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Pokémon GO Monthly AR Photo Showcase: October 2018

Pokémon GO Monthly AR Photo Showcase: October 2018

As Pokémon GO advances in the field of AR technology, it only makes sense that Trainers worldwide become more and more interactive in the way they play, and part of this is not only being a Pokémon Trainer, but being an AR Photographer as well.

Throughout this past month, Trainers worldwide have gone out to photograph Pokémon in the wild, and along with these photographs, they have brought back a story to tell, in this article we will take a look at these Photographs, the stories behind them, and the Trainers who took them. These are their photos, these are their stories.

 AR Showcase Index
 Segment:  Featuring:
 AR Photo Entries The AR Photographs submitted by your fellow Trainers
 Unfiltered Entries Raw, unfiltered, and unedited AR Photographs
 AR Master Entries The AR Masters and their prized AR Photographs
 AR Master Photo Research Professor Willow and the help of the AR Masters
 Honorable Entries The AR Photographs that almost made it
 Final Notes My closing ideas and links to everything AR related

Without further ado, let’s take a look at October’s AR Photo Showcase!

AR Photo Entries

In this segment we take a look at the AR Photographs and stories submitted by your fellow Trainers.

Who’s Home?

“I am a Ghost Pokemon kind of girl, so when this Gengar popped up on my radar, I had to go get it! Ghosties often pop up in this area – near my local playground- so I knew exactly where I wanted to take the shot. This photo is a testament to my desire for great Pokemon pictures since the Gengar ran away when I got too close. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t catch it, but I love the pic, so I’m alright with that.”

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Photographer: Eva123110

Side Note: This photo has floated around the Discord Server for months, it makes me very happy to see that the Photographer finally decided to submit it, it feels like a scene straight out of Resident Evil: Gengar Edition – HUB Writer Josh Provines


“It was a beautiful misty morning, on my way to work, and I realized, it was my weekly research day. So I pulled over in my local park to search for a good spot for some pictures. I found this lovely tree with the clouds passing through it’s branches, and I turned on my AR. It was so foggy, the game was having trouble finding ground for the grass to pop up! It took a few tries to get the placement right, but I knew this would be a strong photo for a strong legendary Pokemon.”

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Photographer: Eva123110

Small World

“If we look closely at the world that surrounds us, we can discover small heavens and paradises, such as this Caterpie’s log-house. Lost in the forest, many other small creatures await you to discover their wonders and worlds. Their small worlds…”

Location: Sintra, Portugal

Photographer: FeelTheDango

Strawberry Hill

“On one of my usual ventures looking for new areas and Pokémon, I found a trail leading uphill. Following the trail to the top, I came across a picturesque sunset overlooking the town. In an attempt to get a better angle for a picture, I moved around the tree and discovered none other than Celebi, peacefully enjoying the beautiful scenery and nature, blissfully swaying from its perch on a swing hanging from an old tree. I had but enough time to get one shot as Celebi noticed me and with a swirl of light and color, disappeared into the sunset, making for my favorite AR photo that I’ve ever been able to capture.”

Location: North Carolina, United States

Photographer: HoodyMeegs

Side Note: Celebi is one of the most beautiful Pokémon to photograph when done right. This trainer was able to perfectly master different techniques in one shot: excellent framing, natural editing and the creation of a unique setting for this Mythical Pokémon – AR Master Ash Ketzchup


“I knew the story behind Hypno so I was wondering if I could find one in a creepy place, so I started a new journey… I went to the forest and I found one but by the time I arrived it was gone… When I was coming back to my house I saw one and it was outside an abandoned house; this had to be the one I was looking for…”

Location: CDMX, México

Photographer: ED García

Torii Gates

“There are some places you will visit in your lifetime that will simply change you. For me, Japan is one of those places. The Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto is a place I’ve seen in photos and movies that I knew I had to stop by on my recent trip. As a freelance photographer I wanted to capture this place with nobody around so I visited at sunrise. Walking through the thousands of torii gates was nothing short of absolutely amazing when all of the sudden, the mythical Pokemon Celebi made a surprise appearance, stopping me in my tracks, and stuck around just long enough for me to capture this photo.”

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Photographer: sideofhamburger

The Simple Things

“Zigzagoon is a Pokémon I haven’t caught many of, not because it’s rare, but because I never appreciated them until getting up close and personal for a picture. It makes me realize that not every picture I take has to be huge or rare. Some of the most impressive things in life can be found right in front of you if you just decide to look!”

