Pokémon Sun and Moon Island Trials Guide

In Pokémon Sun and Moon there are no Gyms, there are no Gym Badges to collect. Instead, when island children become of age (11 years old), they travel the region and partake in the Island Trials.

Island Trials are led and organized by Trial Captains, who give you tasks and challenges that you need to accomplish. After you complete their challenges, you often face a Totem Pokémon, which is a stronger version of the regular Pokémon specie. There are 7 Trials in Alola.

Island Trial #1: Normalium Z

Trial Captain: Ilmia
Location: Verdant Cavern, Melemele Island

The first Island Trial is organised by Ilima and includes finding three Pokémon in the Verdant Cavern.

Once you enter the Verdant Cavern, you are sent to find three Pokémon. This is what to expect inside the cave:

  • First encounter Yungoos (Sun) or Rattata (Moon), Level 11
  • Half way through the trial, Team Skull appear to mess things up
  • Last encounter is a Gumshoos (Sun) or Raticate (Moon) also Level 11.

When defeated, you’re allowed out of the Trial Site towards the Totem’s Den where the Normalium Z can be found.

Totem Pokémon #1: Gumshoos / Alola Raticate

After completing the #1 Island Trial, you have to face a Totem Pokémon. It’s either Gumshoos (with S.O.S. partner Yungoos) or Alola Raticate (with S.O.S. partner Rattata). Both are Level 12, with S.O.S. partners being Level 11.

Pokémon Sun Pokémon Moon
Gumshoos  Yungoos Raticate Rattata
Level 12 Level 11 Level 12 Level 11
Super Fang
Scary Face
Sand Attack
Hyper Fang
Tail Whip
Scary Face
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang
Normal Normal Normal / Dark Normal / Dark

Island Trial #2: Waterium Z

Trial Captain: Lana
Location: Brooklet Hill – Akala Island

The second Island Trial is run by Lana and takes place in Brooklet Hill as soon as you arrive.

Lana will note some strange activity in the area and ask you to help with the investigation. You descend down the hill, with several encounters with Wishiwashi before reaching the bottom and fighting the Totem Version of Wishiwashi.

Totem Pokémon #2: Wishiwashi

As soon as you reach the bottom of the hill, an unusual strong rain will start. As you may have guessed already, the reason is Wishiwashi, the second Totem Pokémon. Defeating this Totem Pokémon rewards you with Waterium Z.

Totem SOS Partners
Wishiwashi Alomomola Wishiwashi
Level 20 Level 18 Level 18
Water Gun
Dance Soak
Helping Hand
Double Slap
Heal Pulse
Water Gun
Helping Hand
Feint Attack
Aqua Ring
Water Water Water

Island Trial #3: Firium Z

Trial Captain: Kiawe
Location: Wela Volcano Park, Akala Island

The third trial is organised by Kiawe and boy is it a weird one.

The entire trial consists of a guessing the differences by two dances performed by Alola Marowak. After every guess, you battle Marowak, but if you fail you have to retry, which prolongs the Trial significantly. After you get the final dance correct, Salazzle will battle you.

Totem Pokémon #3: Salazzle

Special Defense increased for the duration of the battle.

Totem SOS Partner
Salazzle Salandit
Level 22 Level 20
Venom Drench
Flame Burst
Poison Gas
Poison / Fire Poison / Fire

Island Trial #4: Grassium Z

Trial Captain: Mallow
Location: Lush Jungle, Akala Island

It’s time to collect herbs and veggies in the Jungle!

Mallow wants you to wander into the Lush Jungle and find some items. The Jungle is filled with Parasects (Lvl 22), Fomantis (Lvl 22) and Formantis (Lvl 23). Mallow will give you a Forage Bag and request you to find 4 items:

  • a Mago Berry,
  • a Tiny Mushroom,
  • a Revival Herb and
  • a Miracle Seed

Totem Pokémon #4: Lurantis

As you collect all of the items, Kiawe and Lana will prepare a meal using them, which will attract Lurantis, the Fourth Totem Pokémon to attack you. Lurantis Speed is increased for the duration of the battle.

Totem SOS Partners
Lurantis Castform Trumbeak
Level 24 Level 22 Level 22
Razor Leaf
Solar Blade
Sunny Day
Water Gun
Weather Ball
Rock Blast
Grass Normal Normal / Flying

Island Trial #5: Electirium Z

Trial Captain: Sophocles
Location: Hokulani Observatory, Ula’ula Island

It’s time for some sparkling bug fun. The trial begins after you reach the Observatory and defeat Molyane.

Inside the Observatory you’ll meet Sophocles who tries to bring the totem Pokémon to you using a newly created system. Of course, the system fails due to a power cut and you have to fix it by answering 3 audio questions. You will be attacked by Grubbin (Lvl. 27) and two Charjabugs (Lvl. 27) when you answer correctly.

Totem Pokémon #5: Vikavolt

As you answer the previously mentioned questions, Vikavolt is slowly climbing the mountain. Once you answer the final question, Vikavolt appears. Be careful, as all of it’s stats are boosted.

Totem SOS Partner
Vikavolt Charjabug
Level 29 Level 27
Vice Grip
Bug Bite
String Shot
Vice Grip
Thunder Wave
Bug / Electric Bug / Electric

Island Trial #6: Ghostium Z

Trial Captain: Acerola
Location: Route 14, Ula’ula Island

Things are about to get really spooky, as you venture in the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart!

You will meet Acerola as you travel through Ula’ula and she will order you to explore the abandoned store look for ghostly and paranormal activity. Encounters include Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, all Level 30.

Totem Pokémon #6: Mimikyu

As if things weren’t creepy enough, the Trial forces you to follow a Pikachu ghost into a back room of the Megamart. You need to use your Pokéfinder to start the battle with Mimikyu – all of it’s stats are increased.

After you win the battle, Acerola informs you there is no back room in the Megamart. ?

Totem SOS Partners
Mimkyu Haunter Gengar
Level 33 Level 27 Level 27
Shadow Claw
Play Rough
Night Shade
Sucker Punch
Night Shade
Shadow Punch
Shadow Ball
Ghost / Fairy Ghost / Poison Ghost / Poison

Island Trial #7: Dragonium Z

Trial Captain: N/A
Location: Vast Poni Canyon, Poni Island

The last trial has no Trial Captain associated with it.

In the depths of the Vast Poni Canyon, you will find the original trial site where the first trials were held in the past. The trial is simple: walk your way across the path to get Dragonium Z and get attacked by Jangmo-o (Lvl. 40) and Hakamo-o (Lvl. 40).

Totem Pokémon #7: Kommo-o

Reach the end of the path and before you can collect the Dragonium Z, the Totem Pokémon jumps into the cavern and attacks you. All of it’s stats are increased.

Totem SOS Partners
Kommo-o Scizor Hakamo-o
Level 40 Level 32 Level 32
Clanging Scales
Sky Uppercut
Flash Cannon
Metal Claw
Fury Cutter
Sky Uppercut
Work Up
Dragon / Fight Bug / Steel Dragon / Fight