporeon Quick Claw Quiet Wish Surf Helping Hand Shadow Ball DEF, SpA
340 Jolteon Magnet Hasty Quick Attack Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Swagger Speed, SpA
341 Flareon Focus Sash Naughty Quick Attack Flail Work Up Fire Blast ATK, SpA
342 Espeon Focus Sash Naive Yawn Dream Eater Calm Mind Protect Speed, SpA
343 Umbreon Leftovers Impish Confuse Ray Payback Curse Moonlight HP, DEF
344 Leafeon Scope Lens Impish X-Scissor Leaf Blade Swords Dance Grass Whistle HP, Speed
345 Glaceon Quick Claw Rash Ice Shard Blizzard Mirror Coat Helping Hand HP, SpA
346 Lucario Fightinium Z Modest Metal Sound Dark Pulse Aura Sphere Heal Pulse Speed, SpA
347 Hippowdon Soft Sand Impish Earthquake Crunch Yawn Whirlwind ATK, DEF
348 Liepard Roseli Berry Timid Snarl Shadow Ball Snatch Fake Out Speed, SpA
349 Dusknoir Leftovers Bold Disable Will-O-Wisp Pain Split Mean Look HP, DEF
350 Mienshao Salac Berry Naive U-turn Endure Calm Mind Baton Pass HP, Speed
351 Beartic Sitrus Berry Brave Shadow Claw Stone Edge Avalanche Bulk Up ATK, SpD
352 Bouffalant Silk Scarf Adamant Head Charge Pursuit Scary Face Aerial Ace HP, ATK
353 Aggron Focus Sash Impish Protect Roar Stealth Rock Metal Burst HP, SpD
354 Walrein Chesto Berry Calm Frost Breath Snore Stockpile Rest DEF, SpD
355 Mamoswine Passho Berry Adamant Double Hit Earthquake Icicle Crash Stealth Rock ATK, Speed, SpD
356 Lapras Damp Rock Quiet Rain Dance Thunder Ice Shard Confuse Ray DEF, SpA
357 Crobat Charti Berry Jolly Cross Poison X-Scissor Hypnosis U-turn ATK, Speed
358 Magnezone Steelium Z Rash Metal Sound Flash Cannon Thunderbolt Magnet Rise HP, SpA
359 Rhyperior Zoom Lens Brave Payback Rock Blast Stone Edge Protect HP, ATK, SpD
360 Tangrowth Big Root Bold Leech Seed Ingrain Giga Drain Toxic HP, DEF, SpD
361 Porygon-Z Wise Glasses Modest Psychic Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Speed, SpA
362 Vanilluxe Never-Melt Ice Calm Ice Beam Frost Breath Mirror Coat Icy Wind HP, SpA, SpD
363 Eelektross Magnet Quiet Discharge Gastro Acid Thunderbolt Thunder Wave HP, SpA
364 Gyarados Muscle Band Lonely Ice Fang Aqua Tail Thunder Wave Dragon Dance HP, ATK, Speed
365 Snorlax Sitrus Berry Adamant Return Wild Charge Counter Recycle ATK, DEF
366 Kingdra Persim Berry Adamant Waterfall Quash Protect Outrage HP, ATK, Speed
367 Blissey Leftovers Calm Attract Round Heal Pulse Aromatherapy DEF, SpD
368 Milotic Enigma Berry Bold Surf Recover Mirror Coat Confuse Ray HP, DEF
369 Malamar Tanga Berry Adamant Payback Psycho Cut Reflect Flatter ATK, DEF
370 Sandslash Quick Claw Impish Dig Poison Jab Swagger Sand Attack HP, DEF
371 Haxorus Haban Berry Hasty Dual Chop Earthquake Roar Taunt ATK, Speed
372 Togekiss Sitrus Berry Calm Encore Follow Me Reflect Dazzling Gleam HP, SpD
373 Volcarona Power Herb Modest Fire Spin Heat Wave Solar Beam Whirlwind HP, Speed
374 Arcanine Firium Z Modest Flamethrower Solar Beam Burn Up Sunny Day Speed, SpA
375 Archeops Sitrus Berry Jolly Quick Attack Acrobatics Crunch U-turn ATK, Speed
376 Dragonite Custap Berry Impish Toxic Thunder Wave Roost Rock Slide HP, DEF, SpD
377 Tyranitar Iron Ball Impish Rock Slide Stealth Rock Thunder Wave Fling HP, SpD
378 Salamence Yache Berry Adamant Roost Scary Face Dragon Tail Earthquake ATK, DEF, SpD
379 Metagross Occa Berry Naive Meteor Mash Magnet Rise Zen Headbutt Agility ATK, Speed
380 Garchomp Lax Incense Jolly Earthquake Protect Sandstorm Sand Tomb HP, Speed
381 Hydreigon Dragon Fang Rash Dragon Pulse Earth Power Surf Dragon Tail ATK, Speed
382 Slaking Chople Berry Naive Earthquake Brick Break Rock Slide Encore ATK, Speed
383 Venusaur Grassium Z Brave Roar Venoshock Power Whip Earthquake HP, ATK, DEF
384 Charizard Charti Berry Adamant Dragon Claw Shadow Claw Rock Slide Dragon Dance ATK, Speed
385 Blastoise Blastoisinite Quiet Water Pulse Aura Sphere Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse HP, SpA
386 Meganium Chesto Berry Bold Double Team Petal Blizzard Substitute Rest HP, DEF
387 Typhlosion Wide Lens Naive Inferno Focus Blast Extrasensory Will-O-Wisp Speed, SpA
388 Feraligatr Liechi Berry Adamant Superpower Aqua Tail Ice Fang Dragon Dance HP, ATK, Speed
389 Sceptile Scope Lens Hasty Leaf Blade Night Slash Earthquake Swords Dance ATK, Speed
390 Blaziken Salac Berry Adamant Blaze Kick Flame Charge Endure Reversal HP, ATK, Speed
391 Swampert Chesto Berry Careful Waterfall Hammer Arm Rest Curse HP, SpD
392 Torterra Choice Scarf Jolly Rock Slide Earthquake Wood Hammer Tickle ATK, Speed
393 Infernape Charcoal Mild Heat Wave Will-O-Wisp Grass Knot Calm Mind HP, Speed, SpA
394 Empoleon Muscle Band Lonely Drill Peck Aqua Jet Metal Claw Feather Dance HP, ATK, SpD
395 Serperior Sitrus Berry Sassy Leaf Tornado Hidden Power Mirror Coat Captivate HP, SpA, SpD
396 Emboar Quick Claw Brave Yawn Wild Charge Bulldoze Heat Crash ATK, DEF, SpD
397 Samurott Zoom Lens Quiet Blizzard Giga Impact Detect Hydro Pump ATK, SpA
398 Dugtrio Passho Berry Naive Sand Attack Pursuit Tri Attack Dig HP, Speed
399 Marowak Air Balloon Quiet Will-O-Wisp Hex Thunder Rain Dance HP, SpA Alolan
400 Medicham Psychium Z Timid Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball Calm Mind Speed, SpA
401 Pidgeot Flyinium Z Quiet Mirror Move Twister Sand Attack Double Team HP, SpA
402 Mawile Fairium Z Modest Flash Cannon Fairy Wind Metal Burst Shadow Ball HP, SpA
403 Banette Fairium Z Modest Dazzling Gleam Snatch Dark Pulse Ominous Wind HP, SpA
404 Sableye Normalium Z Careful Captivate Foul Play Mean Look Moonlight HP, SpD
405 Lanturn Sitrus Berry Calm Thunder Wave Charge Beam Stockpile Swallow DEF, SpA
406 Breloom Toxic Orb Jolly Substitute Seed Bomb Wake-Up Slap Spore ATK, Speed
407 Audino Choice Specs Modest Hyper Voice Thunder Blizzard Fire Blast DEF, SpA
408 Skarmory Cell Battery Naughty Brave Bird Steel Wing Swords Dance Roar HP, Speed
409 Absol Chople Berry Adamant Sucker Punch Magic Coat Psycho Cut Taunt HP, ATK
410 Sharpedo Poisonium Z Mild Poison Jab Surf Dark Pulse Taunt Speed, SpA
411 Hariyama Custap Berry Careful Reversal Bullet Punch Protect Belly Drum DEF, SpD
412 Vespiquen Normalium Z Quiet Attack Order Power Gem Captivate Confuse Ray HP, SpA
413 Raichu Shuca Berry Bold Nuzzle Focus Blast Sweet Kiss Charge Beam HP, DEF
414 Glalie Normalium Z Modest Weather Ball Rain Dance Shadow Ball Dark Pulse Speed, SpA
415 Manectric Air Balloon Modest Flamethrower Overheat Discharge Charge Speed, SpA
416 Staraptor Choice Scarf Adamant Pursuit Close Combat Brave Bird Final Gambit HP, Speed
417 Gastrodon Rindo Berry Careful Waterfall Amnesia Curse Yawn ATK, DEF, SpD
418 Camerupt Firium Z Timid Sunny Day Solar Beam Eruption Flash Cannon HP, Speed
419 Sawk Focus Sash Naughty Earthquake Payback Endure Reversal ATK, Speed
420 Throh Expert Belt Brave Revenge Storm Throw Protect Seismic Toss ATK, DEF
