Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Sun and Moon New Moves

A sortable table of all new moves added in Pokémon Sun and Moon, with full explanation of move effects, base power, typing and other information. BP is short for Base Power.

Move Type BP Move Type Effects
Accelrock Rock 40 Physical Has increased priority like Ice Shard
Anchor Shot Steel 80 Physical If hit, the opposing Pokemon is unable to switch out
Aurora Veil Ice N/A Status This move reduces the power of physical and special moves by half for 5 turns.Only works in hail
Baneful Bunker Poison Status User protects if self;poisons any attacker that makes contact
Beak Blast Flying 100 Physical User heats up its beak at the start of its turn. If a Pokemon hits the userwhile it is heating up, they get burned
Brutal Swing Dark 60 Physical Hits all adjacent Pokemon
Burn Up Fire 130 Special User loses its fire typing after use;what typing it changes into is unknown
Clanging Scales Dragon 110 Special Users Defense is lowered
Core Enforcer Dragon 100 Special If the target is already damaged, this move eliminates its ability
Dark Lariat Dark 85 Physical User ignore oppontents stat changes
Dragon Hammer Dragon 90 Physical N/A
Fire Lash Fire 80 Physical Lowers targets defense stat
First Impression Bug 90 Physical Only works first turn the user is in battle;+2 priority
Fleaur Cannon Fairy 130 Special Lowers the users Special Attack(Like Draco Meteor)
Floral Healing Fairy Status User heals target’s HP by half of its max HP. Heals more in Grassy Terrain
Gear Up Steel Status Raises Attack and Special attack of ally with the Plus or Minus ability
High Horsepower Ground 95 Physical N/A
Ice Hammer Ice 100 Physical Users Speed is lowered by 1
Instruct Psychic Status User instruct target to use the same move again in the same turn
Laser Focus Normal Status The move used the turn after this move is used will always results in a crit
Leafage Grass 40 Physical N/A
Liquidation Water 85 Physical May lower the targets defense by 1
Lunge Bug 80 physical Lowers target attack stat
Moongeist Beam Ghost 100 Special Ignores the targets ability
Multi-Attack Normal 90 Physical This moves type is based on the user’s held item(Memory Items)
Nature’s Madness Fairy Special Deals half of the targes current HP
Pollen Puff Bug 90 Special If the targer is your ally, it will heal them instead of damage them
Power Trip Dak 20 Physical The more stat boosts this Pokemon has the stronger the attack is
Prismatic Laser Psychic 160 Special User is unable to move the following turn
Psychic Fangs Psychic 85 Physical Breaks Light Screen and Reflect
Psychic Terrain Psychic Status Protects gounded pokemon from Priority moves and powers up Psychic moves for 5 turns
Purify Poison Status User heals targets status condition. If succesful, user also heals its HP
Revelation Dancer Fire, Electric,   Psychic,   Ghost 90 Special This moves type is based on the user’s type
Shadow Bone Ghost 85 Physical Lowers targets defense by 1
Shell Trap Fire 150 Special If user is hit by a physical move while using this, it will unleash great damage
Shore Up Ground Status Heals half of max hp; heals more in sand
Smart Strike Steel 70 Physical This move never misses
Solar Blade Grass 125 Physical User uses 1 turn to charge up then unleashes attack the next.
Sparkling Aria Water 90 Special User cures the target’s burn status
Spectral Thief Ghost 90 Physical User steals targets stat changes then attacks
Speed Swap Psychic Status User swaps speed stats with the target
Spirit Shackle Ghost 80 Physical If hit, the opposing Pokemon is unable to switch out
Spotlight Normal Status Makes it so the target can only be attack for the turn;+3 Priority
Stomping Tantrum Ground 75 Physical Power doubles if users previous move failed
Strength Sap Grass Status User restores HP by the amount of the targets attack. Lowers targets attack by 1 after
Sunsteel Strike Steel 100 Physical Ignores the targets ability
Tearful Look Normal Status User lowers targets Attack and Special Attack
Throat Chop Dark 80 Physical The target will be unable to use sound moves for the next 2 turns
Toxic Thread Poison Status Poisons the target and lowers their speed by 1
Trop Kick Grass 70 Physical Lowers target’s attack stat
Zing Zap Electric 80 Physical May flinch