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For the first time in this ‘How to AR’ series, we’re talking about a specific Pokémon today, the elusive Kecleon! Why does Kecleon get their own article? Because they are unique in terms of how they work in AR mode.


Firstly, as always, I highly recommend using Buddy Mode to photograph your Kecleon. Buddy Mode offers more animations than the standard AR mode, and with Kecleon the extra animation is really dynamic.

In regular AR mode you only get access to the below animation, the typical ‘roar’ that all Pokémon have. In Buddy Mode this animation is also accessible via a double tap.

The standard animation in non-Buddy Mode, or the animation you get with a double tap in Buddy Mode

In Buddy Mode, with a single tap, you get access to a really fantastic animation! In this animation Kecleon throws their head and arms backwards, then launches an attack with their tongue, like a real lizard might.

Buddy Mode single tap animation part 1
Buddy Mode single tap animation part 2

In Buddy Mode you also get access to their ‘Happy’ animation, which you will see when you feed, play, or interact with your Buddy.

Happy animation in Buddy Mode

 In standard AR you only get access to the ‘roar’, which is why I always recommend using Buddy Mode for your AR photo sessions.

Why is Kecleon unique?

Kecleon can appear in both their fully visible, and transparent forms in AR mode!

Transparent Kecleon

In their transparent mode only their red belly band is fully visible, and the rest of their body is translucent. When photographed you can see through them, so the background is visible through their body.

It is important to note however, that if you interact with Kecleon in anyway, they will immediately change to their normal full colour form. If you opt to reposition Kecleon by putting them back in their ball, and then respawning them, without exiting AR mode, they will respawn fully visible. If you want them to be invisible, you cannot interact with them, and you can only make them spawn in in their camouflage the first time you spawn them in. If you fully exit AR mode and then go back in, they will return to their invisible form. It can be a little glitchy!

Using Buddy Mode, the invisible Kecleon will turn to look at you (below), or in standard AR mode it will look forwards (above). I used the Bokehmon Technique here to force the background to be out of focus to really highlight Kecleon, which was definitely tricky with a nearly invisible Pokémon! The below photo was taken without the Bokehmon technique, and I find it a lot less interesting personally. Both were just quick snaps to help illustrate the different ways in which Kecleon can appear in AR mode.


Kecleon is such a fun Pokémon to photograph, and being able to photograph them both visible, and transparent is really great. Don’t forget to use the #GOHubAR hashtag so we see your amazing photos on social media!

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