421 Unfezant Power Herb Jolly Giga Impact Quick Attack Hypnosis Sky Attack ATK, Speed
422 Pelipper Rocky Helmet Bold Stockpile Roost Toxic Surf HP, DEF
423 Amoonguss Bright Powder Bold Double Team Giga Drain Toxic Swagger DEF, SpD
424 Electrode Focus Sash Hasty Electro Ball Taunt Protect Explosion ATK, Speed
425 Ludicolo Tanga Berry Naughty Fake Out Grass Knot Surf Tickle HP, ATK, SpA
426 Shiftry Miracle Seed Rash Fake Out Extrasensory Solar Beam Swagger Speed, SpA
427 Exploud Darkinium Z Lonely Crunch Fake Tears Ice Beam Giga Impact ATK, SpA
428 Lopunny Liechi Berry Jolly Charm Focus Punch Substitute Thunder Punch ATK, Speed
429 Froslass Kasib Berry Lonely Ice Shard Thunder Wave Hex Taunt ATK, Speed
430 Lilligant Big Root Bold Ingrain Leech Seed Toxic Protect HP, DEF, SpD
431 Darmanitan Luminous Moss Calm Psychic Flamethrower Round Confide HP, SpD
432 Ambipom Focus Sash Timid Grass Knot Thunderbolt Nasty Plot Counter Speed, SpA
433 Cofagrigus Spell Tag Quiet Shadow Ball Energy Ball Will-O-Wisp Nasty Plot HP, SpA
434 Golurk Wide Lens Brave Hammer Arm Rock Slide Curse Gyro Ball ATK, SpD
435 Durant Power Herb Impish Dig Iron Defense Agility Baton Pass DEF, Speed
436 Golem Absorb Bulb Naughty Stone Edge Earthquake Sandstorm Autotomize HP, ATK
437 Slowbro Quick Claw Modest Flamethrower Ice Beam Slack Off Water Pulse DEF, SpA
438 Weezing Safety Goggles Rash Sludge Bomb Fire Blast Stockpile Swallow HP, SpA
439 Kangaskhan Salac Berry Jolly Rock Slide Sucker Punch Endure Reversal ATK, Speed
440 Tauros Expert Belt Jolly Zen Headbutt Wild Charge Swagger Giga Impact ATK, Speed
441 Spiritomb Quick Claw Brave Shadow Sneak Sucker Punch Will-O-Wisp Taunt HP, ATK
442 Whimsicott Choice Specs Modest Switcheroo Hurricane Moonblast Energy Ball Speed, SpA
443 Druddigon Scope Lens Adamant Dragon Claw Night Slash Slash Hone Claws HP, DEF, SpD
444 Musharna Lum Berry Bold Shadow Ball Energy Ball Psychic Trick Room DEF, SpA
445 Scrafty Coba Berry Jolly High Jump Kick Rock Slide Taunt Dragon Dance HP, Speed
446 Ferrothorn Chesto Berry Careful Rest Payback Gyro Ball Curse HP, SpD
447 Alakazam Focus Sash Timid Psych Up Encore Protect Psychic Speed, SpA
448 Slowking King’s Rock Gentle Zen Headbutt Earthquake Swagger Psych Up ATK, SpD
449 Jellicent Bright Powder Bold Acid Armor Recover Ominous Wind Scald HP, DEF
450 Altaria Snowball Lonely Dragon Claw Pluck Steel Wing Dragon Dance ATK, Speed
451 Toxicroak Petaya Berry Modest Focus Blast Sludge Bomb Substitute Protect Speed, SpA
452 Gothitelle Twisted Spoon Modest Psyshock Miracle Eye Mirror Coat Tickle HP, DEF, SpA
453 Reuniclus King’s Rock Brave Rock Slide Explosion Gyro Ball Trick Room ATK, DEF, SpD
454 Bisharp Chople Berry Adamant Aerial Ace Low Sweep Iron Head Scary Face HP, ATK
455 Abomasnow Miracle Seed Lonely Wood Hammer Brick Break Double Team Blizzard HP, ATK, SpA
456 Nidoqueen Absorb Bulb Mild Thunderbolt Hyper Beam Earth Power Counter HP, SpA
457 Nidoking Black Sludge Quiet Amnesia Sludge Bomb Flamethrower Protect HP, SpA
458 Cradily Quick Claw Brave Confuse Ray Energy Ball Stone Edge Earthquake HP, ATK, SpA
459 Armaldo Razor Fang Hasty Rock Slide Earthquake X-Scissor Rock Polish HP, Speed
460 Rampardos Sitrus Berry Naughty Head Smash Stone Edge Hammer Arm Scary Face ATK, Speed
461 Bastiodon Chesto Berry Bold Round Rest Ancient Power Iron Defense DEF, SpA
462 Shiinotic Normalium Z Modest Flash Light Screen Confuse Ray Dazzling Gleam HP, SpA
463 Mismagius Kasib Berry Timid Shadow Ball Wonder Room Grudge Pain Split HP, SpD
464 Carracosta Wide Lens Rash Rock Slide Swagger Blizzard Hydro Pump HP, SpA
465 Escavalier Quick Claw Naughty Pursuit Counter X-Scissor Swords Dance HP, ATK
466 Accelgor Weakness Policy Modest Energy Ball Sludge Bomb Bug Buzz Endure Speed, SpA
467 Salazzle Bright Powder Timid Disable Protect Encore Sludge Bomb Speed, SpA
468 Drifblim Wide Lens Mild Hex Thunderbolt Dream Eater Hypnosis Speed, SpA
469 Toucannon King’s Rock Adamant Tailwind Rock Blast Bullet Seed Brave Bird ATK, Speed
470 Oranguru Psychic Seed Calm Psychic Terrain Psyshock Future Sight Instruct SpA, SpD
471 Komala Quick Claw Impish Defense Curl Rollout Yawn Thrash HP, DEF
472 Muk Air Balloon Relaxed Minimize Acid Spray Rest Snarl HP, DEF Alolan
473 Gengar Expert Belt Jolly Sucker Punch Fire Punch Ice Punch Will-O-Wisp ATK, Speed
474 Ampharos Lum Berry Brave Brick Break Thunder Punch Screech Odor Sleuth HP, ATK, DEF
475 Politoed Damp Rock Quiet Rain Dance Round Body Slam Hydro Pump SpA, SpD
476 Pinsir Rockium Z Lonely Feint X-Scissor Stone Edge Bug Bite ATK, Speed
477 Scizor Psychium Z Naughty Bullet Punch X-Scissor Feint Agility HP, ATK
478 Heracross Salac Berry Naughty Megahorn Flail Endure Reversal HP, Speed
479 Ursaring Toxic Orb Jolly Facade Hammer Arm Scary Face Yawn ATK, Speed
480 Houndoom Focus Sash Hasty Counter Flame Charge Roar Protect ATK, Speed
481 Tsareena Rocky Helmet Impish Trop Kick Synthesis Play Rough Captivate HP, DEF
482 Wailord Quick Claw Timid Water Spout Rest Sleep Talk Ice Beam Speed, SpA
483 Passimian Iron Ball Brave Seismic Toss Vital Throw Fling Gyro Ball ATK, DEF
484 Bronzong Damp Rock Quiet Rain Dance Light Screen Charge Beam Grass Knot HP, SpA
485 Drapion Shuca Berry Naive Cross Poison Crunch Scary Face Screech ATK, Speed
486 Crabominable Chesto Berry Relaxed Rest Iron Defense Ice Hammer Dynamic Punch HP, DEF
487 Ninetales Icium Z Timid Aurora Veil Hypnosis Dream Eater Blizzard HP, DEF Alolan
488 Machamp Expert Belt Brave Ice Punch Cross Chop Fire Punch Focus Energy HP, ATK
489 Shuckle Quick Claw Bold Power Trick Encore Rock Slide Bug Bite HP, DEF
490 Mimikyu Leftovers Impish Curse Protect Astonish Baby-Doll Eyes HP, DEF
491 Honchkrow Black Glasses Brave Sucker Punch Taunt Pursuit Protect ATK, SpD
492 Gigalith Hard Stone Naughty Iron Defense Sandstorm Lock-On Rock Blast HP, DEF
493 Conkeldurr Iron Ball Brave Mach Punch Hammer Arm Bulk Up Fling ATK, SpD
494 Excadrill Steelium Z Adamant Dig Metal Sound Metal Claw Swords Dance ATK, DEF
495 Wishiwashi Leftovers Adamant Dive Aqua Ring Protect Earthquake HP, ATK
496 Steelix Enigma Berry Impish Crunch Curse Gyro Ball Screech HP, ATK
497 Weavile Never-Melt Ice Jolly Ice Shard Ice Punch Torment Protect ATK, Speed
498 Gliscor Liechi Berry Impish Agility Acrobatics Swords Dance Baton Pass HP, DEF
499 Zoroark Expert Belt Timid Grass Knot Shadow Ball Flamethrower Nasty Plot Speed, SpA
500 Mandibuzz Roseli Berry Mild Dark Pulse Air Slash Shadow Ball Nasty Plot Speed, SpA
501 Braviary Persim Berry Naughty Thrash Bulk Up Superpower U-turn ATK, Speed
502 Tentacruel Poisonium Z Hasty Rapid Spin Poison Jab Waterfall Swords Dance ATK, Speed
503 Aerodactyl Passho Berry Naive Crunch Rock Slide Roost Sky Drop ATK, Speed
504 Porygon2 Eviolite Calm Tri Attack Psychic Double Team Recover HP, DEF, SpD