Location: Wales, United Kingdom

Photographer: BlakeWho

Fire Kingdom

“I was just on my way to my office when I saw this Chimchar, I couldn’t hide my hype for gen 4, and Chimchar is my favorite starters. I took this photo when he smiled and jumped. I couldn’t miss this moment. No one can hate Chimchar and I believe Chimchar can bring a lot of fun to Pokémon GO.”

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Photographer: RizkiAkak

Making Waves

“The ocean is one of my favorite places to be. The water is so calming and yet terrifying at the same time. You never know what’s in it. On this day we were graced with Suicune’s presence as he burst through the waves and on to the rocky shore. He stayed with us for a couple hours before disappearing into the water once again.”

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Photographer: AlaetraLorisa

Side Note: I feel patience is one of the biggest aspects to good ARtography. This trainer proves that by waiting as long as it takes, you can get the perfect shot – AR Master Ryusui

The Ordeal

“The night has settled and I decided to go for a walk. My eyelids were closing but I was craving for some cold, fresh air. It was a short walk, the usual spot, through the local burial grounds. As I approach the local church, I feel like my breath is taken away. I’ve heard rumors but always believed they were stories to scare the children. Trembling and afraid of what I might discover, I go towards the small, dark alley, hiding behind the trees which conveniently provided cover. First, I thought it was a dream, but after I pinched myself, I realized… The Dusclops Legend is real and the ‘Ordeal’ is standing there, right in front of me. His groaning is subtle yet terrifying, and the feeling you get around this ‘Thing’ is unexplainable, like your soul was desperate to leave your body. It felt like an hour, yet in reality just 1 minute has passed. I somehow manage to instill some movement in my legs, to take me away from that place. My mind was nowhere near in cont of my body. It was a struggle but I somehow managed to end up home. Never would I go again to that place at night…”

Location: England, United Kingdom

Photographer: KantoBuck

Side Note: Pokémon GO’s AR technology is pretty good, but it can’t determine a scene’s lighting situation. This trainer took extra time to darken the Pokémon enough to match its surroundings, adding to the realism – AR Master Ryusui

Roar of The Wild

“Entei, one of 3 legendary beasts who protect the Johto region, briefly joined trainers who were dedicated to their research throughout September. For many it was the first time they ever encountered this magnificent Pokémon, and for some it may have been the last. It has fled back to the wild now, while its sibling Suicune takes its place, visiting devoted trainers who wish to study the creatures of the Pokémon world.”

Location: Knighton, Wales

Photographer: BlakeWho

A Stroll at Dusk-ull

“Every day that dawns in the chilling months of Fall, you will find a Duskull taking the same path it always does. This particular Duskull was once a kind countryman, taking long morning walks over hills and through fields. When the old man passed, people began to see a Duskull taking his route. Many years have passed, and buildings exist where fields once lay. You’ll find people waving, expecting the Duskull to pass through their home or offices at the same time each day, and children going to school will walk part of the way with him. Out of respect, no one has ever caught Duskull.”

Location: County Kerry, Ireland

Photographer: TrainerDannyel


“Drifloon starts to appear once the sun sets. Its friendly demeanor tricks kids into trusting it. Once the kids take its hands they disappear and are never to be seen again. To this day, parents will call their kids to come in once the sun starts to set. Schools warn anyone under the age of 10 to not wander out at night. Its been said that only kids can see this creature, however, that part of the story is wrong. Upon finishing my walk I thought I saw something blurry at the end of the trail. Something was there for sure; so I took out my camera and took a picture of the area and sure enough, there it was. Staring into the park looking at the kids playing on the swings. It could not approach them just yet as it was not sunset, but there it was. Waiting. Watching.”

Location: California, United States

Photographer: AdaEnchilada

The Altar

“Giratina has been posted at the foot of this statue further back then history tells. Rumor is that the statue and accompanied stone structure is a memorial to the first Pokémon Trainer to encounter and befriend the legendary Pokémon Giratina. This legendary Pokémon appears only when it senses a new trainer that may be worthy of helping it continue it’s training, but it has yet to find another trainer that has proven they are truly worth following.”

