Raid Boss Max CP capture values with active Weather boost

Weather Pokemon GO

Written by Kristy W

Due to popular demand, Kristy (GO Hub community member) has created a table showing the Maximum Capture CP of the current Raid Bosses with the weather effect boost. Weather boosted bosses appear as Level 25 captures, so their CP can be significantly higher than it is without the boost.

Enjoy the tables and Kristy’s writing. We hope you will also have the courage to submit a Generation III guide and help build the Hub. We are always looking for community writers and collaborators.

Boss capture CP with Weather Boost

Weather Boosted bosses appear as Level 25 Pokémon and regular bosses as Level 20 Pokémon. The table below shows their CP values with perfect IVs.

Raid Boss Weather Boost CP Regular CP Preferred Weather
Ho-oh 2778 2222 Clear/Sunny, Windy
Tyranitar 2621 2097 Foggy, Partly Cloudy
Snorlax 2396 1917 Partly Cloudy
Golem 2083 1666 Partly Cloudy, Clear/Sunny
Machamp 2063 1650 Cloudy
Alakazam 2062 1649 Windy
Omastar 1918 1534 Partly Cloudy, Rainy
Gengar 1870 1496 Cloudy, Foggy
Lapras 1859 1487 Snowy, Rainy
Cloyster 1767 1414 Snowy, Rainy
Scyther 1760 1408 Rainy, Windy
Poliwrath 1744 1395 Rainy, Cloudy
Nidoking 1704 1363 Clear/Sunny, Cloudy
Tentacruel 1695 1356 Cloudy, Rainy
Nidoqueen 1670 1336 Clear/Sunny, Cloudy
Sandslash 1663 1330 Clear/Sunny
Absol 1629 1303 Foggy
Victreebel 1620 1296 Clear/Sunny
Magneton 1598 1278 Snowy, Rainy
Ninetales 1541 1233 Clear/Sunny
Marowak 1208 996 Clear/Sunny
Porygon 1120 895 Partly Cloudy
Ivysaur 1108 886 Clear/Sunny, Cloudy
Charmeleon 1060 847 Clear/Sunny
Mawile 1060 848 Cloudy, Snowy
Wartortle 945 756 Rainy
Sableye 932 745 Foggy
Metapod 299 239 Rainy
Magikarp 157 125 Rainy

In image format (click to open large version in a new tab):

About the table above

With the new weather additions to Pokémon Go, there have been many different changes to the gameplay, specifically a difference in spawns favored by weather, CP boosts, 25% stardust boosts when weather affected Pokémon are caught, and power boosts for weather affected attacks. Attacks executed in their preferred weather will have a 20% boost in power, and it seems like raid bosses are also affected by this boost during battle!

Right now, Ho-oh is the only current legendary raid boss, so places that have a lot of clear weather might have a bit of an issue. In clear weather, grass, fire and ground type moves are boosted, meaning Ho-oh’s charge attacks, Fire Blast and Solar Beam, will be more powerful; as if Solar Beam needed boosted at all. This may make it harder to beat the raid boss, or make it so it requires a few more people, especially with the un-boosted Solar Beam already being a trouble for most of the counters for Ho-oh.

At the same time, the CP of Ho-oh in clear weather will be boosted on the catch screen, as it will be level 25 instead of the normal level 20 raid boss. The 100% IV Ho-oh in non-affected weather is 2222, while at level 25, the 100% CP is now 2778. So if you see a 2778 Ho-oh in clear weather, you have yourself a perfect Ho-oh! The IVs are not changed, however, they are just caught at a higher level, as if they had a head start. Their overall max CP is still the same for both perfects after powering them up, so these Ho-oh are not more powerful than others caught outside of the boosted weather.

Weather conditions impact every raid boss, not just the legendary raids. In general, legendary raids are more difficult to beat and require a larger amount of people than normal, so keep this in mind when gathering a group in suitable weather for the raid boss you will be fighting; and good luck trainers!