505 Palossand Ghostium Z Timid Rock Polish Shadow Ball Earth Power Sludge Bomb Speed, SpA
506 Yanmega Sitrus Berry Modest Psychic Bug Buzz Swagger Substitute HP, SpA
507 Gardevoir Bright Powder Timid Stored Power Thunderbolt Calm Mind Double Team Speed, SpA
508 Gallade Scope Lens Jolly Psycho Cut Leaf Blade Slash Protect ATK, Speed
509 Exeggutor Sitrus Berry Calm Dragon Tail Flamethrower Hypnosis Giga Drain HP, SpD Alolan
510 Starmie Waterium Z Modest Protect Psychic Hydro Pump Rapid Spin Speed, SpA
511 Flygon Haban Berry Naive Swagger Quick Attack Rock Slide U-turn ATK, Speed
512 Klinklang Steelium Z Mild Charge Beam Metal Sound Flash Cannon Autotomize Speed, SpA
513 Chandelure Chesto Berry Timid Energy Ball Rest Heat Wave Will-O-Wisp HP, Speed
514 Vaporeon Waterium Z Modest Ice Beam Hydro Pump Acid Armor Aqua Ring DEF, SpA
515 Jolteon Damp Rock Timid Thunder Protect Charm Rain Dance Speed, SpA
516 Flareon Charcoal Impish Will-O-Wisp Charm Flame Charge Protect HP, DEF
517 Espeon Kasib Berry Timid Psyshock Grass Knot Dazzling Gleam Charm HP, Speed
518 Umbreon Normalium Z Careful Payback Moonlight Stored Power Work Up HP, ATK
519 Leafeon Liechi Berry Naive Leaf Blade Giga Impact Substitute Yawn ATK, Speed
520 Glaceon Chesto Berry Bold Frost Breath Shadow Ball Rest Barrier HP, DEF
521 Lucario Liechi Berry Jolly Close Combat Bulk Up Endure Reversal ATK, Speed
522 Hippowdon Sitrus Berry Lonely Crunch Rock Slide Protect Curse HP, ATK
523 Liepard Groundium Z Careful Sand Attack Foul Play Swagger Play Rough HP, SpD
524 Dusknoir Iron Ball Brave Shadow Sneak Fire Punch Fling Trick Room HP, ATK
525 Mienshao King’s Rock Jolly Fake Out Fling Acrobatics High Jump Kick ATK, Speed
526 Beartic Lax Incense Rash Hail Icy Wind Grass Knot Blizzard HP, SpA
527 Bouffalant Chople Berry Brave Pursuit Revenge Head Charge Swagger HP, ATK
528 Aggron King’s Rock Quiet Surf Flash Cannon Focus Blast Round DEF, SpA
529 Walrein Metronome Careful Ice Ball Earthquake Encore Curse ATK, SpD
530 Mamoswine Zoom Lens Brave Stone Edge Bulldoze Blizzard Ice Fang ATK, DEF, SpD
531 Lapras Normalium Z Modest Surf Ice Beam Rest Sleep Talk DEF, SpA, SpD
532 Crobat Sharp Beak Timid Air Slash Shadow Ball Confuse Ray Nasty Plot Speed, SpA
533 Magnezone Shuca Berry Quiet Charge Beam Thunder Wave Flash Cannon Mirror Coat HP, SpA
534 Rhyperior Hard Stone Lonely Rock Wrecker Rock Polish ATK, Speed
535 Tangrowth Yache Berry Naughty Wring Out Tickle Power Whip Bulldoze ATK, Speed
536 Porygon-Z Choice Specs Modest Hyper Beam Speed, SpA
537 Vanilluxe Occa Berry Lonely Avalanche Ice Shard Natural Gift Giga Impact HP, ATK
538 Eelektross Expert Belt Naughty Crunch Wild Charge Brick Break Coil HP, ATK
539 Gyarados Normalium Z Naughty Waterfall Rest Bulldoze Giga Impact ATK, Speed
540 Snorlax Sitrus Berry Brave Return Protect Crunch Belly Drum ATK, DEF
541 Kingdra Haban Berry Mild Dragon Pulse Waterfall Ice Beam Dragon Dance HP, ATK, SpA
542 Blissey Custap Berry Modest Charge Beam Shadow Ball Grass Knot Thunder Wave DEF, SpA
543 Milotic Leftovers Quiet Hydro Pump Toxic Attract Aqua Ring HP, DEF
544 Malamar Choice Specs Modest Thunderbolt Flamethrower Psychic Dark Pulse Speed, SpA
545 Sandslash Focus Sash Brave Counter Defense Curl Ice Ball Gyro Ball HP, ATK Alolan
546 Haxorus Persim Berry Naughty Outrage Rock Slide Counter Dragon Dance HP, DEF, Speed
547 Togekiss Liechi Berry Brave Extreme Speed Aerial Ace Steel Wing Brick Break HP, ATK
548 Volcarona Lum Berry Timid Bug Buzz Flamethrower Protect Calm Mind Speed, SpA
549 Arcanine Weakness Policy Naughty Extreme Speed Crunch Overheat Roar ATK, Speed
550 Archeops Enigma Berry Mild Earthquake Earth Power Endeavor Ancient Power Speed, SpA
551 Dragonite Salac Berry Mild Dragon Pulse Ice Beam Thunderbolt Safeguard Speed, SpA
552 Tyranitar King’s Rock Hasty Rock Slide Crunch Ice Beam Dragon Dance ATK, Speed
553 Salamence Expert Belt Lonely Dragon Claw Zen Headbutt Rock Slide Dragon Dance ATK, Speed, SpD
554 Metagross Occa Berry Quiet Psychic Shadow Ball Meteor Mash Magnet Rise HP, ATK, SpA
555 Garchomp Focus Sash Hasty Fire Blast Dragon Breath Surf Sandstorm Speed, SpA
556 Hydreigon Wide Lens Mild Focus Blast Fire Blast Dragon Rush Work Up ATK, Speed, SpA
557 Slaking Kee Berry Jolly Crush Claw Night Slash Slack Off Amnesia ATK, Speed
558 Venusaur Salac Berry Timid Energy Ball Sludge Bomb Grass Knot Protect Speed, SpA
559 Charizard Charizardite Y Timid Heat Wave Solar Beam Air Slash Focus Blast Speed, SpA
560 Blastoise Leftovers Adamant Fake Out Earthquake Aqua Tail Rock Slide HP, ATK
561 Meganium Light Clay Adamant Petal Blizzard Earthquake Reflect Light Screen HP, ATK
562 Typhlosion Choice Scarf Modest Eruption Focus Blast Flamethrower Extrasensory Speed, SpA
563 Feraligatr Lum Berry Adamant Aqua Jet Waterfall Earthquake Ice Punch HP, ATK
564 Sceptile White Herb Timid Leaf Storm Focus Blast Energy Ball Detect Speed, SpA
565 Blaziken Choice Band Jolly Flare Blitz Shadow Claw High Jump Kick Earthquake ATK, Speed
566 Swampert Swampertite Adamant Earthquake Rock Slide Waterfall Rain Dance HP, ATK
567 Torterra Custap Berry Adamant Earthquake Crunch Seed Bomb Rock Slide ATK, SpD
568 Infernape Life Orb Hasty Fake Out Close Combat Overheat Stone Edge ATK, Speed
569 Empoleon Icium Z Quiet Surf Ice Beam Mist Icy Wind HP, SpA
570 Serperior Bright Powder Calm Leaf Storm Substitute Hyper Beam Toxic HP, DEF, SpD
571 Emboar Quick Claw Adamant Flare Blitz Brick Break Flame Charge Earthquake ATK, DEF, SpD
572 Samurott Custap Berry Adamant Aerial Ace Waterfall X-Scissor Aqua Jet ATK, DEF, SpD
573 Dugtrio Bright Powder Timid Fissure Toxic Substitute Sandstorm HP, Speed
574 Marowak Thick Club Jolly Earthquake Stone Edge Brick Break Brutal Swing ATK, Speed
575 Medicham Expert Belt Jolly High Jump Kick Zen Headbutt Ice Punch Bullet Punch ATK, Speed
576 Pidgeot Pidgeotite Timid Hurricane Hyper Beam Tailwind Quick Attack Speed, SpA
577 Mawile Mawilite Adamant Play Rough Iron Head Sucker Punch Swords Dance HP, ATK
578 Banette Banettite Adamant Gunk Shot Shadow Sneak Will-O-Wisp Destiny Bond HP, ATK
579 Sableye Sablenite Bold Foul Play Recover Will-O-Wisp Snarl HP, DEF
580 Lanturn Petaya Berry Modest Surf Discharge Thunder Wave Ice Beam DEF, SpA, SpD
581 Breloom Focus Sash Jolly Spore Focus Punch Rock Slide Seed Bomb ATK, Speed
582 Audino Audinite Bold Flamethrower Healing Wish Calm Mind Draining Kiss DEF, SpA
583 Skarmory Choice Scarf Jolly Brave Bird Steel Wing Night Slash Rock Slide ATK, Speed
584 Absol Focus Sash Jolly Night Slash Zen Headbutt Sucker Punch Play Rough ATK, Speed
585 Sharpedo Sharpedonite Adamant Crunch Ice Fang Aqua Jet Poison Jab ATK, Speed
586 Hariyama Flame Orb Brave Fake Out Close Combat Detect Earthquake ATK, DEF
587 Vespiquen Sitrus Berry Impish Attack Order Defend Order Roost Confuse Ray HP, DEF, SpD