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Photographer: Brendan Booth

Side Note: Giratina could be considered a historical Pokémon, not in the sense of Pokémon GO, but in the sense of the Pokémon Universe lore. Seeing the Photographer take advantage of this and place it with ancient structures just enhances this even more – HUB Writer Josh Provines

Research Breakthrough

“As a wildlife biologist, I often get assigned field work. This time I was sent to the Ilex Forest to study the migration patterns of certain bird Pokémon species. I hid my motion-sensitive cameras here and there then set my tent a bit further to avoid making my study subjects suspicious. After a long night of sleep, I woke up to check the results and the 18th picture one of the cameras took left me speechless. It was the legendary Pokémon Suicune elegantly leaping across the frame! Studying Pokémon bird species can wait because it’s time to track the legendary beast!”

Location: Jounieh, Lebanon

Photographer: Will-O-wisp

Don’t Run Away

“Halloween was near, so I decided to find some Ghost Pokémon. Alone, I armed myself with courage, took my camera and walked to the most recondite places in my city. Some hours pass, I started to think something was following me and I saw a figure hide in a bush, it was Gastly! Without a doubt, I took a picture. Later, I noticed the pic was a little blurry, it was weird, but I like it.”

Location: Quintana Roo, México

Photographer: KiraKuin1


“This photo took quite a bit of trial and error because I knew what I wanted as far as the waves crashing behind and in front while Suicune stands on the little peninsula… but achieving that was HARD. Getting suicune to co-operate with the waves AND keeping suicune in the frame the entire time so that it wouldn’t disappear/glitch out… even harder. But this is probably my favorite AR pic I’ve taken so far so it was worth getting completely soaked as the waves crashed into me while I tried to position Suicune just right.”

Location: Hawaii, United States

Photographer: LeTonce

Side Note: I love this shot. It has a perspective not normally seen in AR shots, there is drama and a real sense of scale. It required perfect timing to capture the waves crashing up onto the rocks. It feels truly epic – AR Master The Earl of Lemongrab:lemon:

Midnight Mystery

“I am downtown and it’s midnight. The rain is pouring down in buckets. The streets are eerily quiet. I look up at the street corner and an unusual character is staring back at me. It has an evil grin, and his eyes are masked by a large purple hat. Could it be? A wild witch hat Raichu?! I slowly approach as to not startle him and he whips his tail at me. I jump backwards, tripping on the curb. I try to snap a few photos as I know the Professor will want to see this sight for himself. Just as I do the Raichu snaps his tail again and at this point I run away. I don’t need him casting a spell on me! This encounter will be with me forever.”

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Photographer: AlaetraLorisa

Side Note: AR photography at night is probably one of the hardest techniques to master as an ARtographer. This trainer did an excellent job by including the right amount of lighting and the corresponding reflections in the wet road – AR Master Ash Ketzchup

Wurmple’s Discovery

“As autumn arrives, the search for food becomes ever more important to all species preparing for winter. For herbivores the struggle can be severe as plants begin to die with every frost filled morning. This young Wurmple has traveled across the lands, searching far and wide for fresh green plants. After finding some fresh nutritious grass, he hopes to understand the power that’s inside.”

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Photographer: Brendan Booth

I Gotta Have That

“Spinda and its Trainer visited Chinatown in Yokohama. Pork! Xialongbao! Shaoxingjiu! Ah! I want to eat everything! – said Spinda. Spinda gets really hungry so he started calling out to his Trainer. The Trainer said that he would buy him everything if he managed to beat Giratina. Spinda responded -Giratina?! I’m sorry but that’s out of the question!”

Location: Yokohama, Japan

Photographer: risokichi

Side Note:  I really like the use of overlays and the colours. The image guides you to the subject. The expression on Spinda’s face fits in with the feeling of sensory overload being in a busy Chinatown. I like the story that is being told in this image – AR Master The Earl of Lemongrab:lemon:

Float Away

“The night before I took this photo I caught my first Shiny Drifloon at midnight in the pitch dark. I was sad because I love getting photos of my Shinies but had to come to terms I wouldn’t get one of this little guy. Sure enough the next day I became extra lucky to encounter this Shiny during the day! Right beside his spawn point you could see the beautiful fall sun setting behind a tree and I knew this is where I’d take my photo. This Halloween event has been my favorite by far!”

