Pokemon GO Smoochum

Smoochum is a pre evolution of Jynx and a confirmed 10 KM Hatch in Generation 2. Smoochum type is Ice / Psychic, it requires 25 Candy to evolve and needs 5 KM as a Buddy.

Smoochum Stats

Smoochum is confirmed to be hatching from 10 KM eggs, with no reports if Jynx is still hatched from 10 KM eggs. Smoochum type is Ice / Psychic, and it costs 25 Jynx candy to evolve him.

Base Stamina 90
Base Attack 153
Base Defense 116
Base Capture Rate 12%
Base Flee Rate 5%
Jump Time 1 seconds
Attack Timer 20 seconds
KM Buddy Distance 5 km

Smoochum Moves

Quick Moves Charged Moves
Frost Breath Ice Beam
Pound Ice Punch