588 Raichu Focus Sash Timid Thunderbolt Psychic Grass Knot Nasty Plot Speed, SpA Alolan
589 Glalie Leftovers Timid Substitute Sheer Cold Frost Breath Protect DEF, Speed
590 Manectric Manectite Timid Thunderbolt Overheat Snarl Quick Attack Speed, SpA
591 Staraptor Choice Band Mild Close Combat Brave Bird U-turn Giga Impact ATK, Speed
592 Gastrodon Leftovers Quiet Sandstorm Mud Bomb Surf Recover DEF, SpA
593 Camerupt Cameruptite Quiet Earth Power Ancient Power Fire Blast Will-O-Wisp HP, SpA
594 Sawk Expert Belt Jolly Close Combat Payback Low Sweep Earthquake ATK, Speed
595 Throh Expert Belt Adamant Earthquake Storm Throw Payback Rock Slide ATK, DEF, SpD
596 Unfezant Power Herb Jolly Sky Attack Return Detect U-turn ATK, Speed
597 Pelipper Flyinium Z Bold Hurricane Scald Roost Blizzard HP, DEF
598 Amoonguss Rocky Helmet Relaxed Rage Powder Spore Giga Drain Sludge Bomb HP, DEF
599 Electrode Air Balloon Timid Thunderbolt Mirror Coat Thief Protect Speed, SpA
600 Ludicolo Leftovers Bold Rain Dance Leech Seed Protect Giga Drain DEF, SpA, SpD
601 Shiftry Heat Rock Modest Sunny Day Solar Beam Dark Pulse Explosion DEF, SpA
602 Exploud Expert Belt Adamant Earthquake Brick Break Ice Fang Crunch ATK, DEF
603 Lopunny Lopunnite Jolly Sweet Kiss Fake Out High Jump Kick Ice Punch ATK, Speed
604 Froslass Icy Rock Timid Hail Blizzard Ice Shard Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
605 Lilligant Leftovers Bold Quiver Dance Energy Ball Leech Seed Protect HP, DEF
606 Darmanitan Assault Vest Sassy Psychic Earthquake Flare Blitz Overheat DEF, SpD
607 Ambipom Life Orb Jolly Fake Out Double Hit Payback Brick Break ATK, Speed
608 Cofagrigus Maranga Berry Quiet Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball Destiny Bond Trick Room HP, SpA
609 Golurk Ghostium Z Adamant Dynamic Punch Shadow Punch Earthquake Rock Slide HP, ATK
610 Durant Occa Berry Jolly X-Scissor Iron Head Rock Slide Shadow Claw ATK, Speed
611 Golem Focus Sash Jolly Rock Slide Earthquake Explosion Autotomize HP, ATK
612 Slowbro Leftovers Bold Psychic Surf Slack Off Amnesia HP, DEF
613 Weezing Black Sludge Modest Sludge Bomb Thunder Fire Blast Shadow Ball HP, SpA
614 Kangaskhan Kangaskhanite Jolly Fake Out Facade Rock Slide Sucker Punch ATK, Speed
615 Tauros Life Orb Jolly Thrash Earthquake Payback Giga Impact ATK, Speed
616 Spiritomb Leftovers Careful Will-O-Wisp Shadow Sneak Swagger Psych Up HP, SpD
617 Whimsicott Leftovers Bold Moonblast Leech Seed Substitute Cotton Guard HP, DEF
618 Druddigon Quick Claw Adamant Crunch Dragon Claw Earthquake Rock Slide HP, ATK
619 Musharna Scope Lens Modest Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball Yawn DEF, SpA
620 Scrafty Fightinium Z Adamant Substitute Payback High Jump Kick Focus Punch HP, ATK
621 Ferrothorn Custap Berry Brave Protect Payback Explosion Gyro Ball HP, ATK
622 Alakazam Alakazite Timid Psychic Focus Blast Shadow Ball Grass Knot Speed, SpA
623 Slowking Choice Specs Modest Psychic Shadow Ball Scald Focus Blast SpA, SpD
624 Jellicent Mental Herb Quiet Water Spout Recover Will-O-Wisp Trick Room DEF, SpA
625 Altaria Altarianite Jolly Dragon Dance Dragon Rush Giga Impact Earthquake ATK, Speed
626 Toxicroak Focus Sash Modest Sludge Bomb Focus Blast Shadow Ball Dark Pulse Speed, SpA
627 Gothitelle Kee Berry Modest Charm Safeguard Psychic Charge Beam HP, SpA
628 Reuniclus Colbur Berry Quiet Calm Mind Psychic Focus Blast Shadow Ball DEF, SpA
629 Bisharp Chople Berry Jolly Iron Head Night Slash Low Sweep Sucker Punch ATK, Speed
630 Abomasnow Focus Sash Quiet Blizzard Sheer Cold Focus Blast Ice Shard HP, SpA
631 Nidoqueen Black Sludge Modest Sludge Bomb Earth Power Flamethrower Ice Beam HP, SpA
632 Nidoking Black Sludge Modest Earth Power Sludge Bomb Protect Fire Blast Speed, SpA
633 Cradily Leftovers Relaxed Sandstorm Toxic Protect Earthquake HP, DEF
634 Armaldo Life Orb Adamant X-Scissor Rock Slide Earthquake Iron Defense HP, SpD
635 Rampardos Choice Scarf Jolly Head Smash Earthquake Brick Break Iron Head ATK, Speed
636 Bastiodon Leftovers Careful Stone Edge Fissure Double Team Iron Defense HP, SpD
637 Shiinotic Leftovers Relaxed Moonblast Giga Drain Strength Sap Spore HP, DEF
638 Mismagius Ghostium Z Timid Dazzling Gleam Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Destiny Bond Speed, SpA
639 Carracosta Damp Rock Adamant Rain Dance Waterfall Rock Slide Earthquake ATK, Speed
640 Escavalier Life Orb Brave Megahorn Iron Defense Poison Jab Iron Head HP, ATK
641 Accelgor Focus Sash Timid U-turn Bug Buzz Focus Blast Final Gambit HP, Speed
642 Salazzle Focus Sash Timid Fire Blast Sludge Bomb Nasty Plot Fake Out Speed, SpA
643 Drifblim Ghostium Z Timid Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Tailwind Destiny Bond DEF, Speed
644 Toucannon Sitrus Berry Impish Beak Blast Roost Rock Blast Bullet Seed HP, DEF
645 Oranguru Mental Herb Sassy Psychic Shadow Ball Focus Blast Trick Room SpA, SpD
646 Komala Focus Sash Adamant Flail Earthquake Sucker Punch Play Rough ATK, SpD
647 Muk Liechi Berry Adamant Crunch Belch Shadow Sneak Stone Edge HP, ATK Alolan
648 Gengar Payapa Berry Timid Shadow Ball Energy Ball Dazzling Gleam Round Speed, SpA
649 Ampharos Chesto Berry Modest Thunder Wave Charge Beam Hyper Beam Rest HP, SpA
650 Politoed Chesto Berry Careful Waterfall Earthquake Belly Drum Rest ATK, SpD
651 Pinsir Pinsirite Jolly X-Scissor Superpower Stone Edge Thrash ATK, Speed
652 Scizor Life Orb Brave Swords Dance Bullet Punch Reversal U-turn HP, ATK
653 Heracross Coba Berry Jolly Megahorn Stone Edge Facade Shadow Claw ATK, Speed
654 Ursaring Toxic Orb Adamant Facade Close Combat Crunch Protect HP, ATK
655 Houndoom Air Balloon Timid Flamethrower Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Will-O-Wisp Speed, SpA
656 Tsareena Assault Vest Adamant Trop Kick Payback High Jump Kick Play Rough ATK, SpD
657 Wailord Leftovers Careful Waterfall Fissure Aqua Ring Curse DEF, SpD
658 Passimian Choice Scarf Adamant Close Combat Earthquake U-turn Rock Slide ATK, Speed
659 Bronzong Quick Claw Adamant Rock Slide Gyro Ball Earthquake Explosion HP, ATK
660 Drapion Scope Lens Jolly Cross Poison Night Slash Fire Fang Earthquake ATK, Speed
661 Crabominable Sitrus Berry Careful Close Combat Ice Hammer Stone Edge Earthquake HP, ATK
662 Ninetales Wide Lens Timid Fire Blast Dark Pulse Hypnosis Energy Ball Speed, SpA
663 Machamp Choice Scarf Jolly Dynamic Punch Ice Punch Rock Slide Earthquake ATK, Speed
664 Shuckle Lax Incense Relaxed Gyro Ball Double Team Substitute Power Trick HP, DEF
665 Mimikyu Fairium Z Jolly Play Rough Shadow Claw Wood Hammer Swords Dance ATK, Speed
666 Honchkrow Darkinium Z Modest Psychic Dark Pulse Swagger Shadow Ball HP, SpA
667 Gigalith Custap Berry Adamant Stone Edge Earthquake Sandstorm Explosion HP, ATK