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Photographer:  AlaetraLorisa

Side Note: The contrast in colors here is just amazing, sure, you could have accomplished this with a regular Drifloon, but the coloring of its Shiny has such a wonderful balance with the leaves in the background that your eyes just stay glued to it – HUB Writer Josh Provines


“Giratina was an extremely difficult Pokémon to photograph. Every photo I had seen of him on Instagram were kinda looking the same. I had to find a way to make this unique Pokémon stand out. I figured no one had quite seen a solid head shot of him so I opted for that angle. Editing this was so much fun. The more I chipped away at it, the more realistic he became! The moon was really bright that night and I placed it in the center of his head. While editing, the moon was too bright to make out what it was so I added a clearer one in the edit to make it stand out. This dude looks terrifying! I’m so happy with this edit, as it’ll haunt my nightmares for quite some time!”

Location: California, United States

Photographer: PopPunkPokemonYT

Side Note: The photographer is right, Giratina pictures are often quite the same, however here, substance was used instead of content. The photo may not have much content, but the little that it does, is so packed with life and color and darkness that it blends perfectly – HUB Writer Josh Provines

Unfiltered Entries

By popular demand, it is time to look at the raw, unfiltered, and unedited AR Photographs that your fellow Trainers have taken.


“I went from Japan to Florida to find a wild Carnivine. I couldn’t find it easily where I was, so I had to change where I was looking. I had been playing at various amusement parks but finally found a wild Carnivine in a verdant swamp.”

Location: Florida, United States

Photographer: Kanata

Side Note: Based on what the Photographer mentioned, it appears this photo was taken at the Avatar Area inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Carivine already looks like an otherworldly plant, so what better place is there to find one than here? – HUB Writer Josh Provines


“Roselia’s aroma is said to bring serenity to the environment. Since the ancient times that dates back in 1600s, Roselia’s family has kept the historical Paoay church a serene place for everyone to pray and meditate. The Roselias around the church have adapted to church visitors over centuries and allowed the visitors to enjoy the aroma of their flowers.”

Location: Paoay, Philippines

Photographer: Masterbakerich

Third Person

“When we were chilling beside a beautiful lake in Olympic National Park, this lovely creature strolled towards us and she seemed to enjoy the sunshine and breeze. I took out the camera without hesitation, lifted slowly, trying not to startle the little one. She found me and stopped, looked right at me and my camera with curiousness, I pressed the shutter quickly and recorded this peaceful moment!”

Location: Washington, United States

Photographer: Lahny

Side Note:  Usually we ARtographers only photograph the Pokémon we’ve encountered. Adding in a real-life subject is another way to help ground the Pokémon and make the photo seem that much more realistic – AR Master Ryusui

Bus Ride

“This weekend I traveled with my girlfriend through México. We visited the north of the country and enjoyed our fair share of delicious Mexican cuisine. We ate at small establishments, some of which had been making tacos for generations and we both loved the experience. After that, we visited the west of the country and enjoyed the city, and finally returned home. I really enjoyed catching H.F. hat Pikachu and looking for my shiny Drowzee. This picture was taken minutes before H.F. Pikachu disappeared and boarding our 5hr long bus ride back home. To me, this picture shows me and Pikachu talking about our great weekend before parting ways.”

Location: Tamaulipas, México

Photographer: PeloPoGO

Power Punch

“This was my first of two Deoxys. I had lots of fun just staring at it. I took multiple photos, but this one was on accident. I was about to delete it because I was trying to catch it mid punch, however, I noticed that it looked like it had taken the phone off my hands to take a selfie, and I instantly loved this pic for being extra special.”

Location: Querétaro, México

Photographer: PeloPoGO


“A little while ago I was talking Pokémon Cards with a friend on Instagram and was sharing my collection that I’ve kept with me since I was a kid. I’m always down to talk card collections since I never really got to share them much since I was younger. It was a ton of fun going through the cards and having memories come back from like twenty years ago! Since then, I’ve started a little project of photographing my cards with their Pokémon in AR mode. It really ties my current journey as a Pokémon photographer with my childhood card collecting hobby in a fun creative way.”

Location: Texas, United Stated

Photographer: pkmn.trainer_joe

Side Note: Including props into AR photography can take a photo to a whole new level. This trainer adds the right amount of nostalgia into the picture by recreating the Pokémon card in real life! I’m excited to see which other cards this trainer has in his hands to recreate in future photographs – AR Master Ash Ketzchup


“I live in Athens and came to Patras for the weekend! I’ve always liked walking along the sea and this time I was lucky enough to encounter a Suicune, which is my favorite Pokémon! I like the color balance with the background and the way Suicune runs along the sea.”

