Nosepass Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO version of Nosepass is a rock type Pokémon and honestly, this Pokémon will not be of any use until it evolves in the Fourth Generation. In fact, even then it might not be of any use.

Nosepass does not have stats that can be utilized for Gym defense or offense purposes. With a max CP of 831, DEF (236) and STA (60) it will not last long while defending a gym. It is possible that Nosepass will shine as a “gym leveling” Pokémon.

Add the fact that rock type Pokémon are very weak against a variety of other types: grass, water, steel, ground and fighting.

For collection purposes, it’s suggested to catch any Nosepass you encouner. You’re unlikely to spend your Nosepass Candy and by the time Generation 4 releases, you’ll have enough candy to evolve a Probopass.

Nosepass made its debut on the 290th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 16) titled “The Winner by a Nosepass”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
299 Nosepass  
82 236 60 831

Nosepass in the Pokémon GO meta

Nosepass will not have a rank of any kind when the Third Generation comes to Pokémon Go. It’s basically the Third Generation’s version of Shuckle. The only difference is that Nosepass will eventually have an evolution.

We can compare the Pokémon GO Nosepass to Porygon, but there is one major difference. When Porygon evolves into Porygon2, its stats increase so much that it actually becomes a solid defender! Nosepass (and its evolved form Probopass), don’t have the same luck.

Additional, in Pokémon Go, Nosepass will be slow when executing moves and evading attacks due to it’s awful speed. Despite having a good DEF (236), it will not be enough to make Nosepass last long enough. It’s very low STA (60) is just abysmally bad. For God sake, even Azurill, which is A BABY POKEMON has higher STA!

We honestly think that Nosepass is going to be a Pokédex filler. And probably an irritating spawn.

Pokémon GO Nosepass Moves

Here are some existing moves that Pokémon GO Nosepass can obtain:

  • Power Gem rock
  • Rock Blast rock
  • Ancient Power rock
  • Earthquake ground
  • Zap Cannon electric

Here are some new moves that might be added to Nosepass’s move pool:

  • Earth Power ground
  • Rollout rock
  • Secret Power normal
  • Round normal

Shiny Nosepass in Pokemon GO

A normal Nosepass is blue, with a body that resembles the Easter Island Heads. It has a red triangular nose that looks like a 3D arrow. It has a black mask-looking cover on its eyes.
A shiny Nosepass has a gold colored body. All other structure is identical to that of its normal counterpart.

This article is a preview of an upcoming feature. Info listed here is subject to change.