668 Conkeldurr Sitrus Berry Adamant Bulk Up Drain Punch Payback Stone Edge ATK, SpD
669 Excadrill Bright Powder Adamant Sandstorm Earthquake Rock Slide Poison Jab ATK, DEF, SpD
670 Wishiwashi Wacan Berry Brave Earthquake Aqua Tail Ice Beam U-turn HP, SpA
671 Steelix Quick Claw Brave Gyro Ball Earthquake Rock Slide Explosion ATK, SpD
672 Weavile Focus Sash Jolly Fake Out Ice Punch Night Slash Protect ATK, Speed
673 Gliscor Expert Belt Adamant Aerial Ace Earthquake X-Scissor Stone Edge ATK, DEF
674 Zoroark Sitrus Berry Jolly Swords Dance Night Slash U-turn Sucker Punch ATK, Speed
675 Mandibuzz Sitrus Berry Modest Nasty Plot Dark Pulse Air Slash Tailwind HP, DEF, SpD
676 Braviary Choice Scarf Adamant Brave Bird Return U-turn Rock Slide ATK, Speed
677 Tentacruel Focus Sash Modest Hydro Pump Sludge Bomb Blizzard Mirror Coat HP, SpA
678 Aerodactyl Aerodactylite Adamant Sky Drop Iron Head Fire Fang Thunder Fang HP, ATK
679 Porygon2 Eviolite Modest Tri Attack Thunderbolt Psychic Ice Beam HP, SpA
680 Palossand Sitrus Berry Modest Earth Power Shadow Ball Ancient Power Sludge Bomb HP, SpA
681 Yanmega Buginium Z Modest Silver Wind Air Slash Detect Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
682 Gardevoir Lum Berry Timid Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball Dazzling Gleam Speed, SpA
683 Gallade Scope Lens Adamant Psycho Cut Stone Edge Shadow Sneak X-Scissor ATK, Speed
684 Exeggutor Grassium Z Modest Leaf Storm Psychic Sludge Bomb Grassy Terrain HP, SpA
685 Starmie Focus Sash Timid Surf Psychic Power Gem Dazzling Gleam Speed, SpA
686 Flygon White Herb Timid Draco Meteor Earth Power Flamethrower U-turn Speed, SpA
687 Klinklang Steelium Z Adamant Shift Gear Gear Grind Volt Switch Giga Impact ATK, Speed
688 Chandelure White Herb Modest Overheat Shadow Ball Protect Will-O-Wisp HP, SpA
689 Vaporeon Leftovers Modest Muddy Water Blizzard Aqua Ring Yawn HP, SpA
690 Jolteon King’s Rock Timid Thunder Shadow Ball Rain Dance Yawn Speed, SpA
691 Flareon Firium Z Brave Flare Blitz Return Will-O-Wisp Overheat HP, ATK
692 Espeon Lum Berry Modest Psychic Shadow Ball Hyper Beam Grass Knot Speed, SpA
693 Umbreon Sitrus Berry Impish Feint Attack Swagger Psych Up Screech HP, DEF
694 Leafeon Heat Rock Adamant Sunny Day Leaf Blade X-Scissor Synthesis ATK, DEF
695 Glaceon Focus Sash Modest Hail Blizzard Mirror Coat Hyper Beam DEF, SpA
696 Lucario Lucarionite Jolly Close Combat Rock Slide Blaze Kick Bullet Punch ATK, Speed
697 Hippowdon Sitrus Berry Adamant Earthquake Crunch Slack Off Yawn ATK, SpD
698 Liepard Red Card Bold Foul Play Sucker Punch Sand Attack Thunder Wave HP, DEF
699 Dusknoir Leftovers Sassy Toxic Will-O-Wisp Protect Double Team HP, SpD
700 Mienshao Focus Sash Jolly Low Kick Fake Out High Jump Kick U-turn ATK, Speed
701 Beartic Sitrus Berry Adamant Swords Dance Avalanche Rock Slide Brick Break ATK, DEF
702 Bouffalant Sitrus Berry Adamant Swords Dance Earthquake Head Charge Payback HP, ATK
703 Aggron Aggronite Adamant Heavy Slam Dragon Rush Thunder Wave Stone Edge HP, ATK
704 Walrein Leftovers Modest Surf Blizzard Hail Signal Beam HP, SpA
705 Mamoswine Lax Incense Adamant Hail Earthquake Avalanche Fissure HP, ATK
706 Lapras Bright Powder Modest Surf Ice Beam Thunderbolt Psychic HP, SpA
707 Crobat Razor Claw Jolly Cross Poison Brave Bird Zen Headbutt X-Scissor ATK, Speed
708 Magnezone Bright Powder Modest Charge Beam Flash Cannon Magnet Rise Thunder Wave DEF, SpA
709 Rhyperior Focus Sash Impish Horn Drill Reversal Payback Metal Burst HP, DEF
710 Tangrowth Heat Rock Modest Sunny Day Solar Beam Sludge Bomb Wring Out DEF, SpA
711 Porygon-Z Expert Belt Modest Psychic Ice Beam Signal Beam Charge Beam HP, SpA
712 Vanilluxe Leftovers Modest Hail Blizzard Flash Cannon Sheer Cold HP, SpA
713 Eelektross Assault Vest Brave Brick Break U-turn Grass Knot Wild Charge HP, ATK
714 Gyarados Wacan Berry Jolly Dragon Dance Waterfall Ice Fang Earthquake ATK, Speed
715 Snorlax Life Orb Adamant Double-Edge Earthquake Crunch Protect ATK, DEF
716 Kingdra Maranga Berry Modest Rain Dance Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse Ice Beam HP, Speed, SpA
717 Blissey Leftovers Bold Thunderbolt Ice Beam Counter Calm Mind HP, DEF
718 Milotic Wide Lens Calm Hydro Pump Blizzard Mirror Coat Recover SpA, SpD
719 Malamar Darkinium Z Jolly Superpower Psycho Cut Foul Play Destiny Bond ATK, Speed
720 Sandslash Smooth Rock Adamant Sandstorm Earthquake Stone Edge X-Scissor HP, ATK
721 Haxorus Dragonium Z Jolly Outrage Earthquake Dragon Claw Rock Slide ATK, Speed
722 Togekiss King’s Rock Timid Grass Knot Thunder Wave Air Slash Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
723 Volcarona White Herb Bold Overheat Quiver Dance Bug Buzz Protect HP, DEF
724 Arcanine White Herb Timid Overheat Sunny Day Solar Beam Extreme Speed Speed, SpA
725 Archeops Choice Band Jolly Aerial Ace Earthquake Head Smash U-turn ATK, Speed
726 Dragonite Choice Band Adamant Outrage Earthquake Giga Impact Stone Edge ATK, SpD
727 Tyranitar Chople Berry Jolly Rock Slide Crunch Earthquake Dragon Dance ATK, Speed
728 Salamence Yache Berry Timid Draco Meteor Fire Blast Hydro Pump Protect Speed, SpA
729 Metagross Occa Berry Adamant Earthquake Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Explosion HP, ATK, SpD
730 Garchomp Choice Scarf Jolly Outrage Earthquake Fire Fang Crunch ATK, Speed
731 Hydreigon Dragonium Z Timid Draco Meteor Taunt Earth Power Flamethrower Speed, SpA
732 Slaking Choice Band Adamant Giga Impact Shadow Claw Hammer Arm Earthquake HP, ATK
733 Venusaur Venusaurite Bold Synthesis Substitute Sludge Bomb Giga Drain HP, DEF
734 Charizard Charizardite X Jolly Dragon Rush Flare Blitz Dragon Dance Rock Slide ATK, Speed
735 Blastoise Custap Berry Modest Yawn Hydro Pump Blizzard Dark Pulse HP, SpA
736 Meganium Leftovers Bold Leech Seed Ingrain Toxic Protect DEF, SpD
737 Typhlosion Power Herb Modest Extrasensory Lava Plume Bulldoze Solar Beam Speed, SpA
738 Feraligatr Liechi Berry Adamant Dragon Dance Waterfall Crunch Substitute ATK, Speed
739 Sceptile Sceptilite Jolly Leaf Blade Dual Chop Earthquake Rock Slide ATK, Speed
740 Blaziken Blazikenite Adamant Night Slash Flare Blitz Stone Edge Brave Bird ATK, Speed
741 Swampert Chesto Berry Careful Curse Rest Earthquake Waterfall HP, SpD
742 Torterra Leftovers Careful Stockpile Leech Seed Earthquake Protect HP, SpD
743 Infernape Focus Sash Jolly Fake Out Encore Flare Blitz Close Combat ATK, Speed
744 Empoleon Petaya Berry Calm Surf Substitute Blizzard Whirlpool HP, SpA
745 Serperior Choice Specs Modest Leaf Storm Speed, SpA
746 Emboar Salac Berry Timid Substitute Flamethrower Focus Blast Scald Speed, SpA
747 Samurott Salac Berry Modest Hydro Pump Ice Beam Grass Knot Protect DEF, SpA, SpD
748 Dugtrio Choice Band Jolly Earthquake Night Slash Iron Head Stone Edge ATK, Speed Alolan