Location: Achaea, Greece

Photographer: KMantel

When October Ends

“Dear Ziye, by the moment you see this pic, I will already have gone. I have been around you for long. Thanks for showing the world. I enjoy fighting on your side. Remember, Kyogre and Groudon are no match for me. But it is time to leave for my own battle. That is my destiny. What right have I to judge? I was created eternal but emotionless. Your life is time-limited but full of pleasure. So, quote Tagore (your favorite), let your life slightly dance on the edge of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf. You have my power with you. Farewell, my friend, always remember me when October ends. – Mewtwo”

Location: New York, United States

Photographer: Ziye Zhang

Le Suicune

“About two years ago I moved from Ottawa to Toronto for work. This caused me to leave behind the best friendships I had ever formed. I hadn’t seen them in quite a while so we all agreed to spend a weekend in a cottage in Northern Quebec. As I was driving through I passed by this beautiful lake and it just felt like it could have been Suicune’s home, so it felt appropriate to take an AR photo. Other than the happy memories from that weekend, there is no better souvenir than my ‘Le Suicune’ that I caught.”

Location: Quebec, Canada

Photographer: EvergreenCAN

The Celebrity Pokémon

“The photo was taken on the event when Snubbull was spawning frequently. I and my friends went to the park and walked around the whole day. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a shiny Snubbull. However, I captured this cute photo of Sudowoodo like he was having a photo shoot with my friend.”

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Photographer: TrainerMikel25

AR Master Entries

This segment highlights the Photographs taken by our very own AR Masters, those that we have deemed to be elite in the field of AR Photography.


“Scaling is one of the most important aspects when taking a Pokémon AR shot. For example, this Caterpie was put in the middle of these leaves, respecting the dimensions of the Pokémon. The closer you will get with your camera, the smaller the Pokémon will appear in its surroundings. In this way, I was able to scale the Caterpie as big as the surrounding leaves, like it would appear if Pokémon would be living in real life.”

Location: East Flanders, Belgium

AR Master: Ash Ketzchup


“With the event starting, me and my friends were doing the special research and we saw a Giratina pop and a storm rolling out, wind was blowing hard and it was starting to rain so I was looking around for the perfect place and didn’t find one so I took a picture right in the parking lot. I’m amazed it came out so well so I wanted to make it look as scary as I could without it going too far”

Location: Connecticut, United States

AR Master: Rogue


“I was walking through the park when a clown approached me and offered me a balloon. As he handed it to me the clown faded away and the balloon slipped out of my hand. That’s when the face appeared on the balloon and I realized it was Drifloon. It must have been hanging around the children’s playground to abduct some kids. Luckily I chased it away. I snapped this picture as evidence to report it to officer Jenny.”

Location: England, United Kingdom

AR Master: Earloflemongrab

Strength and Compassion

“This was a particularly challenging photo to get. The location is remote and the area can be dangerous if you’re not familiar with it. And the sea is extremely volatile here, which is why I felt it was the only true setting for my Suicune photos. There’s a blowhole which can spout geysers over 100 feet into the sky, and I initially wanted to place Suicune with one of these spouts. However, the background was a bit lackluster. Luckily, waves are constantly crashing against the rocks, creating massive splashes with much more visually impressive surroundings. And although I did manage to get a few photos with a nice splash, Suicune was either just standing still or in an awkward pose, and I was quickly losing light. Even though I got one really nice photo of Suicune and a gigantic splash, I still found this image to be my favorite as Suicune is the main subject, his pose was much more interesting, and the overall setting seemed a little more visually pleasing.”

Location: Hawaii, United States

AR Master: Ryusui

Top Secret

“DE-CLASSIFIED: Too much of the original story has been redacted, but from what I can discern it seems Suicune ravaged a government research facility about 100 years ago in search of…a rock? It looks like this photo captured upon its arrival is the only one that wasn’t redacted. Perhaps it was indeed the only one that didn’t feature a blue whirling blur of Suicune! What kind of stone could it have been after? Are some Pokémon truly immortal?”

Location: North Carolina, United States

AR Master: DoubleComplex

Run In The Park

“The day is October 21st. I went out to Long Beach for Community Day, but got there a bit early to possibly catch some new Sinnoh Pokémon. I started my pre-Community Day hunt at The Pike by the lighthouse to see if any possible starters were around. I then saw a wild Turtwig running down the hill of the lighthouse and snapped a shot of this amazing creature as it ran by.”

