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After the incredible entries we had for our first AR showcase of 2024, highlighting the best photos the AR community took in 2023, I wanted to keep a fairly open theme once again. With winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be tricky to get outside and take many photos! And so, the theme for the month became a simple one, photos of Pokémon that are not shiny.

Unedited Images Photobomb icon

The below AR images have not been edited in any way.

‘Eternal Rivals’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘Another one of my favorite AR shots that wouldn’t have been possible without shared AR mode. It sounds cheesy, but I get sort of emotional whenever I look at this picture! So many of my lifelong friendships have been made through Pokémon. I’ve had countless experiences over the years with Pokémon, but that iconic first battle between Gengar and Nidorino was the beginning of it all, for me and for an entire generation of Pokémon fans.’

‘Dahlia fairy’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Tsareena jumped out like a fairy from a beautiful dahlia.’

‘Greavard sniffing out friends’ by Mark, Derby, England.

‘On a autumnal walk with friends and family, this Greavard was spotted sniffing along the path, presumably looking for friends. Poor dog, it followed along the same path for awhile before disappearing again.’

‘Spaceship-Aqua’ by ACE📸, Nagoya, Japan.

‘The symbol of Oasis21 is Spaceship-Aqua, a representative landmark of Japan’

‘Static Pancake’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘This wetland area near my home is exactly the type of place where Stunfisk would live. Stunfisk’s colors even match the mud and plants, almost like it’s camouflaging!’

‘Psyduck meets the Rubber Duck’ by pokemoninlife, Glory Pier, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

‘The famous Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman returns to Kaohsiung City ten years later. Psyduck finally got the chance to meet this well-known duck in person, and this time it met two Rubber Duck!!!’

‘Love dyeing’ by u501, Shiba-park, Tokyo, Japan.

‘The city is dyed with love. A day when the sky and buildings are filled with love. Did you all have a wonderful day?’

‘Long Shadow’ by cwg2005, Idaho, United States.

‘There are legends say that through his own shadow, you can see the source of his power and his terror he strikes in criminals’

A gentle nap’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Komala was surrounded by fluffy flowers and became sleepy.’

‘Invasion’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Shortly after sunset,

Ho-oh appeared in the sky above Kanto Region.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Master Ball. It’s going to be a long fight.’

‘Skwovet on Brownsea Island’ by Mark, Brownsea Island, England

‘We spent the day at Brownsea Island looking for red squirrels and this Skwovet didn’t quiet fit the criteria – it’s a little too grey for my liking so a quick capture and it’ll come home with us instead! We did manage to see a couple of red squirrels playing and chasing but they were too fast for my camera to snap them ‘

‘liberty’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘I’m keeping it real.’

‘After the Snow’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘It was rare to snow in Tokyo. Flying Lugia was observed in the sky.’

‘Forrest Stalking’ by Laprasrules12, Providence, RI, USA.

‘Weavile prefer to hunt in the middle of forrests, where they used fallen trees to traverse around. If you’re not careful, you can be the next victim of their team attacks.’

‘samurai’ by ACE📸, Fukushima, Japan.

‘A noble-minded man will never lose his honor and pride, even in poor circumstances.’

‘Tranquil Solitude’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘One day, while taking a walk with my mom in the woods, I came across this large tree that had fallen down by the water. It seemed liked the perfect perch for a bird. I tried taking AR shots of a few different bird Pokémon, but Pikipek looked the most natural to me. It really does seem like the sort of Pokémon that would be found in the woods by the river!’

‘Primo Uomo on the Lakeshore’ by Embravery, Indiana, United States.

‘While a Prima Donna is the lead female singer in an opera, a Primo Uomo is the lead male singer. I found him on the shore warming up for his concert. I expected him to run when he saw me, but he actually posed for the picture! Someone here knows how to make an entrance.’

‘Under the Viaduct’ by Mark, Ilkeston, England.

‘Taking a short walk, doing my daily incense and listening to a podcast under the Bennerley Viaduct when this Moltres swooped under. Perhaps it has a nest nearby or saw a tasty Nanab berry. Either way, it goes without saying, I offered it a gold Razzberry and an Ultra Ball before it escaped again … Maybe next time Moltres?’

‘Braviary in the woods’ by Walker, Kyoto, Japan.

‘From the train running through the mountains, I was able to take this photo with a nice mix of trees, sky, and sunlight.’

‘Please take a seat wherever you like.’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘You make take a seat at any opening you would feel most comfortable in.’

‘HARMONIZED TOWER’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘A monument built in front of the competition venue of the Tokyo Olympics’

‘Blends into the autumn leaves‘ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘The Bombirdier smiled brightly as if it were covered in beautiful autumn leaves.’

‘Work Fatigue’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘I’ve always loved this slice of life photo I took of my friend and his favorite Pokémon, Munchlax. Normally, my AR shots tend to have dramatic or striking backgrounds. For this photo, instead of staging a battle or action shot, I wanted to tell a story about the relationship between people and Pokémon in everyday life. Munchlax’s pronounced yawn shows that he’s about ready for my friend to finish his work and head home for the day!’

‘Master of the Mist’ by Embravery, Indiana, United States.

‘When I took this picture, it was the first time in my four years of playing Pokemon Go that the weather was listed as foggy. I had to take advantage of it! I think Crobat is a good Pokemon to have flying through the spooky trees. In the middle of the winter, it looks like it could easily hide in the bare branches and swoop down on unsuspecting prey.’

Edited Images Photobomb icon

The below AR images have been edited or filtered in some way.

‘Unknown’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘There are many unsolved mysteries in the microscopic world.’

‘The fishing was good!’ by Sogeflo, Laval, France.

‘Like Ash did, I caught a Krabby without any help!’

‘10,000ft Pokedex’ by PoGoMiloUKYT, Bavaria, Germany.

‘Photographed at around 10,000ft, this is Zugspitze. The “Top of Germany” and the location of where I caught my first Cosmog. Amongst the clouds surrounding the tallest mountain in Germany. It was a special moment on a very special road trip, this photo captures that memory.’

‘Five More Minutes’ by Feresk, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

‘He’s cranky I woke him up from his nap.’

‘Blending sky and Skarmory’ by PoGO Glória Eldorado, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

‘I took this photo while accidentally aiming too high into the sky, never thinking that Skarmory would blend so well. Afterwards, by seeing a great opportunity, I edited the image to be a super colourful one!’

Edits Photobomb icon

The below images are composites/full edits, made using a combination AR, existing images, and extensive editing.

‘『Narcissist』’ by Kero Limu, Neighborhood.

‘Whenever he finds a mirror, he checks himself whenever he has time♪ That’s how much he loves himself! Be fashionable!’

‘Eevee’s day’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘This is the wallpaper I made on Eevee’s day. All evolutions are cute.’

‘Fun picking nuts’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘They all enjoyed our autumn excursion. (Photographed and created using AR as a header)’

AR Masters Photobomb icon

The below images are taken by our AR Masters.

‘Side Eye’ by kittypokemonsalot, Lincolnshire, UK.

‘I was never the biggest fan of Decidueye, but Hisuian Decidueye really made both of the designs really grow on me! Hisuian Decidueye has such a cool design, and with the way that they peak out from underneath their feathers, such great side eye. I almost feel like Hisuian Decidueye is the autumnal version Decidueye, with the OG being more spring feeling.’

Next Submission Theme Photobomb icon

For our next submission theme, we want to see your best photos of Sinnoh Pokémon! With the Sinnoh Tour ended, let’s celebrate the region with photos of Sinnoh Pokémon. Hisuian forms are fine to enter too! Submit by 25th March to be considered here.

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