749 Marowak Thick Club Jolly Shadow Bone Flare Blitz Detect Stomping Tantrum ATK, Speed Alolan
750 Medicham Medichamite Adamant High Jump Kick Psycho Cut Fake Out Detect ATK, Speed
751 Pidgeot Pidgeotite Modest Hurricane Feather Dance Roost Hyper Beam DEF, SpA
752 Mawile Mawilite Adamant Sucker Punch Play Rough Fire Fang Stone Edge HP, ATK
753 Banette Banettite Impish Shadow Claw Will-O-Wisp Sucker Punch Gunk Shot HP, DEF
754 Sableye Focus Sash Careful Foul Play Will-O-Wisp Metal Burst Fake Out HP, SpD
755 Lanturn Chesto Berry Bold Stockpile Rest Charge Beam Ice Beam DEF, SpD
756 Breloom Toxic Orb Careful Protect Leech Seed Substitute Focus Punch HP, DEF, SpD
757 Audino Firium Z Modest Yawn Hyper Voice Trick Room Fire Blast DEF, SpA
758 Skarmory Poisonium Z Careful Spikes Stealth Rock Whirlwind Toxic HP, SpD
759 Absol Absolite Jolly Sucker Punch Megahorn Play Rough Stone Edge ATK, Speed
760 Sharpedo Focus Sash Modest Ice Beam Hydro Pump Dark Pulse Protect Speed, SpA
761 Hariyama Sitrus Berry Careful Belly Drum Brick Break Counter Bullet Punch DEF, SpD
762 Vespiquen Custap Berry Brave Attack Order U-turn Aerial Ace Destiny Bond HP, ATK
763 Raichu Air Balloon Jolly Fake Out Volt Tackle Reversal Light Screen ATK, Speed
764 Glalie Glalitite Naive Earthquake Explosion Protect Freeze-Dry ATK, Speed
765 Manectric Choice Scarf Timid Switcheroo Thunder Volt Switch Overheat Speed, SpA
766 Staraptor Flyinium Z Jolly Brave Bird Double-Edge Roost Feather Dance ATK, Speed
767 Gastrodon Leftovers Bold Amnesia Curse Earthquake Waterfall DEF, SpD
768 Camerupt Cameruptite Quiet Earth Power Heat Wave Flash Cannon Protect HP, SpA
769 Sawk Life Orb Adamant Close Combat Earthquake Stone Edge Taunt ATK, Speed
770 Throh Flame Orb Brave Protect Earthquake Storm Throw Payback ATK, SpD
771 Unfezant Bright Powder Impish Detect Feather Dance Toxic Fly HP, SpD
772 Pelipper Waterium Z Timid Rain Dance Hurricane Hydro Pump Ice Beam Speed, SpA
773 Amoonguss Black Sludge Calm Giga Drain Spore Clear Smog Synthesis HP, SpD
774 Electrode Damp Rock Timid Rain Dance Thunder Taunt Light Screen Speed, SpA
775 Ludicolo Kee Berry Modest Fake Out Hydro Pump Leech Seed Grass Knot Speed, SpA
776 Shiftry Focus Sash Adamant Fake Out X-Scissor Leaf Blade Protect ATK, DEF
777 Exploud Life Orb Timid Blizzard Hyper Voice Focus Blast Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
778 Lopunny Lopunnite Jolly High Jump Kick Quick Attack Ice Punch Double Hit ATK, Speed
779 Froslass Focus Sash Timid Blizzard Icy Wind Shadow Ball Destiny Bond Speed, SpA
780 Lilligant Grassium Z Bold Solar Beam Teeter Dance Charm Leech Seed HP, DEF, Speed, SpA
781 Darmanitan Choice Scarf Impish Flare Blitz Stone Edge U-turn Superpower ATK, Speed
782 Ambipom King’s Rock Jolly Fling Taunt Return Payback ATK, Speed
783 Cofagrigus Leftovers Bold Will-O-Wisp Toxic Hex Calm Mind HP, SpD
784 Golurk Iron Ball Brave Hammer Arm Earthquake Shadow Punch Fling HP, ATK
785 Durant Focus Sash Jolly Entrainment X-Scissor Iron Head Protect HP, Speed
786 Golem Air Balloon Adamant Rock Slide Earthquake Explosion Rock Polish ATK, Speed Alolan
787 Slowbro Slowbronite Quiet Psychic Surf Blizzard Trick Room HP, SpA
788 Weezing Chesto Berry Careful Toxic Will-O-Wisp Stockpile Rest HP, SpD
789 Kangaskhan Kangaskhanite Jolly Fake Out Double-Edge Earthquake Sucker Punch ATK, Speed
790 Tauros Sitrus Berry Careful Toxic Protect Double Team Earthquake HP, SpD
791 Spiritomb Custap Berry Careful Will-O-Wisp Sucker Punch Substitute Pain Split HP, SpD
792 Whimsicott Fairium Z Calm Moonblast Tailwind Swagger Energy Ball HP, SpD
793 Druddigon Choice Band Adamant Outrage Earthquake Superpower Dragon Tail HP, ATK
794 Musharna Chesto Berry Relaxed Stored Power Calm Mind Shadow Ball Rest DEF, SpD
795 Scrafty Leftovers Careful Bulk Up Payback Protect Drain Punch HP, SpD
796 Ferrothorn Leftovers Sassy Curse Seed Bomb Gyro Ball Ingrain HP, SpD
797 Alakazam Choice Specs Timid Psychic Focus Blast Dazzling Gleam Trick Speed, SpA
798 Slowking Waterium Z Quiet Psychic Surf Ice Beam Trick Room HP, SpD
799 Jellicent Sitrus Berry Bold Scald Hex Will-O-Wisp Recover HP, DEF
800 Altaria Wide Lens Calm Cotton Guard Sing Moonblast Dream Eater HP, SpD
801 Toxicroak Wide Lens Adamant Cross Chop Sucker Punch Poison Jab Taunt ATK, Speed
802 Gothitelle Bright Powder Modest Substitute Flatter Psych Up Psychic HP, SpA
803 Reuniclus Toxic Orb Relaxed Trick Psychic Focus Blast Recover DEF, SpD
804 Bisharp Focus Sash Adamant Taunt Sucker Punch Metal Burst Iron Head HP, ATK
805 Abomasnow Abomasite Quiet Blizzard Focus Blast Protect Ice Shard HP, SpA
806 Nidoqueen Black Sludge Adamant Poison Jab Dragon Tail Bulldoze Earthquake HP, ATK
807 Nidoking Buginium Z Adamant Earthquake Poison Jab Megahorn Protect ATK, Speed
808 Cradily Big Root Sassy Stockpile Protect Ingrain Giga Drain HP, DEF
809 Armaldo Choice Band Adamant Cross Poison Stone Edge Earthquake X-Scissor HP, ATK
810 Rampardos Sitrus Berry Relaxed Head Smash Earthquake Rock Slide Protect ATK, SpD
811 Bastiodon Sitrus Berry Brave Metal Burst Rock Slide Wide Guard Curse HP, ATK
812 Shiinotic Weakness Policy Sassy Moonblast Grass Knot Moonlight Spore HP, SpD
813 Mismagius Bright Powder Bold Power Gem Protect Perish Song Mean Look HP, DEF
814 Carracosta Weakness Policy Adamant Waterfall Rock Slide Aqua Jet Earthquake ATK, Speed
815 Escavalier Custap Berry Adamant Megahorn Iron Head Swagger Reversal HP, ATK
816 Accelgor Focus Sash Timid Bug Buzz Encore Focus Blast Protect Speed, SpA
817 Salazzle Firium Z Modest Overheat Sludge Wave Dragon Pulse Fake Out Speed, SpA
818 Drifblim Custap Berry Bold Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Hypnosis Destiny Bond Speed, SpD
819 Toucannon Rocky Helmet Impish Beak Blast Roost Tailwind Overheat HP, DEF
820 Oranguru Electrium Z Modest Foul Play Psychic Focus Blast Thunder HP, SpA
821 Komala Normalium Z Adamant Thrash Play Rough Wood Hammer Sucker Punch HP, ATK
822 Muk Quick Claw Adamant Gunk Shot Shadow Sneak Brick Break Explosion HP, ATK
823 Gengar Gengarite Timid Sludge Bomb Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Destiny Bond Speed, SpA
824 Ampharos Ampharosite Quiet Thunder Focus Blast Dragon Pulse Confuse Ray HP, SpA
825 Politoed Wide Lens Modest Hydro Pump Blizzard Focus Blast Hypnosis SpA, SpD
826 Pinsir Choice Scarf Jolly X-Scissor Earthquake Close Combat Guillotine ATK, Speed
827 Scizor Scizorite Adamant X-Scissor Aerial Ace Roost Bullet Punch HP, ATK
828 Heracross Heracronite Adamant Pin Missile Rock Blast Bullet Seed Close Combat HP, ATK
829 Ursaring Quick Claw Adamant Return Cross Chop Earthquake Aerial Ace HP, ATK
830 Houndoom Houndoominite Timid Fire Blast Dark Pulse Solar Beam Sunny Day Speed, SpA
831 Tsareena Choice Scarf Jolly Trop Kick High Jump Kick Play Rough U-turn ATK, Speed