Location: California, United States

AR Master: CXLR_Fly

AR Master Photo Research

To highlight the diversity in AR Photography, Professor Willow has tasked our AR Masters with some special Photo Research. Last month Professor Willow asked the AR Masters to go out in the wild and Photograph Gastly.

Lavender Town Tower

“This photo is a recreation of episode 23 season 1, which was first broadcasted in 1998. Just like Ash Ketchum discovered the ghost family Gastly, Haunter and Gengar in the Pokémon tower in Lavender Town, this Gastly was excited to introduce me to his fellow ghost friends!”

Location: Brussels, Belgium

AR Master: Ash Ketzchup

Street Art

“Professor Willow,

I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but finding Gastly in the wild is too easy! It probably happened after you sent your message… That’s it! Your research must be related to the veil between worlds growing thin… There are Gastly everywhere! I’ve even seen Banette and Haunter together causing havoc downtown. One Gastly took a liking to me and followed me around for awhile…in the DAYtime!! Did you know some Gastly appreciate street art? They might even love flowers! Stay safe and good luck with the research!

Regards,                                                                                                                                                                    D. C. Craxed Pokémon Photographer                                                                                                      Phone: 01.636.1122.543.85”

Location: North Carolina, United States

AR Master: DoubleComplex


“When the Professor asked us to send him photos of Gastly, I had no idea just how difficult it would be. Gastly are fairly common in my area and easy to catch, but are quite elusive when it comes to the camera lens. I finally managed to get a photo of one hiding in some chains on an old cane hauler. Spookily appropriate.”

Location: Hawaii, United States

AR Master: Ryusui

The Great Gastly

“Summer is unfortunately over.. And enjoying the last days hunting in good weather. I saw an abandoned little house in the distance and went straight there. When trying to enter i felt something pushing me away.. luckily I had my Silph Scope with me to identify the ghosts around the house. “A wild Gastly appeared”.”

Location: Enghien, Belgium

AR Master: ShinyMajinrobin✨

Who Ya Gonna Call?

“I was on my way to meet up with a friend to hunt and hit a raid we had seen on the near by and I saw a Gastly pop up in front of a graveyard so I walked around the graveyard picking the perfect spot to take a AR shot. I wanted to pick a spot that had the most gravestones since it’s Halloween and it took me many shots to get the perfect one”

Location: Connecticut, United States

AR Master: Rogue

A Haunted Halloween

“When walking down the street I came across a haunted house. I became quite curious if there were any ghost Pokémon around the house, so I decided to go a bit closer. To my surprise a Gastly popped out and I quickly snapped a shot before running back home in fright.”

Location: California, United States

AR Master: CXLR_Fly

This Month’s Photo Research Subject

This month, Professor Willow has tasked the AR Masters with photographing Caterpie out in the wild, come back next month to see what they captured!

Honorable Entries

This segment is meant to show off the AR Photographs that didn’t quite make it for one reason or another.

Photographer: Owenmeng
Photographer: FeelTheDango
Photographer: KABSX2
Photographer: JOSEROM3
Photographer: BlakeWho
Photographer: AleatraLorisa
Photographer: Bright Ren
Photographer: Conkrs
Photographer: ArtimusDragon
Photographer: Humpty2423
Photographer: Brendan Booth
Photographer: Legogamerz
Photographer: Pokemonwatching
Photographer: DoctorSilence
Photographer: NightHawk
Photographer: Adam Begic
Photographer: LoconicD
Photographer: EarlKetchum
Photographer: Pokemonwatching
Photographer: JorroTreul
Photographer: PH03NIX369
Photographer: Ultranec123
Photographer: Rightmerk
Photographer: PopPunkPokemonYT

Final Notes

This time around, I worked on making a few big changes to the Showcase. First is the addition of the Unfiltered Entries segment, which many Trainers had been asking for since a few months back. Second, the AR Masters have wanted to get more involved, so starting this month and continuing on, you might see some feedback from your favorite AR Masters under your photos! I am glad to see that such a talented bunch have gotten more involved in the Showcase, and I hope this encourages everyone else to get involved as well.


Take some great photos, have some great fun, and above all else stay safe, Trainers!