832 Wailord Zoom Lens Modest Hydro Pump Blizzard Fissure Hyper Beam HP, SpA
833 Passimian Hard Stone Adamant Close Combat Rock Slide Feint Fling ATK, Speed
834 Bronzong Steelium Z Brave Safeguard Rock Slide Gyro Ball Trick Room HP, ATK
835 Drapion Razor Claw Careful Cross Poison Night Slash Earthquake Swords Dance HP, ATK
836 Crabominable Weakness Policy Impish Close Combat Ice Hammer Rock Slide Protect ATK, DEF
837 Ninetales Psychium Z Timid Freeze-Dry Dazzling Gleam Extrasensory Ice Shard HP, Speed Alolan
838 Machamp Flame Orb Adamant Protect Earthquake Close Combat Payback ATK, SpD
839 Shuckle Leftovers Relaxed Toxic Protect Sandstorm Wrap HP, DEF
840 Mimikyu Rocky Helmet Adamant Play Rough Shadow Claw Destiny Bond Shadow Sneak ATK, Speed
841 Honchkrow Life Orb Adamant Night Slash Drill Peck Sucker Punch Thunder Wave HP, ATK
842 Gigalith Leftovers Quiet Rock Slide Stealth Rock Curse Earthquake HP, SpD
843 Conkeldurr Iron Ball Brave Fling Rock Slide Superpower Mach Punch ATK, SpD
844 Excadrill Life Orb Adamant Earthquake Aerial Ace Poison Jab Rock Slide ATK, DEF, SpD
845 Wishiwashi Rindo Berry Quiet Ice Beam Hydro Pump U-turn Endeavor HP, SpA
846 Steelix Steelixite Adamant Gyro Ball Earthquake Stone Edge Sandstorm HP, ATK
847 Weavile Focus Sash Jolly Taunt Ice Punch Night Slash Fake Out ATK, Speed
848 Gliscor Focus Sash Jolly Earthquake Acrobatics U-turn Counter HP, Speed
849 Zoroark Focus Band Timid Protect Counter Dark Pulse Focus Blast Speed, SpA
850 Mandibuzz Leftovers Careful Substitute Swagger Punishment Roost HP, DEF, SpD
851 Braviary Wacan Berry Adamant Brave Bird Tailwind Superpower Giga Impact ATK, Speed
852 Tentacruel Black Sludge Bold Surf Toxic Venoshock Protect HP, DEF
853 Aerodactyl Choice Band Jolly Stone Edge Aerial Ace Earthquake Crunch ATK, Speed
854 Porygon2 Eviolite Modest Tri Attack Thunder Wave Shadow Ball Ice Beam HP, SpA
855 Palossand Weakness Policy Calm Earth Power Shadow Ball Giga Drain Destiny Bond HP, SpD
856 Yanmega King’s Rock Modest Bug Buzz Air Slash Detect Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
857 Gardevoir Gardevoirite Modest Psychic Hyper Beam Shadow Ball Focus Blast HP, SpA
858 Gallade Galladite Jolly Psycho Cut Close Combat Rock Slide Destiny Bond ATK, Speed
859 Exeggutor Assault Vest Brave Dragon Hammer Wood Hammer Earthquake Brick Break HP, ATK Alolan
860 Starmie King’s Rock Timid Surf Psychic Thunderbolt Ice Beam Speed, SpA
861 Flygon Rockium Z Adamant Earthquake Dragon Rush Crunch Stone Edge ATK, Speed
862 Klinklang Leftovers Modest Flash Cannon Thunderbolt Protect Toxic Speed, SpA
863 Chandelure Leftovers Bold Calm Mind Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball Heat Wave HP, SpD
864 Vaporeon Expert Belt Modest Surf Ice Beam Shadow Ball Baby-Doll Eyes HP, SpA
865 Jolteon Darkinium Z Timid Thunderbolt Hyper Beam Fake Tears Shadow Ball Speed, SpA
866 Flareon Firium Z Adamant Bite Quick Attack Giga Impact Flare Blitz ATK, SpD
867 Espeon Expert Belt Timid Psychic Shadow Ball Grass Knot Dazzling Gleam Speed, SpA
868 Umbreon Chesto Berry Careful Curse Trump Card Payback Rest HP, DEF
869 Leafeon Quick Claw Adamant Leaf Blade X-Scissor Aerial Ace Detect ATK, DEF
870 Glaceon Bright Powder Modest Blizzard Shadow Ball Aurora Veil Detect DEF, SpA
871 Lucario Weakness Policy Serious Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Stone Edge Extreme Speed ATK, Speed, SpA
872 Hippowdon Chesto Berry Sassy Curse Rest Earthquake Crunch HP, SpD
873 Liepard Focus Sash Timid Dark Pulse Shadow Ball Grass Knot Nasty Plot Speed, SpA
874 Dusknoir Ghostium Z Relaxed Shadow Sneak Pain Split Destiny Bond Trick Room HP, SpD
875 Mienshao Fightinium Z Impish Feint Fake Out High Jump Kick Wide Guard HP, ATK
876 Beartic Icium Z Jolly Icy Wind Icicle Crash Rock Slide Brick Break ATK, Speed
877 Bouffalant Life Orb Adamant Earthquake Head Charge Payback Protect HP, ATK
878 Aggron Shuca Berry Brave Metal Burst Taunt Earthquake Shadow Claw ATK, SpD
879 Walrein Lax Incense Bold Sheer Cold Fissure Rest Sleep Talk DEF, SpD
880 Mamoswine Life Orb Adamant Earthquake Ice Fang Double-Edge Stone Edge HP, ATK
881 Lapras Psychium Z Quiet Blizzard Hydro Pump Psychic Ice Shard DEF, SpA
882 Crobat Wide Lens Jolly Hypnosis Aerial Ace Cross Poison Taunt ATK, Speed
883 Magnezone Assault Vest Modest Thunderbolt Flash Cannon Tri Attack Volt Switch SpA, SpD
884 Rhyperior Rockium Z Brave Rock Slide Hammer Arm Earthquake Protect HP, ATK
885 Tangrowth Groundium Z Adamant Power Whip Earthquake Aerial Ace Brick Break ATK, DEF
886 Porygon-Z Normalium Z Timid Tri Attack Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Recover Speed, SpA
887 Vanilluxe Maranga Berry Calm Taunt Ice Beam Acid Armor Mirror Coat HP, SpD
888 Eelektross Leftovers Bold Charge Beam Grass Knot Flamethrower Protect HP, SpD
889 Gyarados Gyaradosite Jolly Dragon Dance Waterfall Stone Edge Crunch ATK, Speed
890 Snorlax Assault Vest Careful Body Slam Fissure Earthquake Crunch HP, SpD
891 Kingdra Dragonium Z Modest Draco Meteor Surf Blizzard Protect HP, Speed, SpA
892 Blissey Chople Berry Bold Toxic Minimize Mud Bomb Soft-Boiled DEF, SpD
893 Milotic Leftovers Impish Ice Beam Rest Sleep Talk Surf HP, SpD
894 Malamar Assault Vest Careful Psycho Cut Superpower Rock Slide Night Slash ATK, SpD
895 Sandslash Icium Z Adamant Hail Icicle Spear Iron Head Aurora Veil ATK, Speed Alolan
896 Haxorus Yache Berry Jolly Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Dragon Tail Earthquake ATK, Speed
897 Togekiss Expert Belt Modest Aura Sphere Air Slash Grass Knot Dazzling Gleam Speed, SpA
898 Volcarona Leftovers Bold Hurricane Quiver Dance Bug Buzz Heat Wave HP, DEF
899 Arcanine Fightinium Z Jolly Close Combat Flare Blitz Crunch Extreme Speed ATK, Speed
900 Archeops Sitrus Berry Jolly Rock Slide Earthquake Aerial Ace Protect ATK, Speed
901 Dragonite Snowball Adamant Dragon Rush Iron Tail Extreme Speed Fire Punch ATK, Speed
902 Tyranitar Tyranitarite Brave Stone Edge Earthquake Ice Fang Payback HP, ATK
903 Salamence Salamencite Jolly Dragon Rush Crunch Earthquake Double-Edge ATK, Speed
904 Metagross Metagrossite Jolly Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Brick Break Bullet Punch ATK, Speed
905 Garchomp Garchompite Adamant Sandstorm Stone Edge Earthquake Dragon Claw HP, ATK
906 Hydreigon Roseli Berry Jolly Dragon Rush Earthquake Crunch Dragon Tail ATK, Speed
907 Slaking Life Orb Jolly Return Night Slash Rock Slide Aerial Ace ATK, Speed
908 Articuno Icy Rock Modest Hail Blizzard Fly Roost HP, SpA
909 Zapdos Rockium Z Timid Thunderbolt Thunder Wave U-turn Ancient Power Speed, SpA
910 Moltres White Herb Modest Overheat Air Slash Agility Will-O-Wisp Speed, SpA
911 Raikou Shuca Berry Timid Thunderbolt Volt Switch Shadow Ball Extrasensory Speed, SpA
912 Entei Focus Sash Lonely Overheat Flame Charge Fire Fang Stone Edge ATK, Speed
913 Suicune Chesto Berry Bold Calm Mind Surf Ice Beam Rest HP, DEF
914 Regirock Leftovers Careful Sandstorm Curse Rock Slide Hammer Arm HP, SpD
915 Regice Sitrus Berry Modest Thunderbolt Ice Beam Focus Blast Toxic HP, SpA
916 Registeel Chesto Berry Careful Curse Amnesia Iron Head Rest HP, SpD
917 Cobalion Chesto Berry Bold Focus Blast Flash Cannon Calm Mind Rest HP, SpD
918 Terrakion Expert Belt Jolly Close Combat Earthquake Stone Edge Aerial Ace ATK, Speed
919 Virizion Fightinium Z Jolly Sacred Sword Leaf Blade Taunt Stone Edge ATK, Speed
920 Tornadus Flyinium Z Timid Hurricane Grass Knot Focus Blast Dark Pulse Speed, SpA
921 Thundurus Chesto Berry Bold Thunderbolt Protect Toxic Rest HP, SpD
922 Latias Lax Incense Bold Calm Mind Mist Ball Dragon Pulse Recover HP, DEF
923 Latios Lax Incense Bold Calm Mind Luster Purge Dragon Pulse Recover HP, DEF
924 Heatran Focus Sash Modest Lava Plume Earth Power Flash Cannon Dark Pulse HP, SpA
925 Cresselia Chesto Berry Bold Calm Mind Psychic Shadow Ball Rest HP, DEF
926 Landorus Bright Powder Careful Rest Sleep Talk Smack Down Fissure DEF, SpD
927 Regigigas Leftovers Adamant Confuse Ray Double Team Bulldoze Payback HP, ATK
928 Articuno Lum Berry Bold Sheer Cold Mind Reader Ice Shard Ice Beam HP, SpD
929 Zapdos Bright Powder Bold Charge Beam Ancient Power Double Team Roost HP, SpD
930 Moltres Power Herb Naughty Flame Charge Sky Attack Aerial Ace Fire Blast ATK, Speed
931 Raikou Electrium Z Timid Charge Beam Thunder Wave Calm Mind Shadow Ball DEF, Speed
932 Entei Chesto Berry Bold Calm Mind Will-O-Wisp Flamethrower Rest HP, DEF, SpD
933 Suicune Sitrus Berry Modest Hydro Pump Ice Beam Shadow Ball Mirror Coat HP, SpA
934 Regirock Custap Berry Adamant Stone Edge Hammer Arm Earthquake Explosion HP, ATK
935 Regice Chesto Berry Timid Thunderbolt Icy Wind Ice Beam Rest HP, DEF, Speed
936 Registeel Fightinium Z Jolly Rock Polish Earthquake Iron Head Superpower ATK, Speed
937 Cobalion Maranga Berry Brave Metal Burst Sacred Sword Quick Attack Iron Head HP, ATK
938 Terrakion Choice Scarf Adamant Sacred Sword Earthquake Stone Edge Aerial Ace ATK, Speed
939 Virizion Poisonium Z Timid Energy Ball Focus Blast Calm Mind Toxic DEF, Speed
940 Tornadus Yache Berry Modest Substitute Double Team Focus Blast Hurricane HP, SpA
941 Thundurus Choice Specs Timid Thunderbolt Dark Pulse Focus Blast Grass Knot Speed, SpA
942 Latias White Herb Timid Draco Meteor Thunder Psychic Mist Ball Speed, SpA
943 Latios White Herb Timid Draco Meteor Thunderbolt Psychic Protect Speed, SpA
944 Heatran White Herb Modest Overheat Will-O-Wisp Flash Cannon Protect HP, SpA
945 Cresselia Leftovers Bold Double Team Moonlight Toxic Protect HP, SpD
946 Landorus Choice Scarf Modest Earth Power Extrasensory Focus Blast Grass Knot Speed, SpA
947 Regigigas Zoom Lens Quiet Thunder Toxic Focus Blast Confuse Ray HP, SpA
948 Articuno Charti Berry Jolly Frost Breath Reflect Steel Wing U-turn ATK, Speed
949 Zapdos Petaya Berry Naive Thunder Light Screen Rain Dance Drill Peck Speed, SpA
950 Moltres Heat Rock Timid Sunny Day Solar Beam Flamethrower Air Slash Speed, SpA
951 Raikou Electrium Z Timid Thunderbolt Volt Switch Shadow Ball Protect Speed, SpA
952 Entei Choice Scarf Timid Eruption Fire Blast Extrasensory Solar Beam Speed, SpA
953 Suicune Leftovers Bold Surf Blizzard Calm Mind Protect HP, DEF
954 Regirock Rockium Z Adamant Thunder Wave Stone Edge Hammer Arm Earthquake HP, ATK
955 Regice Leftovers Bold Charge Beam Ice Beam Amnesia Protect HP, DEF
956 Registeel Leftovers Bold Amnesia Iron Defense Charge Beam Flash Cannon HP, SpD
957 Cobalion Lax Incense Jolly Swagger Substitute Psych Up Iron Head ATK, Speed
958 Terrakion Sitrus Berry Jolly Swords Dance Sacred Sword Earthquake Rock Slide ATK, Speed
959 Virizion Coba Berry Jolly Leaf Blade Stone Edge Sacred Sword Protect ATK, Speed
960 Tornadus Chesto Berry Bold Rest Air Slash Dark Pulse Focus Blast HP, SpD
961 Thundurus Sitrus Berry Jolly Wild Charge U-turn Crunch Sky Drop ATK, Speed
962 Latias Life Orb Adamant Zen Headbutt Earthquake Thunder Wave Dragon Claw ATK, Speed
963 Latios Choice Specs Timid Draco Meteor Thunder Psychic Energy Ball Speed, SpA
964 Heatran Shuca Berry Modest Sunny Day Fire Blast Solar Beam Earth Power HP, SpA
965 Cresselia Lum Berry Bold Future Sight Moonlight Double Team Swagger HP, SpD
966 Landorus Smooth Rock Jolly Sandstorm Earthquake Rock Slide Protect ATK, Speed
967 Regigigas Leftovers Adamant Confuse Ray Knock Off Thunder Wave Rock Slide HP, ATK
968 Articuno Leftovers Modest Tailwind Blizzard Sky Drop Protect Speed, SpA
969 Zapdos Flyinium Z Adamant Wild Charge Drill Peck Thunder Wave Roost HP, ATK
970 Moltres Firium Z Timid Heat Wave Burn Up Air Slash Protect Speed, SpA
971 Raikou Air Balloon Timid Thunder Discharge Reflect Extrasensory Speed, SpA
972 Entei Life Orb Adamant Sacred Fire Bulldoze Stone Edge Protect HP, ATK
973 Suicune Lum Berry Timid Snarl Surf Blizzard Protect Speed, SpA
974 Regirock Sitrus Berry Jolly Rock Polish Rock Slide Superpower Explosion ATK, Speed
975 Regice Zoom Lens Impish Thunder Blizzard Focus Blast Thunder Wave HP, SpD
976 Registeel Leftovers Adamant Toxic Double Team Earthquake Protect HP, ATK
977 Cobalion Life Orb Jolly Iron Head Close Combat Quick Guard Protect ATK, Speed
978 Terrakion King’s Rock Jolly Bulldoze Rock Slide Earthquake Sacred Sword ATK, Speed
979 Virizion Chesto Berry Impish Leaf Blade Swords Dance Sacred Sword Rest HP, DEF
980 Tornadus Damp Rock Timid Hurricane Focus Blast Taunt Rain Dance Speed, SpA
981 Thundurus Electrium Z Timid Discharge Focus Blast Volt Switch Taunt Speed, SpA
982 Latias Latiasite Modest Dragon Pulse Roost Thunder Wave Psychic HP, SpA
983 Latios Latiosite Adamant Zen Headbutt Earthquake Dragon Dance Dragon Claw ATK, Speed
984 Heatran Choice Scarf Timid Magma Storm Earth Power Dark Pulse Flash Cannon Speed, SpA
985 Cresselia Iron Ball Quiet Psychic Shadow Ball Moonblast Trick Room DEF, SpA
986 Landorus White Herb Adamant Hammer Arm Earthquake Explosion U-turn ATK, DEF
987 Regigigas Leftovers Careful Wide Guard Double Team Confuse Ray Toxic HP, DEF
988 Rotom Sitrus Berry Modest Hydro Pump Thunder Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball HP, SpA Wash
989 Rotom White Herb Modest Leaf Storm Thunder Thunder Wave Dark Pulse HP, SpA Mow
990 Rotom Zoom Lens Modest Blizzard Thunder Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball HP, SpA Frost
992 Electivire Shuca Berry Adamant Wild Charge Feint Ice Punch Cross Chop HP, ATK
993 Magmortar Air Balloon Modest Fire Blast Psychic Will-O-Wisp Focus Blast HP, SpA
994 Probopass Sitrus Berry Calm Tri Attack Power Gem Flash Cannon Dazzling Gleam HP, SpD
995 Lickilicky Normalium Z Adamant Explosion Brutal Swing Hammer Arm Dragon Tail HP, ATK